Saints getting tired of missing seats story

Nearly 1,200 Saints season ticket holders will lose their seats in 2010, a story we mentioned a few weeks back.

The story hasn’t gone away in New Orleans, which appears to be annoying the Saints.  WWLTV sent repeated emails to a team spokesman to clarify some confusion about which sections were affected. 

They got this reply from team spokesman Greg Bensel:

“How long will this epic story run?? . . . are you guys doing a
mini-series?? . . . Our ticket guy Stanfield is in touch with everyone
affected and his working closely with them . . . outside of breaking news and a
you guys running a crawl during the daytime soaps, I think this story
has been well covered.”

Well, then.  That’s probably not the direction to take to make the story go away.

The email transcripts can be seen here.

41 responses to “Saints getting tired of missing seats story

  1. Wah Wah Wah…. The Saints love to shove Who Dat, liscense plates,we party all week and we are World Chumps stories down our throats. Take the bad with the good panzies.

  2. Stay classy Saints front office…
    I mean, you have such a great example to follow from your head coach.

  3. Wow one winning season in New Orleans and the entire organization thinks their crap don’t smell.

  4. Well Mr. Stanfield must have had his phone turned off cause i can name about 25 people who have not heard anything. Some of these people have had these tickets for along time. I love my Saints but this is greed. Just because i love the Saints don’t mean Tom Benson isn’t a piece of shit!

  5. Greg Bensel fails to respond to the messages, then says he doesn’t know and is out of town, then when he finally gets around to responding he wants to know why it’s still a story. So, because he didn’t respond the story should just go away?
    Umm…because you never responded you dumb ass. Because the fans don’t know the answer either. Because what the team told the media previously was wrong. Because instead of apparently just reassigning the season ticket holder seats somewhere else – like other teams have done – you left them hanging in the “brees”.
    Perhaps Greg Bensel should be removed from his position. Horrid PR. He clearly forgets that the fans pay the bills and the fans wanted to know. The media is the conduit of the fans and he acts like the poor reporter, who is just doing his job, is some bothersome gnat. Way to go stick with it Shaban!

  6. Maybe you should include the ENTIRE back and forth from the article where the reporter is hounding the dude and the Saints dude actually answered…
    Like the remainder of the email quoted, which says:
    “the sections are 635 to 645 last few rows…keep in mind that these upcoming improvements to the dome are and have been well documented for years, by your station in fact, and the game day experience and making sure our fans are our top priority, remains our top priority”
    OR the additional response that said:
    “The rows vary in each section, but mostly are last few rows, anywhere from the last two to last 4-5 in some sections…and so you are aware…we (THE SAINTS) have reached out to all of those affected, if SAINTS TICKET HOLDERS have any questions about this very public story, about their accounts, they normally will call us and get the information, rather than the WWL-AM news department…if you receive any calls from a fan about their account please feel free to refer them to 731-1700, the saints ticket office…we can help them”

  7. I heard Greg Bensel raped and murdered a girl back in the 90’s. I mean, have you ever heard him say that he hasn’t? Yeah, me neither.
    Just sayin’….

  8. We need to get back to reality where the Saints suck and we don’t hear about them. Fast please.

  9. At least he didn’t get the famous “F- him till next year.” that the Lions ticket office forwarded to a season ticket holder……….

  10. While I am not crazy about the way the Organization has communicated allow me to share the rest of the story for those who can only navigate to
    Apparently some people believe that this is a product of winning the SB. The is plan was in place when the decision was made to keep the Dome and do a series of facelifts/renovations. It is now time to enter this phase of the renovation and the impacted rows were communicated. Everyone new that some of these seats would be impacted years ago. The Saints have bought major properties in the area and are finalizing plans to build a Sports/Entertainment District near the dome and eventually add more seats to the dome (if I remember correctly).
    This is just an example of local media feeding a frenzy and then bloggers who have no real knowledge of the situation commenting. I feel bad for the impacted 1200 ticket holders but they are at the top of the 50,000 person wait list.
    This type of thing happens anytime renovations occur or a new stadium is opened and the prices are jacked up on the long standing ticket holders.

  11. yea, um… ouch. the Saints organization needs to make sure that every one of those 1200 people are in the Dome when they unfurl the banner. it’s the very least they can do.

  12. This guy is the “Team” spokesman?
    I didn’t know the “Team” was a bunch of crybaby a-holes with a How Dare You Question Me, F-You attitude.
    Fire this jerk.

  13. OJ Simpson is also tired of being called a murderer.
    And Tiger Woods really wishes people would stop calling him a whore.

  14. What about the missing calls in the NFC Championship game. F the saints and their toothless jibberish speaking fans.

  15. Bensel clearly stepped over the line with the news reporter.
    But that does not tarnish the Saints Super Bowl victory.
    Or tarnish the fact that Pervy Harvin is an asshole.

  16. wata douche, answer the d**n question and it wont have to be asked over and over ….. if i’m dealing w/a company and 2 simple questions cannot be answered in 3 weeks i’d be emailing them TONS and i wouldnt be as nice as that reporter was either.

  17. Everyone thought the saints were some cinderella heartfelt emotional story for the superbowl.However I saw them has arrogant like the patriots of two years ago.

  18. Well when ya screw 1200 people out of their season tix just to accommodate a few extra talking heads and luxury boxes of course you want the story to go away. After all they wouldn’t want the reek of this to linger would they ?

  19. WWL deserved that. They’re terrible. They LOVE LOVE LOVE to stir s**t up in New Orleans. (now granted, there is a lot of stuff politcally that there to be stirred…)

  20. Sadly, this story reflects the “culture” of today’s NFL. More money, more money, more money. I hope the NFL doesn’t forget what helped make the NFL so powerful/rich which is the fans.

  21. Nothing quite like a journalist scorned. Nevermind doing research and finding the answer to a question that has been asked a million times already, ask it again and then bitch about it when you get the answer you deserve. That’s right, make the story about you. Typical.

  22. This shouldn’t be a big deal….you can only purchase tickets that are available…these seats are no longer available…so instead of paying 18-25 per seat per game seating in the bleeds they will get a shot at upgrading, moving, or staying home…..they did this when they reconfigured the club level and worked with us to move our seats and gave us multiple options!
    The press box is in the club level and will move to high in the sky per the NFL in order to award future Super Bowls….this didn’t just come about…the problem is most of the folks in that section were unaware of the NFL and the Saints agreement that was made over a year ago.
    Who Dat!

  23. Hate to sound like a broken record here, but in the two months since the Super Bowl, the Saints have gone from a great story most fans outside of Minnesota and Indy felt good about, to one of the most despised franchises in the league.
    Their fans have turned completely obnoxious, their coach cries because the league dared to change the OT rule without consulting him, players say that a rule change which affects everyone was meant as a “slap in their faces”, and now they feel entitled to act like arrogant asses to the media.
    Way to handle success, a**holes.

  24. @ awoods1906 –
    Thanks for taking the time to explain how the situation unfolded- not being sarcastic, I really didn’t know much about it.
    But I don’t believe the article is intended to be critical of what the Saints did to the ticketholders- it was intended to address the shameful attitude the Saints employee took in this exchange.
    And don’t try to justify it by saying the guy was hounding him- that’s what radio people do. Someone who makes a living as a spokesman for a team should handle themselves more professionally.
    From the coach to the players to management to many of the fans, the Saints are sliding down the slippery slope to doucheland.

  25. cowboys your team couldn’t even get past the vikings, they got EMBARRASSED on national tv. I mean y’all really stunk up the place. Sure you gave the Saints their first loss, during the regular season, because y’all are regular season champs, and post season chumps. Don’t bring up something that happened 10+ years ago. Living in the past will not help your future. The Saints are the champions of the entire NFL!!! Eat it.
    This plan for renovation would’ve happened regardless if the Saints won the superbowl or if they went 2-14, you don’t just spring up something like this in a month’s time, this took years to plan. It happens all over the NFL when teams look to reconfigure their stadiums, it just doesn’t usually coincide with that team winning the superbowl therefore so much attention being paid to it.
    I mean really, if the Saints would’ve missed the playoffs would this story even be an issue? Would the Saints fans even be so upset? Probably not. It’s just hard to swallow when you’re all geared up after a Superbowl victory and you’re excited to see the team again next year.
    Oh and to all those who predict that the Saints will go back to sucking, keep wishing, that tooth fairy will come sooner or later. The Saints have a formula for continued success with Brees, Thomas, and d-coordinator Williams. Don’t be expecting them to take a step backwards anytime soon.

  26. Dallas6584 says:
    April 6, 2010 11:59 AM
    What about the missing calls in the NFC Championship game. F the saints and their toothless jibberish speaking fans.
    I have all my teeth and I can speak proper English, you steer-humping, inbred redneck.
    Oh wait…it’s not nice to stereotype. Sorry.

  27. So do these fans lose their seats, or their tickets? If they’re just being moved, who cares? If they’re losing their tickets, shouldnt they have the chance to out bid other ticket holders in the stadium for their seats?

  28. And they are right
    The media writes the same story 10,000 times then gets angry when the person/group asks to stop on the 10,001 call
    I mean, if the media weren’t so lame, maybe they would be more open to talk about it?

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