Shanahan won't rule out drafting a quarterback

So with the Redskins obtaining quarterback Donovan McNabb and needing to build a team around him, they won’t pick another quarterback with the fourth selection in round one, right?

Maybe not.

Coach Mike Shanahan said Tuesday that, even with the presence of McNabb, a quarterback could be drafted.

“I think if you take a look at Philip Rivers, when did he start?  His
third year,” Shanahan said, per Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post.  “You take a look at Aaron Rodgers?  His
third year. . . .  I think a perfect scenario would be a young quarterback
coming in here and backing up.  You never know what’s gonna happen on
draft day

Actually, Rodgers started in year four, which amplifies Shanahan’s point. 

But at a time when the Redskins need to get better along the offensive line and in other areas while McNabb still has a few good years left, does it make any sense to do anything other than draft a guy who doesn’t play McNabb’s position?  At least Donovan has experience in this regard; after all, it was only three years ago that the Eagles traded out of round one and then drafted McNabb’s eventual successor near the top of round two.

Thus, we’re inclined to think that Shanahan is merely holding out hope of trading down and acquiring picks to replenish the second-rounder used for McNabb and the third-rounder exercised in last year’s supplemental draft.  With multiple teams that draft after the Redskins needing a quarterback, Shanahan needs those teams to think that the Redskins still may take one.

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  1. Didnt Shanahan start Cutler during the 2nd half of his rookie season???
    He’s full of crap.

  2. OK, every year every draft analyst makes two major assumptions that are just not justified, and you do it as well Florio. Assumption number one is that if a team brings a player in for a workout and interview it means they want the player on their team. Why not meet the guy you will have to face a dozen times or so over the years and talk with him, see him workout and get a sense the tape can’t give you?
    Second assumption (and the one relevant here): if a team expresses interest in a position, or player, it is because they are thinking about the first round. Here is a clue… there are 7 rounds and any players left can be picked up as free agents. Every draft board I see on every football sight does a mock draft that covers the first round. Why don’t they look at every pick and every team interest to determine if a WR in round 3 would offset the need to take a slightly better WR in round 2, if that means getting a FS that may fit the system better than any other FS available? The fact Shanahan is interested in drafting a QB (or at last won’t rule out drafting one) doesn’t mean he has any intention of picking him up in the first three rounds. If the top three guys are projects, why take any of them when all the rest of the QBs in the draft are also projects?!

  3. WHAT A SPIN !!! I’d to see you guy’s on the O’Reilly Factor in the No Spin Zone…

  4. “Didnt Shanahan start Cutler during the 2nd half of his rookie season???
    He’s full of crap.”
    To be fair, he started Cutler over Plummer during what was probably the worst season of Plummer’s career.
    That’s not saying much.

  5. Hes not going to just tell you who they plan on drafting! I mean it really should come down to just Berry or Okung. Safety and Tackle are the Redskins only real needs at this point.

  6. Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, and Kevin Kolb actually make the opposite point than what Shanahan intended to make. You don’t draft a QB high in the draft and expect him to sit on the bench, so this forces a QB controversy. After spending all that money on the high draft pick, there is a lot of pressure to get him on the field ASAP, which may be before the veteran is done (see Brees, Favre, McNabb). They didn’t trade for McNabb to tutor (another) kid and kick him to the curb in 2-3 years.

  7. Or he’s blowing smoke up all your asses because he’s going to trade McNabb to St Louis to get Bradford.

  8. He is not very good at posturing, AT ALL. You trade your 2nd for McNabb, you still have Campbell and Colt on your roster…..
    EVERYONE ON EARTH KNOWS YOU ARE TAKING A LT. And if you’re not, you’re more of an idiot than I describing at the present time. For the record, I think you’re an idiot, just not that big of one!

  9. if he drafts one it wont be in the first….they need a OL to help protect Mcnabb…maybe in Rnd 3 or 4 which is When Clausen should fall to cause he is overrated as a mofo

  10. McNabb will win Shananhan another SB. It will be great sticking it to those front running Philly-fans, like Lowell Rikert.

  11. mike is pulling a crazy ivan.
    only once in his 14 seasons in denver did he draft a qb in the 1st 2 rounds. once.

  12. Ok, “a quarterback could be drafted” but that doesn’t mean that he has to use a first round pick. I would make more sense for him to spend a lower pick if he’s going to sit the guy because it would be real stupid to pick up McNabb AND get a QB in the first round that he plans on sitting for a while.

  13. Dear Mr. ‘sadouchebag:
    You can say a lot of negative things about Philly fans. But you CAN’T call them frontrunners. They’ve hung HARD with a team that hasn’t delivered them squat. They’ve sold out Eagles games through thick and thin.
    I think it’s hilarious that McNabb has walked into a situation just like the 2007 offseason.

  14. Keep believing everything Shanahan says in public to the letter, and keep looking like fools.
    Smoke, people, smoke.
    If Clausen falls to #4, why not have people believe he will take him? then try and extract the best deal.

  15. Anyone else think that Shanahan getting fired in Denver had to do with 10 years of crappy drafts??

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