Jason Taylor doesn't like the Jets

Rosenthal pointed out earlier today one of the prior comments from Jason Taylor suggesting a serious dislike of the Jets.  Tim Graham of ESPN.com has harvested a bunch of other ones.

Taylor’s remarks generally are directed at the fans.  Still, it’s hard to imagine Taylor embracing at this stage of his career a team for which he harbors such deep-seated animosity.

Thus, we think that the New York visit is a ploy aimed at getting the Dolphins to make a decision on whether Taylor will be back in 2010.

That said, if coach Rex Ryan can work the same magic on Taylor that he has worked on others — and if the Dolphins continue to show no interest in Taylor — we wouldn’t be shocked if Taylor eventually does a deal.  Especially since the Jets’ presence on HBO’s Hard Knocks meshes with whatever it is that motivated Taylor to appear on Dancing with the Stars.

Even so, it would indeed be a shock if Taylor signs before training camp.  He won’t want to spend significant time in New York in the offseason, and if he’s not under contract he won’t feel compelled to do so.

31 responses to “Jason Taylor doesn't like the Jets

  1. Maybe the Jets will let Taylor skip and prance around in a sequined outfit to open their new stadium.

  2. Stay away Jason, we don’t want your fish stick ass on our team, he’s looking to get on hard knocks and further his T.V. career, stay away please!!!!

  3. None of that animosity means anything. Heck if friggin’ Mike Vick can find work in the NFL, Jason Taylor can sign with the Jets and start a love affair with the fans.
    In fact, with the Jets on Hard Knocks–and in the biggest media market in the country–he’s an idiot if he doesn’t sign with the Jets.

  4. The trifecta needs to quit dicking around & get him signed!!! If J.T. goes he’ll go some where in the AFC East & will haunt the Fins 2 times a year!!! It is obvious that this defense needs veteran leadership so GET IT DONE!!!

  5. He may not like the Jets, But…..What player at this stage of his career would not give serious thought to playing on a great defense that was 2 quarters away from going to the Super Bowl last year?

  6. Well DUH. He played for a division rival. That would be like saying someone on the Giants doesn’t like the Redskins…until he becomes a Redskin then wouldn’t like the Giants anymore.

  7. I think the Jets need him. Yeah they were awesome last year on D, but there was no one on the front seven that you HAD to account for. They got by mostly on blitz schemes. Once Indy was able to pick up the blitzes, Manning picked them apart. They were hoping Kris Jenkins could be that wrecking ball on the front seven but he can’t stay healthy.

  8. So what no one likes the jets
    Get over it
    They are the redheaded stepchild they carry the jock straps for the real team the NY Giants

  9. Jason Taylor couldn’t play in NY. He’s a coward, he can only play in Miami because there’s no pressure there. As a Jets fan I wouln’t want this sissy in my team. Go kiss the Tuna’s ass so he can take you back!

  10. Isn’t it deep-seeded anger? Like, the seeds that this anger stem from are very deep? I don’t think anger sits anywhere for it to be deep-seated.

  11. I hate the Jets too, but if Rex calls me up and offers me 1.5 mil to play outside LB this year, Im on a plane in a minute.

  12. bigblue why don’t you write something useful once and awhile. What happened did a Jet player screw your mom or dad what happened man? Your such a negative degenerate when it comes to the Jets, don’t be such a dick my brother it’s the changing of the guard, its the Jets turn baby let it go bro.

  13. MANNY says:
    April 7, 2010 11:58 AM
    Jason Taylor couldn’t play in NY. He’s a coward, he can only play in Miami because there’s no pressure there. As a Jets fan I wouln’t want this sissy in my team. Go kiss the Tuna’s ass so he can take you back!
    That why JT score TD on you stink JETFANS….and we beat JETSucks last 3 game…take tht up ur azz JETfans

  14. bigbluefan – the “real team” that missed the playoffs in the pitiful NFC? the “real team” that lost by a combined score of 85-18 in the last two weeks? the “real team” that couldnt close out their own stadium with a win? cmon now. the giants are the past, the jets are the future. sorry that you’re a little bitter about it.

  15. im freakin out man! if he goes to the jets part of my manhood will go too. no wonder the jets have a mancrush on him, jt’s been schooling them harder than any other team since he started playing.

  16. yall jet fans know yall want him ..but too bad he score winnging TD on ya last year..lol….we beat yall 3 stright time .. so yall need help not the fins

  17. Gotta love Jets fans. After YEARS and YEARS of mediocrity, a fluke season in which they still finished second in the division, and they somehow retain the audacity to beat their chests and call potential NYJ players sissies. Give me a break.

  18. someone needs to remind everyone the J E T S were 9-7 last year and backed in to the playoffs by beating two teams that rested all their starters. Rex Ryan may be energizing the J E T S fans now but when they start losing they will run him right out of town. I see the J E T S at 8-8 or 7-9 next season

  19. @ PFT
    What is the point of this rant/ blog/ article? You pretty much stated the same thing in your previous post…

  20. Being a Jets Fan, I always hated him, but I could handle him for one year if he helps the pass rush

  21. Marinofreakout is almost as stupid as Giants fans.
    Taylor schooling the Jets? Obviously you only became a fan last year because historically Jason Taylor has been owned by the Jets. Check the record dipshit…..no team has treated Jason Taylor worse than the Jets.
    Youtube the Monday Night Miracle for sideline shots of JT crying like a bitch.

  22. @ downwithdansnyder. Actually, JT has indeed already been a redskin which is probably exactly why he said that

  23. hahahhahaha 123456 is such a doofus
    yea judging by my username im sure i became a dolphin fan last year. and yea i did check the facts. he averages a sack a game against u guys. and im sure u guys “school” him so often, clearly not enough seeing as the jets play him twice a year every year and hes the active league leader in sacks. Trust me the jets sucking so hard has a lot to do with that!
    have fun getting ur hopes up for next season. the fins will be riding their low expectations right into ur new stadium to kick the shi*t out of you like they did last year. what was the look on your face like last year when we came from behind and beat you primetime and when our most hated player returned two punts for tds on u! digging back to what the 90’s to talk smack? haha pathetic.

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