PFTV puts a bow on the McNabb trade

We’ve said plenty over the past few days regarding the trade that sent Donovan McNabb from the Eagles to the Redskins.

I’d like to say that our latest PFTV segment will be the last thing we’d say about it, but my nose is already big enough.

So here’s the last thing we’ll say about the move.  Until at least after lunch.


17 responses to “PFTV puts a bow on the McNabb trade

  1. I haven’t watched much of Kolb’s career, but when I have watched him it was when Ed Reed returned an INT on him an NFL record 108 YARDS……….then against the Saints when Darren Sharper returned an INT 98 YARDS…

  2. Go Skins!
    I am not a fan of the Redskins, but I want McNabb to crush Philly every time he plays them!

  3. Kolb is gonna stink! He looks like Koy Detmer Jr. I am a huge Eagles fan and I am pissed. If we were gonna trade the man we should have tried for an impact player. Landry was offered to us and we said no. Draft pick is a waste. They are cheap bastards and this move was all about saving money! Welcome to 7-9 at best!

  4. I have been a strong Eagles fan for many years. I have seen every play and read everything said about them. They will not miss McNabb. The team has never suffered from him being on the sidelines. They won with Koy Detmer, A. J. Feeley, Jeff Garcia and Kolb. The problems have been from injuries to offensive lineman and Brian Westbrook. The difference between the Eagles and the Cowboys last year was that the Cowboys were lucky and didn’t lose anyone to injury, while the Eagles suffered injuries to key players. The Eagles will be much stronger this year with players coming back from injury and good draft picks. The Redskins, however have major issues with the offensive line and receivers. Good luck to Donovan.

  5. @ coxypoo
    I am going to assume that you have never watched Landry to play if you think he is an impact player. The guy sucks.

  6. Yeah, Darren Sharper looked just like Rhonde Barber on that one.
    And how was McNabb in that Baltimore game?
    10 /23 for 73 yards and 2 INT’s
    8 / 18 for 59 yards and 2 INT’s
    Demps kick return was the only score. At least Kolb got the team within sight of the end zone!
    And that was coming in cold, with no reps, and no starts under his belt.
    And he did the same as McNabb – the best QB ever!!! Baby Elway!! Who had a decade of experience!!!
    What a fraud argument.

  7. I can’t wait to see the fat, stinky, obnoxious Eagles fans crying at my local pub this season when they finish Dead last in the east.

  8. Not meaning to go off topic, but…
    What is up with the current video player being used on this site> Sure, it works fine, and plays smoothly for me, but if I run my mouse across it after starting it, the thing starts back from the commercial again. This sucks if I decide I need to adjust the volume. It just disappears for a second and starts over again. Anyone else having this issue?

  9. The Negadelphians are out in full force I see.
    It’s one thing to be in disagreement with your team moves. But to wish outright doom and disaster is not what a true fan does!
    It should be, I’ll wait and see, or I support you till you prove me wrong!

  10. Again, a fool-hearted trade by the ‘Skins front office, but that’s kinda old hat by now.

  11. Same thing with the player happens on my browser, too, Raiders757.
    Only way around it is after the commercial to click on the video, then another tab open and plays the video on another player. That one, you can move the mouse around, adjust volume, etc.
    That’s a lot of work for a 2-min vid though. And you have to sit thru the commercial.. which is probably all NBC wants.
    Fix this!!

  12. Now that Philly got rid of McNabb, Lowell Rikert and the rest of those Philly fans better get use to last place.

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