Kyle Cook returns to the Bengals

In Cincinnati, Kyle Cook started at center for the entire 2009 season.  His efforts helped the team set a franchise record with eight 100-yard rushing games.

After the season, his contract expired, making him a free agent.  But he was an exclusive rights free agent.  Which essentially means “not a free agent.”  Thus, Cook has signed with the only team with which he could negotiate.

The Bengals announced the move today.

“Kyle showed everyone last year that he’s a good player,” offensive line coach Paul Alexander said.  “He’s big, he’s strong, he’s tough, and as the center, he’s a leader — the brains of the operation.”

Cook joined the team as a street free agent in 2007.  He had no starts prior to the 2009 season.

11 responses to “Kyle Cook returns to the Bengals

  1. Good player. Mean streak. A HUGE improvement over the “inverse pancake” that was Eric Ghiacuic. Could it be true? Back-to-back solid offseasons by the Bengals? I’ll keep my fingers crossed about the draft too…

  2. Cook was one of the best Bengal stories of 2009. Comparing him to the guy he replaced, Eric Ghiaciuc (the Human Weebil) is like comparing Godzilla to Bambi. He’s got a mean streak too and he’s proven more than a match for Casey Hampton, Shaun Rogers and Ngata in the AFC North.

  3. Cookie is a solid player. Glad they kept him in the fold. Looks like that C they drafted, Lugis, is going to be looked at as a G/C now too so I’m liking the depth potential of this O-Line w/ Bobbie Williams back in the fold too. Draft a decent G to eventually succeed Williams and we’re going to have a solid unit there.

  4. Eric ‘the hooker’ Ghiacuic. Because he did his job on his back. Cook was a big reason the Bengals ran the ball so much better than the year before.

  5. Guy is gritty! Gotta love him, he has the classic 80’s style mullet of the tough, mean ass offensive lineman.
    Section 303 loves ya buddy!

  6. Cook was one of if not the main reason that line jelled so well and cedric had his choice of holes.
    I hope its at least a three year deal if not lock him up.

  7. “Cook came back to Bungles cuz he had no other options.”
    Yeah he didnt want to go to Pitt and play in Jail he wanted to return to a team that had a winning record a top 10 defense and a top 9 running game on offense….He also wanst to win and we have a good shot to continue to do that with the team we return and the FA’s we signed….

  8. This is almost too good to be true. The Bengals have made solid moves for almost 2 full years now. Here is hoping they continue this strong offseason with an equally strong draft.
    As far as the draft goes I think this is the first time in 20 years we are not looking for 2-3 starters in this draft. In a perfect world I would like to see Earl Thomas fall to the Bengals at 21. That being unlikly I think you could make a strong case for about 5 or 6 guys at that 21st pick. Pass rushers even with baggage are alwasy valuable so Dunlap is a possibility and i suppose a D tackle is a solid choice as well. Greshem the TE from Oklahoma would be a great weapon but it might be too soon to give up on Chase Coffman. Taylor Mays is a freak and I think he should add 20 pounds and move to linebacker (ala Brian Urlacher) but thats just me. I think I am only kidding but not sure yet. If Dez Bryant falls he is a very intrigueing option, he would be an absolute stud as the 3rd wideout. Also Iupati would be a good smart pick that would compete for a starting spot right away and at worst provide back up plans for 4 line spots.
    Regardless they should be able to get good value with both of their selections in rounds 1 and 2. If there is a player they really like I hope they use their 2 thirds and 2 fourths and go get the player they think fits because with so many players returning from last year I dont think any more than 4 or 5 rookies make the team.
    WHO DEY!!!

  9. What are your options of NFL playoff teams to play for, wryly1?
    Cook is an outstanding center for one, the Bengals.

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