Report: Ravens talked trade to get Gaither to attend workouts

Reports began to surface last month that Baltimore tackle Jared Gaither would be available for less than a first-round pick if a team wanted to make the Ravens an offer. But those reports may have simply been a motivational tool used by the team.

Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun reports that trade talk was a ploy to get Gaither to start attending offseason workouts in Baltimore with the rest of the team.

Workouts are voluntary, but sometimes if players think their jobs depend on attending workouts, that makes them more likely to report. Whatever the case, Gaither did start working out with the team.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Gaither will be a Raven in 2010. Preston suggests that Gaither could still be traded during the draft, possibly for a second-round pick plus a conditional 2011 pick.

The Ravens acquired Gaither with a fifth-round pick in the 2007 supplemental draft, and tendered him at the first-round level this year. Gaither started 11 games in 2009.

19 responses to “Report: Ravens talked trade to get Gaither to attend workouts

  1. my guess,the detroit lions take suh with number 2 pick and trade with the ravens,gaither for detroits second round and fourth,win-win,ravens get picks,detroit get left tackle for the future and DT for future[the best in awhile],when that move is made,it will greatly inhance lions chances of a winning season,i think within 3 years the lions will be in the playoffs[oh and no dont live in detroit,not a lions fan]

  2. few teams out there could use a tackle. some of those teams have an extra pick or two. wonder if a trade happens on draft day.

  3. Preston is not the best source for reliable information. While it may be true that trade talks motivate a player to “practice” more, Preston doesn’t have insider knowledge.
    Nothing has changed since the Ravens tendered him. Basically, Preston said the Ravens will either keep him or trade him. Duh!

  4. As much as the Ravens like re-cycled Raider DBs (Chris Carr, Fabin Washington), maybe a straight up deal of Nnamdi Asomugha for Gaither might be possible.
    Hate to see Nnamdi go, but he deserves to go to a contender and the Raiders desperately need a NFL legit LT.
    I am sure Nnamdi would have to agree to redo his contract for the Ravens, but I think he would jump at this chance and sign a more team friendly, longer term deal to have a chance to be on a Super Bowl contender.

  5. They will get rid of him because Oher is the LT of the future and Gaither hired Rosenhaus in the offseason. He is going to want LT money and you can’t pay two guys like that.

  6. This is a new low for a team you need to trick your players to get them to participate in your team activities. Hahaha priceless.

  7. He has a 1st round tender. I doubt a team would give him an offer sheet the Ravens would not match, or that Oz told a reporter what he was planning.

  8. This article is a joke right? Gaither wants LT money and wants to play LT. The Ravens see Oher as the future to that spot. The trade is only a matter of time….Used it to get him to practice…hahaha…

  9. If I thought Nnamdi would sign a new contract at a lower price, that would be the easy to do deal.

  10. Posting something by Preston really does wonders for your crediability. (Thats not a compliment). He’s a hack writer. He cant bash the Ravens about their QB and WR positions any more, so he will beat any dead horse he can find. Seeing as though there is no REAL news coming out of Owings Mills this what he resorts to. Do your self a favor and stop using bloggers as sources.
    I am also sick of people calling Oher the Ravens LT of the future. Just because Ogden said it doesnt mean its a good idea or going to happen. Oher is not as good of a LT as Gaither and he didnt fair as well at LT last season as Ravens fans seem to think. He did OK, not great, not even good. Just OK.
    One other stat that doesnt lie the Ravens were 2-4, without him last year. And the two wins came against the Bears and the Lions. They were 7-3 with him in the lineup.

  11. Mike Preston isn’t exactly an insider because….(wait for it)….the Ravens literally won’t allow him inside their complex! He is such an idiot (anyone that reads him on a regular basis is convinced that he absolutely HATES the ravens), that the Ravens don’t allow him in their facility. If you’re going to quote the baltimore sun for “inside” information, make sure it’s written by Jamison Hensley.

  12. ccoolahan14 is correct. Mike Preston is a poor journalist. I refuse to read any article for which he is credited.

  13. Living in Baltimore and actually being one of the few ppl that likes and agrees with some of what mike Preston says I couldn’t disagree with that assumption whatsoever. The ravens were open to trading him I’m sure because they don’t wanna pay Gaithersburg and oher starting left tackle money and because oher is at first glance quicker more athletic and all around better left tackle from what they’ve seen from him at left tackle so far he will eventually slide I’ve there so my guess is that they will trade Gaither by the draft because Ozzie wants to try and get back some of those picks he lost getting anquan boldin

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