Alex Brown joins the Saints

After dumping salaries and familiar faces leave town, the defending Super Bowl champion Saints have signed a significant free agent.  (Apologies to Zak Keasey.)

Defensive end Alex Brown agreed to terms on a two-year contract, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  Signing aging linemen rarely works out well, but Brown’s solid reputation remained intact last year in Chicago.

He will help the Saints defend the run at a clear trouble position on the team.  We still expect them to draft a defensive end early, but Brown makes the need less desperate.

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  1. And clearly this move was designed to counteract the McNabb trade to the Redskins, even though it’s not even clear that the teams play this year.

  2. Great. Now you can stop posting about this guy. Is your only source in the NFL Alex Brown’s agent? Thanks for the play by play on his ongoing free agent saga, but in all honesty…no one gives a sh&t about Alex Brown except his Mom and his agent.

  3. God damn it bears, this guy was a consummate pro and was a solid player as well.
    We should’ve signed Aaron Kampman and kept Alex Brown instead of signing Peppers

  4. we’ve only lost 2 free agents of any note. Fujita and Bell. We let Charles Grant go because he’s terrible and Alex Brown is a big upgrade. Main focus of this offseason was to re-sign Pierre Thomas, Hargrove and Sharper. All of those signings have happened or are imminent. We’ll draft the best player available…defense or offense. Payton doesn’t draft on need

  5. upgrade from grant and can teach our first or second round pick how to rush in the NFL.

  6. Sweet… The Saints needed a good run-defending DE to match with Will Smith on the right end and Bobby McCray as a situational pass-rusher and from all accounts it sounds like Brown fits the mold perfectly.
    Maybe now I can stop hearing about the Saints taking a certain underachieving DE from USC in the first round in mock drafts…

  7. good pick up new orleans…..I wish him well, he’s underrated talent that still has a few years to give.

  8. I wouldn’t say Brown is a “huge” upgrade over Grant, Truman, but he definitely is an upgrade. Grant is clearly on the downside of his career and although Brown is the same age, he is more consistent than Brown.
    Now look for the Saints to go BPA in the first round, primarily LB or DT. Someone like Daryl Washington or a trade up for Sean Weatherspoon. As much as Saints fans don’t care for him, trading down and grabbing Terrence Cody could be a possibility.

  9. The Saints will like him and I’m glad he went to a team I like. I’m glad Tampa Bay didn’t add insult to injury by fleecing the Bears even further by picking up one of our DE’s for nothing. Watch him do better with real coaching.

  10. @ Stone
    Alex Brown was not a marquee player, but he was a very solid, well-rounded defensive end that had the respect and love of all Chicago fans.
    This isn’t HUGE news, but it’s news to Chicago and N.O. fans. They report every bit of news on this site, big or small.

  11. “As much as Saints fans don’t care for him, trading down and grabbing Terrence Cody could be a possibility.” -GeauxSaints53
    I like your thinking on this. If NO could trade down to middle of 2nd round and pick up a 3 or 4 in the process, I think that is the way to go. Should be able to find a decent edge-rushing lb (Sapp) in mid-second round.

  12. Florio forgot to add, ” Saints asked Alex Brown about the poor displaced 12oo, and he said fudge ’em. ” So they signed him on the spot. Tebow save the 1200. They are our nation’s greatest tragedy. Angelina Jolie has already adopted 4 of them. No other season ticket holders in any other sport has ever been asked to move from their seat in the name of progress. Oh the humanity!

  13. lets try it one more time !! For someone reason this comment keep’s getting overlooked for approval..
    I wish PFT would stop saying “According to ESPN’s Adam Shefter” or “ESPN’s Adam Shefter has the scoop” and start saying “We stalked adam_shefter on twitter to get this story… AGAIN”…

  14. Upgrade from Grant? Barely. He’s as middle of the road as you can get. Never had more than 7 sacks, and that was done just once. Good Alex, but I fear your career is clearly on the down side.

  15. @grizzlot
    Fair enough and point taken. But seriously, does Alex Brown warrant that many posts? The answer to that question is a resounding no. Tell me he is a free agent and tell me where he has signed. Otherwise, Chicago and NO’s fans can go to their local newspapers for the play by play on Alex Brown’s torrid run at free agency.

  16. propheteer, I don’t think you ever watched charles grant play. Anybody is an upgrade over him. He can’t defend the run, he can’t rush the passer. He got a ridiculous contract and has put up 2 sacks a year since with no run support. So yeah, Alex Brown and his run stopping ability + 6 sacks a year for millions less is an upgrade. Plus the Saints are infinitely better in the coaching department than the Bears. I would expect those 6 sacks a year to go up.

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