McNabb thinks his new teammates are trying to get better

In one of his first radio interviews in the wake of the trade that sent him from Philly to D.C., quarterback Donovan McNabb gushed about the work ethic of his new teammates.

“A lot of times, when you see teams who go through consistent losing seasons, you would automatically think that these guys just don’t care,” McNabb told John Thompson and Doc Walker of ESPN 980 (via  “Coming into the facility this morning at about 7:30 in the morning to work out, you are seeing about 25 guys in the weight room, 25 guys out on the practice field.  They are not just out there to get it over with and relax the rest of the day.  These guys are trying to get better.”

There’s a separate question as to whether the Redskins will be trying to get better via the draft, or whether they’ll use the fourth overall pick on McNabb’s eventual replacement.  When McNabb was asked whether he’s talked draft with the Redskins, he joked about the possibility that the pick will be used on another signal-caller.

Said McNabb, laughing, “Well, we talked about drafting a quarterback. . . .  No, you know what, that wasn’t something that I got into.  First of all, when I found out I was traded, I was just excited that it was over.  I was part of an organization that wants to win with a whole new regime.”

From McNabb’s perspective, he should want the Redskins to take a left tackle or some other player who’ll actually be, you know, on the field when McNabb is in the lineup.  If for some reason they go with another quarterback, McNabb likely won’t be laughing.

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  1. Well I hope his teammates are trying to get better. That’s their job, not just sitting on their butt eating chips and deep fried….oh, hi, Albert.

  2. Glad he is happy but I won’t miss the fact that McNabb laughs at everything including losing. I wanted to see some fire and anger and instead this dude laughs when the Eagles fell twice to the cowpukes. There is a time to laugh and a time bleed. Have fun in Washington. Let’s see if they like it when you laugh while losing to your ex-team.

  3. “A lot of times, when you see teams who go through consistent losing seasons, you would automatically think that these guys just don’t care,”
    So, what he’s saying is that these guys work their asses off and they still suck?

  4. He won’t be laughing on draft day either when Wash trades him to St Louis for that top pick and he realizes how badly the Eagles screwed him, all the while giving him assurances that he can choose the team he was traded to.

  5. You’d think the Redskins would have learned their lesson about overpriced, overhyped vets by now. Apparently not.

  6. Albert Haynesworth really isn’t that fat. He’s got a lot more muscle than fat. He’s just has cardio problems.

  7. Mcnabb should have a talk with Haynesworth? Maybe he will have more luck than Fletcher did..

  8. Maybe McNabb can try and get better. I think Baldinger was out of line and full of nonsense, but several fundamental issues have remained issues for over a decade.
    I would like to see McNabb given more freedom – the ability to audible being #1. He was so tightly controlled and the plays came in so late that he was unable to run the game from the huddle.
    I’d be interested to see if he can do it. On paper, it would seem he could.

  9. “A lot of times, when you see teams who go through consistent losing seasons…”
    Weren’t they 8-8 in Zorn’s first year, and in the playoffs in 2007?
    Bah, what can you expect? The guy didn’t even know that you could have a tie in the regular season until recently…

  10. they were trying to get better last yr too…4-12 and last place translating into a number 4 pick…LMAO. bunch of sucka’s……

  11. Hey Washington…this trade is beginning to look like a steal….FOR THE EAGLES. McNabb thinks he is a comedian. Enjoy his grins when he throws the ball into the turf, his “my bad” chest tap, his stupid sideline antics, and his complete lack of fire in the belly. Not to mention his fastening his chin snap 2 seconds before snaps. The best QB’s put their helmet on when another team scores….and it shows they want the ball back ASAP. McNabb has all the time in the world. Not going to miss his goofy ass smile in Philly.
    Good riddance. Kolk looks and acts like he wants to kick some ass….and now.

  12. I hope he imposes his will.
    It’s a great deal and DNabb will
    OWN that locker room.

  13. “A lot of times, when you see teams who go through consistent losing seasons, you would automatically think that these guys just don’t care,”…
    I remember watching the Redskins in 98 or 99 & I have never seen a team put out less effort…it was so bad i even asked a coach about it & to paraphrase I think he meant it was disgraceful
    have not seen them enough since then so not sure if the effort or team chemistry has improved…
    but I cant wait for Band Camp with Albert D’Angelo & Clinton this spring & summer

  14. McNabb doesn’t even talk to his teammates on the sideline.
    But he’ll “own” the locker room?
    OK. Sure. Whatever.
    Just like Dan Wilkinson did.

  15. The Eagles may have done what they had to do, but they were stupid to trade McNabb. They should have told Kolb to be patient. 33 is not old for a QB, especialy in a league that flags defences for looking at QB the wrong way.
    The Eagles fans will realize by mid season (once all the teams have about 10 game tapes of Kolb starting) that they have the worst QB in the NFC East. They may be getting younger, but that does not mean better. Shoot, two years ago the Skins swept the Eagles with a horrible head coach in Zorn and an average team.
    It cracks me up the you Eagles think your going to be better. Say bye bye to the playoffs for about 5 to 10 years

  16. Amen frankford…Haha Alpha must be thinking of your own team missing the Playoffs for 5 to 10 years…

  17. Offensive Lines can improve rather quickly with new coaches and good picks and signings
    Washington’s OL can improve greatly if they pick one and maybe sign one.
    They have a great offensive HC now who can get around little issues since he now has a good QB and a slew of RB’s

  18. Hey Illadelepf,
    Enjoy watching McNabb standing on the sideline next to Jim Hasslet when our D is on the field. No, he won’t be explaining the possible plays from each formation of the Andy Ried offence he played on for 11 years. No, that wouldn’t happen.
    To trade him in the division was retarted!


  20. The Eagles needed a change but I’ll never understand trading him in the divisIon. And being in the NFC east you are in the most competitive division in the NFC and perhaps all of football. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  21. I can’t wait to see McNabb sticking it to those front running Philly fans, like Lowell Rikert.

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