Jeff Fisher isn't worried about Chris Johnson holding out

C. Johnson2.jpgChris Johnson is skipping Tennessee’s offseason conditioning program, just like he did last year.  “Every Coach’s Dream” has made rumblings of wanting a new contract, but coach Jeff Fisher doesn’t sound worried about Johnson holding out of mandatory activities.

“I think after a couple of more weeks he’ll start missing us,” Fisher told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “Plus, Chris is under contract.”

The “30% rule” and Johnson’s status as a third-year player make a contract extension hugely unlikely, if not impossible.  It will be telling if Johnson shows up for Tennessee’s first organized team activities, which are voluntary practices.

19 responses to “Jeff Fisher isn't worried about Chris Johnson holding out

  1. Here’s hoping this kid isn’t just a flash in the pan. So many who follow the path of egoism (no, super egoism) and self-centeredness follow a path to FAIL. Not to be confused with pure blind dumb stupidity, like PacMan’s, but more like simple, unchecked arrogance.
    He needs a professional mentor, or an agent who’s willing to ‘splain the whole picture.

  2. Any descent coach would have a serious talk with CJ right now, to get his mind right before this gets out of control. But than again Jeff Fisher has never been descent, he would still be starting Kerry Collins if it wasn’t for Bud Adams steping in.

  3. Any descent coach would have a serious talk with CJ before he gets out of control. But Jeff Fisher has never been descent, he would still be starting Ferry Coolins if the owner hadn’t stepped in.

  4. just pay him. he rushed for 2000 yards and is one of the better young backs in the league. hes an absolute joy to watch. pair that with the fact about short life spans with running backs and you have all the reasons to pay him
    pay the man.

  5. If I were CJ, I’m not showing to anything till game 1 of the season. He wants to get paid like an AP, Frank Gore, MJD, so pay the damn man. He is a 2000 yard back. Maybe this year he’ll say, nah coach, I don’t feel like running it 20 times today. Let Lendale do it. Thats what I’d do.

  6. Pansy ass bastard ! If as a player , I didn’t want to get a the salary I signed my name to – despite the fact I “over-played” my contract , then I shouldnt have signed the damn thing . I think the CBA DEFINITELY has to get these players to understand the idea behind a contract – You sign for x amount for x amount of years , and you do it . If they’re not happy with the amount they are getting paid , then say oh well and go play . … This is getting ridiculous , whenever a player who is still on their ROOKIE contract says he wants a new contract -which still has 3 years left , it makes you laugh so hard . Yes , I understand he would love a new contract , but so do every other player in the history of sports . What good is a contract if neither are liable for what they signed ?

  7. They should pay the guy. He made Tenn. worth watching. But I hope he doesn’t sit out like some diva. I hope he handles this with maturity and realize he has the makings of a very good career. When guys hold out they come back not prepared for the game. Whether it’s not being in good physical shape or behind on the game plan. That throws the whole team off. Its a difference practicing with Lendale White.
    @scrapdawg12…..In my opinion thats the wrong kind of attitude.

  8. Let him sit out, they havent shopped a svelte LenDale White yet. They can ride his 1 year removed from 12+ tds A** to an above 500 record. This is exactly why they didnt make noise of White being available ( UFA). Once CJ gets to camp, White will be released and scooped up.

  9. He will hold out. There is no reason they do not pay him. Without him they would be really bad.

  10. He’d be stupid not to hold out. This man deserves a raise. The league chews up and spits out rbs. The best ones are right to hold out for as much as they can get while they can get it. And he is THE best one. Even if he sits for a year, it doesn’t affect the tread on his tires. Look at Ricky Williams.

  11. I cant stand people who point out misspelled words on blogs, and yes Jeff Fisher sux… oops

  12. Tex, you’d never again have to feel that way if you would spend some time learning word meaning and then word recognition. ‘Descent’ is spelled correctly; you simply didn’t choose the correct word, which I assume by reading your context you wanted to be ‘decent’.
    Jeff Fisher is the longest-tenured Coach in the NFL, which to me says he is more than ‘decent’, and your ‘descent’ to name-calling is uncalled for. But not unexpected, especially if you are a fan of the Cowgirls.

  13. First off, I hate the cowboys. The Texans are from Houston not dallas. 2nd, this is pro football talk not pro spelling talk, get a life. And we had Fisher down here when the Oilers were in town, he was a dumb ass then and sadly he’s still half retarded. I would use the spell check but I guess PFT hired u for that.

  14. Now Jeff Fisher is hoping CJ will miss the team and want to come in to practice, you got to be kidding, who is running the team? Fisher needs to be fired, he gets no respect from the players. By the way Lendale White has never particpated in off-season workouts.

  15. Ever since this guy started on his 2,000 yard campaign, he’s been nothing but an egotistical jerk. I know this much is expected but I didn’t realize this guy was this big of a jerk.
    At the beginning of the season he was as quiet as a mouse and ready to do whatever the coach told him to do. Now he’s just a complete ass. Fisher needs to get him in line or go ahead and let him mess up his career. I guarantee you his teammates are going to get sick of his crap, real faaaaast.

  16. Chris Johnson is doing his best Ochocinco impression and Fisher is taking it with as grain of salt – as he should!
    CJ likes to play around and Fisher is doing it right back. Albert Haynesworth is a perfect example of Fisher knowing what he’s doing.
    Go Titans.

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