Nick Cole stays with Eagles

At a time when more than a few Philly regulars have left the team (voluntarily or otherwise), one player has decided to stay put.

The team announced today that offensive lineman Nick Cole has signed a one-year deal.

He had been a restricted free agent, undrafted in 2006.  Cole has appeared in 64 regular-season games with 22 starts.  He also has appeared in six playoff games, with four starts.

In 2009, Cole started every game, bouncing between left guard, right guard, and center.

The Eagles had tendered Cole at the second-round level.

17 responses to “Nick Cole stays with Eagles

  1. “Nick Cole stays with Eagles”… translation… the Eagles couldn’t find anyone cheaper than Nick Cole.

  2. Translation: He couldn’t get a better deal anywhere else than what the Eagles had tendered him at.

  3. Um Krow – your comment is as reliable as union workers. If you check the list, the Eagles payroll is always near the top of the list.

  4. They liked him so much they locked him in for an entire year. Anyone have a multi-year deal with the Eagles anymore? I love me some Eagles.

  5. love the Eagle Bashers– look around the League… with the possibility of a walk out.. no marginal players are getting multi year deals with any guaranteed $… Eagles play the cap game better than anyone.. Cole will get cut once Jackson gets cleared to play

  6. God’s Own Silver and Blue says:
    April 7, 2010 2:29 PM
    His name is about what he’s worth. (Say it slowly).
    Post of the day ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  7. Nick Cole is not considered part of the Eagles long term plans. They don’t give multi year contracts with big signing bonuses to backup players….even those who have been forced by injuries to others into a starting role for the time being.

  8. They don’t give multi year contracts with big signing bonuses to backup players….”
    they did exactly that with Joselio Hanson last year, and Jason Avant this year. Greg Lewis in the past too.

  9. KROW – you be dead on my man. Wonder if theyll trim season ticket prices along with the 144 million salary they trimmed.

  10. KING JOE – follow your own advice. They trimmed over 144 million committed money from their payroll and last year Banner said last year they have more more money under the cap then they know what to do with. Actual quote.

  11. Jason Avant is not a backup. He’s a starter as the slot receiver. Hanson would be a starter now (with Sheldon Brown gone) if not for his little suspension ruining his season in 2009. As for Greg Lewis…he was a starter in 2005 when he got the extension. Turns out the Eagles simply made a mistake on that one. They thought he was going to be a lot better than he turned out to be. People got a little carried away by that TD catch in the Super Bowl.

  12. Nick Cole is mediocre at best. We must draft a center to challenge him. I don’t know if they’re considering Mike McGlynn at the position but I don’t feel comfortable heading into the season with any position on the O-line being questionable.

  13. “Eagles play the cap game better than anyone..”
    Yeah, you can tell by the trophies they have in their trophy case. And the $3 million that they paid to Brian Westbrook… twice… and both counted against the cap.

  14. This management is as dumb as Lowell Rikert. I can’t wait to see them finish in last place.

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