Rams announce arrival of Na'il Diggs

Linebacker Na’il Diggs officially has joined his third NFL team — the Rams.  The team announced the move earlier today.

“Na’il is an experienced NFL linebacker,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said.  “He’s been productive throughout his career and we’re excited about adding a player of his caliber to our team.”

Diggs comes to St. Louis after spending four seasons in Carolina.  He also spent six years before that in Green Bay.

16 responses to “Rams announce arrival of Na'il Diggs

  1. Hey FLorio
    Did NBC make you yank the Tiki Barber story off your site?
    What happened to free speech?
    Or did I miss it?

  2. You know? I wish the sports media including the clowns at NBC sports would STOP THE CRAP!!
    First, I’m tired of journalist talking about how great Tiger Woods was during that press conference. The @$$ is a liar and a sleeze. Golf isn’t even a sport. And, Tiger Woods isn’t really black.
    Second, enough of the Alexander Ovechkin worship! Crosby totally outplayed him last night. He was the best player on the ice of both teams and got a goal and 2 assists. But, what does the sports media do? They portray OV as having some great game and he ruled the day. Well, he sucked in this game. He made a nice goal but the other was an open-netter with less than a second left in the game. The sports media never made a big deal of his struggles since the Olympics. If it was Crosby, they’d be all over him. The Caps won that game last night but except for that one goal, Ovechkin was never a factor.
    Screw people like you, Florio! How dare you be part of this media?! It offends and irritates me. Don’t you realize that? I’m more important than you. I’m more important than all you jerks!!
    And, I have no idea who Na’il Diggs is. Idiot.

  3. Ha’mmer-hahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha funniest thing I’ve heard all year

  4. I agree with the whole tiger thing but whole ovi n crosby thing, u even watch hockey, they make crosby like he’s the face of the nhl, when all he is a whiny lil bitch when shit don’t go his way, take the game couple weeks back in det…zetterberg lived in his back pocket completely dicked him, 2 goals n assist I believe to sids 3 or 4 shots n at the end game started a fight zetterberg cause he’s a lil bitch, ovechkin is every coaches dream, can score, skate, pass n hit, crosby just scores and whines

  5. 6-3 bitch, eat it. In fact, how many times did Pittsburgh beat the Caps this year?

  6. Sidney Crosby is a whiny bitch, just like the jackass who whined about Ovi above. Go light yourself on fire…..

  7. And Diggs faced McNabb, who was recently traded to the Redskins, on more than one occasion as a Packer

  8. Actually, @$$hole, Crosby is a complete player. Ovechkin is a one-dimensional cherry picker and a dirty thug.
    And, the Pens are STANLEY CUP CHAMPS. The Red Wings are just old.
    So, go eff yourself, punk.

  9. gopherb24 says:
    Now they just need to sign a player named Ha’mmer.
    Now that’s greatness!

  10. How many Cups do the Caps have? None you piece of shit. Crosby also has an Olympic Gold Medal. Ovechin choked in the Olympics.

  11. It was ovi vs sid not how many championships they’ve won, if u wanna talk stanley cups, sid didn’t win that, talbot did….wings old? n still whooped ya 4-1…lidstrom is the only old old guy n still is one of the best defenseman to play the game…pens are a 2 man team in sid n malkin maybe gonchar somedays. Won’t do shit this year tho n we don’t play dirty like matt cooke…

  12. I was mistaken. I had confused him for Hannibal Navies, who came to Cincinnati from Green Bay. My apologies for jumping the gun.

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