Myron Rolle faces doubts about his love for football

MDS noted a while back that Myron Rolle’s experience as a Rhodes Scholar would hurt his stock among NFL evaluators.  That post looks prescient now.

First, Rolle faced a ridiculous question at the combine about “deserting” his Florida State team.  On Wednesday, during a benign conference call, Gil Brandt showed what obstacles Rolle could face.

Brandt wondered why Rolle had to schedule his own Pro Day in Orlando instead of working out with his former Florida State teammates. (Rolle works out today.)  Brandt specifically questioned Rolle’s “love of football” when doing so.  

That sounds crazy to us; plenty of players have their own Pro Days for a variety of reasons.  Questioning Rolle’s love of the game sounds like the fear of knowing a player is smarter than the men hiring him.

Do evaluators really think Rolle won’t give his best effort? Someone with outstanding discipline that aspires to greatness is going to do their best in all endeavors.

NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi steered the conversation away from Rolle’s Pro Day, saying simply that Rolle is poor in pass coverage.  He’s more of an “in the box safety” and those types of players don’t get drafted highly.

That criticism makes a lot more sense than questioning Rolle’s “love of the game.”

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  1. Please explain how when the Bucs questioned him it was a “ridiculous question” but MDS basically has the the same questions and its prescient?
    Brandt’s questioning why he isnt working out with his team isn’t crazy either, its spot on.

  2. “Questioning Rolle’s love of the game sounds like the fear of knowing a player is smarter than the men hiring him.”
    Ding,ding,ding, you win a cigar!

  3. I dont think it has anything to do with coaches and scouts being nervous that he is so smart….it has to do with that he bypassed his last season went and pursued other avenues…which is fine and he deserves any and all praise that he recieves…….. but I dont belive it is out of line to question if after a major injury, 4 win season, or being benched will he decide to walk away again…..I dont blame a team for not picking him for that reason….. I would pick him above the 5th round…and like brandt said talent wise he doesnt measure up to risk taking that chance

  4. Heaven forbid any football player (other than a quarterback) is highly intelligent…Sends a great message to America’s youth out there – “If you want to play pro football, don’t be too smart!”. Ridiculous.

  5. People are always intimidated by those smarter than them, most people just play the race card here. With nothing else to knock him on they question his love of the game.
    Don’t see it hurting his stock much, with schemes getting more complicated having a smart leader on the field is a plus, assuming he can play well.

  6. It has nothing to do with coaches and scouts being nervous about him being so smart…..he bypassed his last year at florida state to pursue other avenues which is fine and he deserves any and all praise that he receives……but I dont believe it is out of line to have concerns that after a 3 win season, a major injury or being benched would he walk away a second time……the only way a player with those concerns would be high on a draft board is if they were cant miss type talent…and you can find tons of players just like rolle so I agree with the teams that taking him anywhere above the 5th-6th round is not worth the risk

  7. If I was him, I wouldn’t worry to much what any of the so -called “experts” think.
    He would do the world more of a service as a nuerosurgeon than he would a football player anyway.
    Maybe he isn’t working out with his team mates due to other commitments?
    Kool, as to your 1st paragraph, it is apples and oranges.
    MDS questioned whether a year off would hurt him, when the Bucs questioned him, they accused him of desertion.
    This reminds me of Robert Smith when he was at Ohio State. He took a year off to concentrate on his studies and was vilified for it.
    Maybe these people need to realize that colleges are LEARNING institutions. Some of these kids are actually(gasp!) there to learn.
    I give rolle credit for having his priorities in order and taking advantage of the scholarship.
    Listen, I love football as much as anyone, but if he lasts 10 years in the NFL, he’s done well.
    But, he is only 33 then and he has the rest of his life to think about.
    You don’t turn down a Rhodes scholarship because of football…..PERIOD!
    Then these losers try to make him feel bad about it? Pathetic.

  8. U pull this story of the old dot matrix printer? How many times is everyone going to question the same thing? Ran this b/c of no McNabb/Tebow info in the last 5 minutes?

  9. A very low bar I grant you, but perhaps the best post I’ve yet seen on this site.
    “Questioning Rolle’s love of the game sounds like the fear of knowing a player is smarter than the men hiring him.”
    BINGO. Nailed it Greg.

  10. Employers much prefer employees who don’t have any other options and have to put up with whatever is shoveled onto their plate. I think Rolle loves football; I think he’ll also want to be treated like a man. Hope the Pack takes him in the fourth or fifth.

  11. Problems with Rolle:
    1. Lack of speed/change of direction quickness
    2. Lack of playmaking ability/lack of turnovers
    3. Out of football for an entire year (that did wonders for former USC WR Mike Williams).
    It all adds up to a third day pick.

  12. A Rhodes Scholar is one of a pre-eminent achievement, recognizing both academic excellence and leadership. A person would have to be a fool to pass this up. Someone playing Division 1 football earning this, is simply amazing.

  13. If nothing else, it won’t be his intelligence that will cause Myron Rolle to not play football. It would be all the people accusing him of not loving the game and of “deserting” his teammates to follow a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
    The NFL is full of idiots and thugs. It would be nice to have a few more highly intelligent guys playing the game for the shear love of it, and not playing it so that they can buy a Bentley and go bar hopping with their friends, smoking dope and molesting women, thinking that they are “entitled” to act that way.

  14. “Deserting” his team, questioning his “love of football.” Did you really need to insert the quotations in the context that these words were used?
    Rosenthal, you’re spot on though about the whole fat guys eating cheesesteaks being jealous of the rocket scientist meets football player guy. By their logic anybody leaving school early to enter the draft is in effect “deserting” his team.
    It took Rolle only 2.5 years to earn his bachelors degree. If he had declared after his junior season (by NCAA standards) would anyone be questioning whether or not he was “deserting” anyone? There are a lot of “deserters” available in this year’s draft.
    Some team will take him in the third or fourth round and have a potential steal on their hands. Remember this is the same guy who was the #1 football prospect coming out of high school, according to ESPN and #12 overall by

  15. For F sake will all you weenies talk about how great it is that he’s intelligent somewhere else. Thats great and all but this is a football site, not a Rhodes Scholar forum. NFL teams have no interest, nor should they, that he wants to be a Doctor.

  16. The Bucs question is ridiculous because if he really “deserted” his team, then he is in the same boat as every junior who ever declared early.

  17. Gil Brandt isn’t a “so-called” expert, he is an expert. If he has concerns about a player, for whatever reason, then it’s legitimate.
    Rolle looked slow and not very instinctive at the Senior Bowl, so Lombardi’s comments also have validity.
    Some might chalk Rolle’s sluggish play to rust, as he was away from the game for a year. However, he looks more like a 5th-7th round project, than a player who can contribute right away.
    Great story and a great kid. He’s just not nearly as good as advertised. In that regard, he’s very comparable to the mediot crazed ManCrush known as Tim Tebow.

  18. I sort of wonder how Rolle is going to fit in a NFL locker room. I mean, with the amount of braintrusts we got in the leauge, I’m sure he’ll easily feel alienated.
    People don’t like those that make them feel dumb, even if all they have to do to make them feel that way is just be in the same room with them.
    Let’s say the Titans draft him – Could you imagine how Rolle is suppose to carry on a conversation with the likes of Vince Young or Chris Johnson?

  19. I think there should be bigger concerns about Rolle’s ability to play at the next level. He was pedestrian at safety and not big enough to play OLB.

  20. It’s a valid question to ask, but I think you have to read a lot about him to know more. He’s been training his entire time at Oxford in the mornings with a rugby team and requesting gametape from FSU to review during his off time.
    He’s also been travelling back to train with Coach Tom Shaw, at a football development program at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. This is a program attended by pros and college prospects alike.
    He had every reason to walk away, and didn’t. He’s been training and prepping when he could have hung up the cleats and hasn’t.
    FSU played him in run support so much that it did hurt his pass protection. But he’s pretty fast when backpeddling to get back in coverage.
    I’d take him in the mid to late 2nd and not look back, which is where he could have gone had he played this year. He’s a great kid, great intangibles, and I expect 6 to 8 years of him being dedicated if you help him succeed.

  21. Instantly the smartest man on whatever defensive unit he plays with. Yep, I’d grab him up quickly.

  22. And the Washington media has been in a frenzy trying to figure out whether the Redskins have any interest in Rolle, now that they’ve traded for McNabb…

  23. And the Washington media has been in a frenzy trying to figure out whether the Redskins have any interest in Rolle, now that they’ve traded for McNabb…

  24. Goes to show that a bunch of meat headed, self proclaimed “football guys” cant understand Myron’s big words and have to denounce something they don’t understand.

  25. I question his intelligence. The guy has no shot at being a quality football player in the NFL. He couldn’t even be a quality football player in the ACC. He is horrible and only mentioned regarding the draft because he had all the High School hype and the Rhodes Scholar hype. But as a college football player he sucked and I doubt any team feels any differently about his NFL prospects. I bet the Jags take him in the 5th or 6th round. He is a good kid and the Jags need safety help. But I would have reservations about using a pick on this guy because he really is horrible on film.

  26. Since when is accepting a Rhodes Scholar “deserting” a team. Wow, I know these scouts and coaches love to keep their players “big, fast and dumb”, but how dare you even question a guy who loves football, but more importantly has ambition beyond pro football. Myron Rolle is the “perfect” role model for any kid planning to be a college or professional athlete. Keep up the good work Myron……Go Noles!!!!

  27. “Questioning Rolle’s love of the game sounds like the fear of knowing a player is smarter than the men hiring him.”
    This kind of questioning is the exact reason why teams like Indianapolis, New England, and a few others do so well; they go after the smart players, rather than shy away from them.
    Frankly, if Rolle’s problem is positioning, then I am sure he can be coached up. I would jump on this guy in late 3rd round or early 4th.

  28. Maybe he is too intelligent for the NFL. The guys who work for teams aren’t dreamy eyed romantics. They’ve been around profootball, they’ve met plenty of pro-athletes, they probably wonder why a Rhodes scholar could possibly want to be a low round pick who gets paid around the league minimum for four to five years.
    If Rolle was a great athletic prospect this wouldn’t be an issue, but as a player he is probably going to be just some slappy, playing special teams, serving as a back-up for a couple of years, then maybe starting for a couple if his body can take the pounding. He’s projected as an in the box safety. One of the physically toughest, but also lowest paid positions in football.
    More importantly, every year he spends in the league he is risking his greatest asset. The guy has talked about becoming a neurosurgeon. Who wants a surgeon with a documented concussion history. It would certainly make any negligence claims interesting.
    Every position in football risks ligament and tendon damage. Mostly these happen to the legs, but they can happen to arms and hands. Nerve and tendon damage to the hands could also put an end to any dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon.
    It may be that everyone who is concerned about Rolle’s intellectual achievements are merely sublimating their own inferiority complexes or maybe they just can’t see why Rolle would want to waste time playing a bit part in the NFL when he has opportunities that they would all kill fall. Maybe they think he is too intelligent not to realise that being a depth player in the NFL isn’t that great.
    It’s hard work, there is the potential for crippling injuries and long term the pay isn’t that great, especially compared to what he could earn over the course of his life-time using that massive brain of his.
    Personally I suspect Rolle’s lifetime earnings might be higher if he skips the NFL and starts his “post-football career” right now.

  29. It’s pretty respectable what the guy did, leaving football behind to pursue a career where he will make less money but actually help people. Problem is now he kinda wants to have his cake and eat it too!

  30. Interesting, since he missed almost all of the second semester at Oxford to prepare for the Combine.

  31. When it comes down to it, who cares how intelligent he is. Unless his intelligence translates into pro-level mastery of football, it doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter that he chose to pursue academics in college that took him away from a college sport for 1 year. Let the guy be evaluated on his talent and potential in the NFL and he’ll fall into whatever draft spot a team or teams deem worthy for him.

  32. If the guy doesn’t care about Football why schedule his own pro day? One reason for scheduling his own day is because he was in England during FSU’s pro day.
    Still can’t believe the guy is getting crap for pursuing something hardly any NFL player has had the chance to pursue.

  33. Its unbelievable how some of these coaches and scouts can attack a guy for trying to develop and enhance their intelligence. There are murders, violent criminals, drug users, rapists, and worse in the NFL, and they criticize Myron for being a class act.
    Stay classy, NFL. And, Myron, perhaps you should think a bit more about going straight to medical school. I’d be the first to buy your uniform if my Broncos drafted you, but you deserve so much more than the NFL has to offer you these days.
    I can’t believe how the NFL is self-destructing.

  34. # gregoriorossini says: April 7, 2010 4:54 PM
    Goes to show that a bunch of meat headed, self proclaimed “football guys” cant understand Myron’s big words and have to denounce something they don’t understand.
    Could not agree more. I like football alot, but am a soccer guy first and foremost. I believe most of the animosity towards that sport in this country comes from a lack of understanding of the game.
    Now you may all pile on me for liking soccer, I would expect nothing less form “football guys”.

  35. Agree with Zaggs. Also, he didn’t “DESERT” his team, he’s trying to improve himself as a person. Somethings are more important than football, like, um.. life?

  36. FSU players are a waste of time you don’t hear any hurricanes being asked if they love the game

  37. It’s a legitimate question since he apparently could choose to do something else other than football
    A team is about to spend millions on him
    Why exactly would they NOT be interested in this guy retiring early or quitting soon because he doesn’t like football as much as school or another type of work?
    They SHOULD ask it

  38. Rolle is a bright guy with marginal to average ability.
    Dez Bryant is a moron with excellent ability.
    NFL seems to love their dumbass players who go where their pushed, when their told.

  39. last starfighter says:
    April 7, 2010 4:08 PM
    I never thought I’d see ohms law here.
    I=e/r is not ohms law……
    Ohm’s law : V = IxR
    I = V/R
    R = V/I
    Nice try though.
    Kool Herc says:
    April 7, 2010 4:23 PM
    For F sake will all you weenies talk about how great it is that he’s intelligent somewhere else. Thats great and all but this is a football site, not a Rhodes Scholar forum. NFL teams have no interest, nor should they, that he wants to be a Doctor.
    He is a football player, It IS relevant to this site.
    They should care he wants to be a doctor, you’d think they’d value his intelligence.
    People like you don’t want to have to think, that is the problem.

  40. If teams want to score his commitment to his education against him then so be it. Perhaps, he will fall to a spot that the Steelers could pick him up? Is he rusty after a year off? Of course, but he is still young and is probably very coachable.

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