30 percent rule makes extension very difficult for Kolb

NFL_kolb_250.jpgJason Cole of Yahoo! Sports recently reported that Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb was quietly making it known that he wouldn’t sign a long-term extension with the team if he wasn’t the starter in 2010.

Here’s the reality — it will be difficult if not impossible for the Eagles and Kolb to work out a market-value deal, given the application of the 30 percent rule, which limits the growth of renegotiated contracts in the uncapped year.

A league source with knowledge of the challenges that will be faced in extending deals for the likes of Kolb and Titans running back Chris Johnson explained the situation to us earlier today.  The low base salaries paid to players drafted late in round one (like Johnson) or early in round two (like Kolb) present an enormous obstacle to a renegotiated contract. 

There’s an exception to the 30 percent rule; signing bonuses don’t apply.  Fully funding a long-term deal via a combination of signing bonus and base salaries limited by the 30 percent rule, however, requires the team to pay a huge chunk of money up front.

“The only way a big, long-term deal can get done is with an enormous signing bonus in the range of $60 million,” the source said.  “What team is going to do that?”

For Kolb, the reality is that he’ll play out the 2010 season, and we’ll hear from plenty of writers and broadcasters how the man succeeding Donovan McNabb is making only 4.9 percent of the money that McNabb would have earned this year in Philly.  The truth is that the labor deal prevents a new contract from being negotiated before 2011.

So what if Kolb chooses to walk after 2010?  Though the rules applicable in 2011 aren’t yet known, the Eagles undoubtedly will be able to restrict Kolb in some fashion.  Then, the two sides can work out a fair and appropriate long-term deal.

Until then, Kolb bears the risk of a major injury that could make the Eagles (and any other team) unwilling to pay him big money.

Then again, the Eagles bear the risk of Kolb becoming a star in 2010, driving his leverage through the roof.  But if that happens, we have a feeling the Eagles won’t complain.

UPDATE:  We’re now hearing that a short-term fix could be in the works, aimed at increasing Kolb’s 2010 pay from $550,000.

25 responses to “30 percent rule makes extension very difficult for Kolb

  1. the 30% rule works out good for the eagles, kolb hasn’t proven anything. it sucks for chris johnson though………

  2. Eagles bungle one more thing. Clueless front office. Kolb makes 4-9% of what McScabb makes then the puppy killer makes more than Kolb as a backup right? Gonna have to check

  3. In 07 Kolb signed a 4 year deal for 4.3 million. The felon puppy killer makes more than that this year with roster bonus. The felons roster bonus alone prolly tops Kolbs salary. Tell me this is not an issue?
    Can’t see that holding if Kolb is indeed the starter.

  4. Why not just sign him to a 1 yr extension w the signing bonus then get a long term deal done when the cba is done?

  5. This isn’t that difficult.
    Renegiotate a 2 year deal. Give him a signing bonus of 8 million and then redo the deal in 2011. He’s assured of being paid as the starter this year, he’s protected if he gets injured. Everyone goes home in a limo.

  6. Does base pay include incentives? If not just lace it with likely reachable benchmarks, problem solved if that’s the case…

  7. What exactly is the ‘Market Value’ for a guy with 2 starts and four career touchdown passes?

  8. kolb is too cocky too soon. he has not proved anything.
    Make your move vick!!!!!!!

  9. He will be welcomed to the world of Philly fans shortly
    The Eagles will finish around .500 like usual and miss the playoffs

  10. Kolb is also only 4.9% the player that McNabb is. Those front running Eagles fans, like Lowell Rikert better get use to last place for years to come.

  11. racer-x makes NFL contracts sound easy. idiot fans
    “just give him $8 million up front and re-do the contract for two years”
    even with the $8 million signing bonus he would only make $5 million/yr. what starting qb wants
    $5 million /yr??? it does’t matter if he hasn’t accomplished anything so far, $5 million/yr is still an under valued base salary for a starting qb.

  12. “The Eagles will finish around .500 like usual”
    AR’s regular season record: 108-67-1 .613
    Postseason Record: 10 8 .556
    People post some dumb stuff around here.

  13. From now on, everyone identify what team you root for.
    I love being lectured by loser Lions, Browns (who won’t have a team by 2016), Bills (who won’t have a team once the great Ralph Wilson, who they hate, passes), Raiders (too busy picking out feathered costumes to wear to the stadium) and Chiefs fans.
    Or from every fan base outside of the NE USA (Philly, NYC, Boston), where this is all a seasonal hobby and they can’t name 8 players on the roster.
    8 wins may be a once in a lifetime event for most of you, but it isn’t enough for Eagles fans. SB or bust. At least it makes it interesting again.
    Go prepare for the parade to celebrate winning 9 games. I know it’s the biggest thing that most of your lame ass towns can expect (in the absence of museums, restaurants, bars, libraries, culture, theater, scenery, zoos, etc, etc, etc). Maybe you can have it at your city’s best Italian restaurant – The Olive Garden.
    NOTE: Bay area exempt from the rant above, despite lame fan base it really excels in all other aspects.

  14. I’m getting sick of the “Philly has never respected McNabb” nonsense. If you had showed up to a game at the Linc anytime in the last 11 years, you would see somewhere around 50% of the people wearing #5 jerseys. A couple drunk assholes at a draft in 1998, and unsubstantiated “reports” of “every Philly fan” wanting McNabb out for the last several years does not mean the entire city tried to run him out of town.
    Most people around here have a lot of respect and appreciation for what he did for this team, but think the time had just come to move on. I’m excited for the Kolb era, there’s a very good chance he’ll do well in a West Coast offense. But quit saying we didn’t appreciate what we had, because we did.

  15. Theres no risk involved on the Eagles part.
    Anyone who has paid attention to the Eagles and Kevin Kolb for that matter over the last 3 years know he desperately wants to stay in Philly.
    Hes good friends with young teammates and doesnt want to leave them. He also knows Andy Reid is a bigger supporter of him seeing that he has been watching Kolb play ever since he became the starting qb of his highschool team. Kolb has spent 3 years learning this system and now is finally getting a chance to play in it. He doesnt want to leave philly and have to start all over agian in a new system.
    Im not just guessing about these things Kolb has said them his self and it has been cosigned by Andy Reid and other Eagles F.O. members.
    IMO I doubt either one of them want to get a contract right now anyway. Kolb is confident and thinks he can be really good. If he signs now the contract would reflect on what he has done so far which isnt much. If he waits after this season and plays like he thinks he can the deal would be worth ALOT more. So he will want to wait to prove to everyone how good he is.
    For the Eagles they dont to sign Kolb to a huge multi year deal and then have him play poorly. They will want to wait until he atleast plays in a couple games before giving him franchise qb numbers. Like I said before the Eagles know he isnt going no where and because of that they wont be worried about waiting.

  16. Fonetik,
    I am a huge Iggles fan and hope this works out but I have a feeling our undersized WR’s are going to feel the pain. Kolb cannot throw as deep as DMAC. They are going to be running shorter routes which will expose them more often to big hits. Also a lack of running game is what hurt Donovan the most. Not “his” legs but lack of RB production. Andy relied on it early in Donovan’s career. He didn’t have much choice considering that he was throwing to the likes of Stinkston, Freddie 1 Catch Mitchell, James Trash, and Torrance Small to throw to. His best WR was his TE Chad Lewis. If Andy doesn’t change his philosophy Kolb is going to fall victim to pressure early on. I hope for the best.

  17. “it isn’t enough for Eagles fans. SB or bust” No wonder you guys are so miserable – nothing but ‘busts’.
    By the way, Cleveland has won 4 AFL Championshps, Detroit has won 4 NFL Championships, the Chiefs won 4 NFL Championships, the Bills won 2 AFL Championships and the Raiders have won 3 Super Bowls.
    Loser fans? Your team needs it’s own jail.

  18. Does he deserve more?I certainly can’t see why, 1-1 starting record and Career 4 td’s 7 int’s 68.9% qb rating.He doesn’t deserve anything as of now.McNabb took his team to the playoffs and then the nfc championship game before he got a pay raise,it would be a slap in the face to pay this guy without some similar production.However kolb is white and will probably be paid accordingly to his nobility.

  19. Kolb has no right at all to ask for more$. Vick is being paid as much as he is because he has started for a team for years. He is a proven QB. If Kolb makes to much noise he will be sitting on the bench in 2010. His contract will run out & then get picked up by a team for the same he is making now.

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