Redskins could still make a run at Brandon Marshall

In the wake of the move to acquire quarterback Donovan McNabb from the Eagles, immediate speculation regarding McNabb’s arsenal of weapons centered on receiver Terrell Owens.  But Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan in D.C. reports that at least one high-level Redskins source is opposed to the notion of adding Owens.

If not Owens, how about Brandon Marshall?  Though the McNabb trade removes the high second-round pick that the Redskins could have used to get Marshall, other options remain for getting the deal done, including a first-round pick in 2011, an offseason that likely will feature a deep free-agent class.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post believes that a move for Marshall remains possible.  Of course, this would mean that last year’s report that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was at the end of his rope with Marshall in 2008, and that Shanahan would have cut or traded Marshall if Shanahan hadn’t been fired, was incorrect.  Then again, we never really believed that one.

So would we be surprised if Marshall becomes the next No. 1 wideout for the Redskins?  Not nearly as surprised as we were to learn that the Redskins had finagled McNabb.

33 responses to “Redskins could still make a run at Brandon Marshall

  1. PLEASE.
    Give us SOMETHING for the lady-hitting, tv-smashin’, ball-droppping, gang-war perpetuating baby.

  2. Marshall is the type of weapon the Redskins need to make their passing game click. Moss is really a #2 at best.
    I’d prefer that they give up Moss in the deal and swap 1st rounders. If necessary, I’d give up next year’s 2nd in addition.
    I’ve been a season ticket holder since ’02 and I’m planning to cancel my seats after the ’10 season. If they get Marshall, I may be re-thinking that.

  3. #4 overall pick for Marshall and #11 overall pick? Could allow the Bronco’s to get Jimmy Clausen, a much needed quarterback of the future. But, then again, if they were able to ship one strong-armed, diva quarterback out of town….

  4. This makes ZERO sense. The Redskins have absolutely nothing left to trade in return besides the no.4 overall pick and there’s no way that would happen.

  5. Obviously this move, in addition to the other solid moves the Redskins have made this offseason, makes the Skins not only a playoff conteder, but as good a candidate as any for the NFC East Crown!

  6. Washington should absolutely go after Marshall. Even though McNabb is a very good QB, he tends to throw the ball into the dirt and Marshall can turn those into completions.

  7. Sarah Marshall is talented but a huge pussy…………………..TO in the making……..bitch

  8. seems the current Bronco brain trust would like to purge all memories of Shanahan…kind of like the Kremlin used to do
    I would be absolutly shocked to see the Broncos involved in any dealings with the Redskins…

  9. more speculation.. there is nothing in this post that has any validity.
    please.. FACTS ONLY!

  10. Didn’t PFT have a story awhile back that when Shanahan was coach of the Broncos he was close to straight out cutting Brandon Marshall because he was high maintenance?

  11. #4 spot open for bidding could also bring in another talented receiver without the attitude.

  12. Is everyone forgetting that we also dangled Landry in the McNabb trade? They have an aging Brian Dawkins, so why not Landry and a future conditional pick for B-Marshall?

  13. i like the idea of trading pork chop for marshall straight up.. he is not wanted in d.c. at all.. he knows that , thats why is claims to be working out on his own.. i would love to see the footage of that.. His at home rock crawling in is million dollar toy.

  14. The Redskins should keep Landry for the position he was drafted in. When Landry plays in the box he is used correctly. He is too aggressive to be a free safety.

  15. I just think some people have TOO MUCH time on their hands and sit around making this stuff up!!
    How are the Redskins with only a first round pick going to add Brandon Marshall and how does that really help them? Go ahead!!……make our day!! I wouldn’t be sorry to see them struggling like the Raiders year after year…..hell they are pretty much there right now!!……so go for it!! They need tons of help on their offensive line but go ahead and add another weapon. McNabb will be out of the year after the third week!!

  16. T.O. never, this is the greatest sports francise in all of sports hopefully Shannahan does not destroy like Obama.

  17. EASTBAYCRACKA….keep smoking the crack brutha. this team has no oline, no receivers, switching to a 3-4 and does not have the players to effectively run it.
    they were 4-12 last yr. typical 4skin offseason. bring in over the hill bums and pay them so they can underachieve. the fan base talks all this crap about now going to the sb etc just to fail miserably again. What has really changed with this org?

  18. If this happens this we be weird cause COLT would have to change his uniform again.. what is the record for a player to change his uniform in one year..

  19. @Gibbskins9: when did Obama coach the Skins? I really need to tone down my partying because I don’t remember President Obama ever running the Redskins team. I guess you do learn something new every day.

  20. Right, because McNabb has such a successful history working with primadonna wide receivers. Go ahead, Snyder, pull the trigger. You know you can’t help yourself. You are the village idiot of the NFC East.

  21. “Gibbskins9 says:
    April 6, 2010 10:40 AM
    T.O. never, this is the greatest sports francise in all of sports hopefully Shannahan does not destroy like Obama.”
    Congratulations, Gibbskins9. In less than 20 words, you managed to display not only your hilariously terrible spelling and grammar skills, but also your incredible idiocy and hatred of proper punctuation. Keep up the good work, knucklehead.

  22. Trade for the Marshall and leave Mcnabb behind that patchwork oline of old backups and undrafted free agents.
    No chance this happens. First option they will draft Okung. If hes not there, attempt to trade back. No offers? They will take Brian Bulaga or someone similar.
    I dont know who is the bigger moron: Jason Reid or boysroll.
    Nevermind, boysroll in a landslide!

  23. I keep waiting for the T.O. shoe to drop here. There is way too much irony involved for that NOT to happen.

  24. Landry for Marshall…..DONE
    We can’t get rid of this guy……he’s obviously not worth what he thinks he is worth. What happened to the Seattle deal? Please, please, please, somebody give us a 1st or 2nd rounder for this clown.

  25. “Gibbskins9 says:
    April 6, 2010 10:40 AM
    T.O. never, this is the greatest sports francise in all of sports hopefully Shannahan does not destroy like Obama.”
    Wow, that statement reflects a lot . . . so you are an under-educated, gun loving, trailer-park living redneck . . . who is judging Obama 1 year after inheriting the worst economy since the great depression.
    I am sure you are of the mindset that everything in the past 15 months is Obama’s fault and nothing is the residual effect of a failed Bush administration; but the Bush administration can’t be held responsible for the September 11th attacks.
    Dude why are you even posting on this site, there isn’t any pro football in West Virginia – shouldn’t you be getting drunk and chasing your female cousin while holding a loaded shotgun?

  26. It wouldn’t shock me if this got done.
    The Skins are a great WR from the playoffs
    So, get it done and they will contend
    They have talent on D and lots of RB’s

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