Haynesworth will attend mandatory offseason sessions only

So with the Redskins supposedly intent on keeping “nose tackle” Albert Haynesworth, they’ll use the bulk of the offseason program to get him ready for his new role, right?

Good luck with that.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that, while Haynesworth will attend the team’s mandatory minicamps, he’ll skip the far more extensive voluntary sessions.

Per Reid, Haynesworth intends to spend no more time with the team than required.

Reid also reiterates that Haynesworth is available to be traded, and Reid reports (as we believed) that the Redskins are hoping to get Haynesworth to pay back some of the $21 million he received last week, in order to facilitate a trade.  Haynesworth reportedly “would not be opposed” to that, if coach Mike Shanahan continues the plan to use Haynesworth as a nose tackle.

Reid reports that the most likely destinations are the Titans, Lions, Bucs, and Jaguars.

So stay tuned.  All signs point to Haynesworth being available — and at this point we’d be surprised if the team and the player find a way to mend fences for the 2010 season.

45 responses to “Haynesworth will attend mandatory offseason sessions only

  1. Skins should trade him to OAK for picks and JaMarcus. They need to upgrade their O-Line to protect Donovan.

  2. No no no no no NO NO NO NO NO! NOT THE BUCS! Do not sully our defense with your fat ass! We only want defenders that go after it 100% on every down!

  3. Nose tackle: take up space, take on double teams, create havoc
    What better guy to do this than Big Ole Mr. Potato Head???
    We already shelled out 21 big ones for him. Keep him. He’s still the best DT in the league when he’s healthy.

  4. What he needs is a mother-in-law living at his home, then he will gladly put in many extra hours of work and will love it.

  5. Swap picks with bucs, throw in a 2nd and 3rd or 4th. They get Fat Man and whatever DT they draft.

  6. Seems to me that the Texans should make a phone call to the Skins. They need a dominant D-tackle, and Albert could fill that need.

  7. funny because a certain someone on a certain espn website says that Haynes won’t be traded haha

  8. Haynesworth is easily the most overrated NT/DT in the NFL today..
    Him leaving washington will only help that team..

  9. Another Snyder gaffe that Shanahan will have no choice but to correct.
    I think Albert has been drinking too much of the Jamarcus kool-aid — get paid, stop caring.

  10. I wonder how the NFL ever operated prior to PFT. Oh…I remember….we were spared all these needless details of the offseason…

  11. maybe the Lions could trade for him pay the 21 million & have him loan the money to Charles Rogers…
    something tells me Albert is not going to be a happy camper…

  12. Fat Albert is definitely a force to be reconned with… However, if the Skins are going to turn it around, TEAM is key!
    Fat Albert is about me… not we!
    Although I hate to see the talent go… If he is not buying in, get his fat lazy ass out of DC!

  13. I saw him out partying in reston va. many times and he was eating 10 appetizers and drinking heavily during the season. I can guarantee that is the training program he currently is on in TN. LMAO.

  14. @RIP__21
    Who are you saying should throw in extra picks.
    I would think swapping picks should be enough according to the trade chart. I would give a 3rd for him straight up this year or a 3rd that could become a 2nd next year.

  15. NEW WORLD ORDER…..Send Vinnys Boy Down the road For some Draft Picks……LATER FAT BOY!!!

  16. This one’s on the Redskins. You can’t try to trade a guy, fail, and then expect him to show up for voluntary activities. Well, if you’re a total moron I guess you can.
    If Albert wants to expedite his way out of DC he should show up at voluntary activities, “injure” his lower back during the first drill, and then claim injury for all activities – voluntary or mandatory.

  17. I love the way the ‘skins are handling this.
    You don’t get to say THAT every day…

  18. keep that guy he is the shit.
    for his size and impact he plays enough for me.
    i didn’t pay for him so what do I care….
    well I guess $60 for madden but he is worth $60…

  19. C’mon, Skins. Let’s ship Haynesworth and Campbell to Oakland for one of: Michael Bush or Asomugha, plus something else (pick(s)?, an OL? do the Raiders have any decent OLs?).
    Make it happen!

  20. He’s not missing any mandatory work outs. He’s showing up to the mandatorys, so that’s good. I say keep him, NT, DE, what ever. If he shows to camp outta shape, then send him packing. But if he’s working out on his own and getting it done, keep him and play him where ever you want.

  21. Exercise (pun intended Fat Al) the demons Shanny – and this is the biggest one to boot.
    ‘Til then, Big Al, hope your ‘workouts’ are going really well.

  22. I am still confused about this whole nose tackle deal. What is the point of Maake being picked up then? They are just causing issues. Haynesworth is kinda right about the whole NT thing but I dont agree with him being a $^%# about it! He would end up being an end on the Redskins come game time. He would not be a NT that Maake Kemoeatu would be one over Haynesworth. They gonna mess up a good defense.

  23. I just can’t even imagine being so rich that I could throw $21 million away like that… Unbelievable

  24. Why’s this news, it’s like saying “oh yeah the toilet is where I pinch the loaf.”

  25. I’d have no problem either swapping picks with Washington and giving up a 4th Rounder or a 3rd next year to get him on the Lions. I love the idea of drafting Suh, but a line of KVB, Haynesworth, Corey Williams/Sammie Hill, and Avril is pretty decent, and then draft Okung or Trent Williams.

  26. Freaking amazing! The highest paid guy on the team and he refuses to buy into the system, coaching staff, or the team concept. It sucks too because Carter and Orakpo had a great year with him collapsing the pocket and we had a lot more turnovers with the increased QB pressure. Oh well, you can’t have a guy on the team that gets special treatment so I guess we have to get rid of this guy. Hopefully, we can get some picks out of him and Cambell.

  27. Yawn, nothing to see here.
    When the most dominant defensive player in the NFL actually speaks; all of this will be water under the bridge.
    Me’ luvs media speculation; creates drama where there is none!

  28. Someone will eventually want him and why not?
    For 4-3 D’s, he is a game-changing monster
    But the team better realize that eventually he will be a team cancer and will get injured several times in the season

  29. Id rather have him on the field 60% of the time then not at all y’all saw how we nearly double our team sack total from the year before not to metion Andre Carter and Brian Orakpo had amazing seasons AS A DIRECT RESULT OF FAT ALBERT Keep this dude you aint gonna find a better DT out there

  30. You have a good deal here Shanahan: Trade Albert Haynesworth to the Atlanta Falcons for DE Jamaal Anderson, a 2010 3rd round pick (#83), and a conditional pick in 2011. If you want to unload LaRon Landry too you can also have S Erik Coleman & WR Michael Jenkins. C’mon now Mr. Shan-man, about ready to explode here.

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