PFT Daily: Rodgers-Quinn slide not likely for Clausen

With Sam Bradford widely regarded as the man destined to be taken first in the draft, some think that the next best quarterback — Jimmy Clausen — could slide past No. 20.

To determine whether he will requires consideration of the needs of the teams picking in the top ten and the teens.

We explore the issue in today’s PFT Daily.


25 responses to “PFT Daily: Rodgers-Quinn slide not likely for Clausen

  1. Bills need offensive linemen, Florio. You can’t be a good QB without a good offensive lineman. Just ask Jason Campbell.
    Clausen is destined for a free fall. Teams see past the Notre Dame bias that the media gets blinded by. Bottom line is Clausen is just not that good.

  2. Mel Kiper has Cluasen going to the Oakland Raiders. It could be a franchise saving draft pick for the Raiders. Hue Jackson worked with Carson Palmer and Joe Flacoo and now Jimmy Clausen. I could see this happening if Al Davis just lets Cable and his staff make the pick.

  3. Do you really want a QB who wasn’t even cool at his own college? Who wants a QB that got a blackeye while being the QB at ND?

  4. If Clausen went to any school other than Notre Dame and put up the numbers he has he would be the concensus number 1 overall pick. The people talking negative about him are Notre Dame haters

  5. Please Flying Spaghetti Monster, for the love of all that is holy, don’t let the Broncos draft this turd.

  6. Good QBs play well regardless of the line. Sure the line has an effect but you can still tell the good ones. Look at Rodgers in GB – mediocre line but still managed to play well. Heck, look at Favre and that line a few seasons earlier.
    If you can get a really talented QB then even an average line will do. And it’s easier to find average/ decent OL than it is to find a really good QB.
    Would they rather end up like Cleveland – pro-bowl LT, shite QBs?
    If the Bills think this guy is going to be a good player then take him, no questions asked.

  7. I think Quinn was a better prospect than Clausen, and look how that turned out. Would you choose to build a team around Clausen rather than McCoy? I don’t think Clausen is the #2 QB taken. He slips to #3.

  8. Clausen sucks. Check out the other mock drafts of people who know what they are talking about like movethesticks on twitter. They don’t even have Clausen in the first round.

  9. Kiper Jr has the raiders taking clauson… you seemed to skip over them as an option…

  10. @ chris
    You can’t just make an asinine comment like that and not back it up. On what grounds do you make that statement? What specifically about the way Clausen plays do you say he will be a bust?
    @ GobiasINC_1
    again, “Notre Dame bias” WTF does that mean? (rhetorical) Notre Dame is in the top 10 for schools with active NFL players. . . and explain your bottom line please. But you probably wont reply because you can’t. You just say whatever crap comes into your mind with no consequence.

  11. Yes. Orton. Quinn. Clausen.
    Let Denver begin the ultimate competition of the lackluster and determine the closest man to mediocrity… fantastic.
    You don’t trade for two QBs over two years and then draft one in the first round.

  12. @rea725 – and that is why you are at home and not an NFL scout. I can’t stop laughing !

  13. I would think the Raiders or Bills nab him. Hate on Claussen all you want, but he’s a clear upgrade over anything Buffalo has right now.

  14. On the other hannd, a Grossman – Cutler disappointment and eventual trade elsewhere is quite likely…

  15. Those of you saying Quinn is comparable or better than Clausen make yourselves look silly. Other than the uniforms they wear, and the douchiness they exude, there are few similarities.

  16. the seahawks and raiders make sense. This would give Al a reason to dump the big eater at qb, and Whitehurst is just a temporary fix for Pete.

  17. Due to Quinn, teams will think twice about Clausen. Clausen winds up a Cowboy and learns from Romo. Clausen will eventually prove he is no Quinn!

  18. To bad the Bears don’t have a 1st or a 2nd round draft pick they could really use a decent QB like Clausen.

  19. this offered absolutely no more insight on the subject then your last post about this. It’s hilariously ironic how this post comes directly after Rosenthal posts that the Seahawks WON’T take Clausen, yet you mention them twice in this video.
    I’ve listed reason why a lot of those teams could and likely will pass on him. You say there is no way he would slide past Buffalo. Funny I remember the same things mention about Quinn not sliding past the Miami Dolphins. But even back then you could have made similar suggests about SF, Buffalo, St. Louis, and Jacksonville before Quinn was taken.
    The problem isn’t just that the teams aren’t likely to take a QB, it’s that they don’t like Clausen, just like a lot of teams just didn’t like Brady Quinn. The problem is that every year people overrate the QBs. Clausen isn’t a top 10 player in this draft, and teams will only take him if they happen to like him

  20. Howboutdemcowboys, here is the crap coming out of my mind with no consequence. Happy now?

  21. Ok you guys really need to go look at all his career numbers in college. They are not so overwhelmingly good as people make it seem. Compare any one year of his to other first round picks. He is nothing out of the ordinary. He can succeed if put in the right system but in all likely hood he will end up on a crappy inpatient team and will suck partly because of that, partly because he was never that great to begin with. I think that the Chiefs should take him and sit him for awhile and see how good Matt “Don’t let it bring you down” Cassel is going to pan out. If he sucks than you can plug Cluasen into a system he knows. I’ve said this a lot about this guy, I have known him since high school, he has a really low self esteem, and will be down on himself if he looses (even though he is still an NFL QB). If he starts loosing he will start getting defensive and playing the blame game, and trying to do too much and it will end his career. This guy needs to be on the bench for a few years.

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