Tebow isn't visiting Philly, yet

A reader has pointed out to us a message on a Twitter page supposedly belonging to quarterback Tim Tebow regarding an impending visit to the Eagles.  Agent Jimmy Sexton tells us that the page in question — @tebow_15 — is not Tebow’s Twitter page.

Tebow is instead in Cleveland today, and he’s next heading to Washington.

He remains the most intriguing prospect in this year’s draft, and buzz is building that he’ll end up going late in round one.  Of course, that buzz could be coming from teams who are hoping that a pick will be used on Tebow before those teams use their picks late in round one and early in round two, thereby pushing other prospects farther down the board.  It’s also possible that the buzz is being fueled by teams who hope to get an invitation to trade down with a team that hopes to move up and snag Tebow.

25 responses to “Tebow isn't visiting Philly, yet

  1. that is an expensive and league-wide ruse then, considering every team in the NFL has flown Tebow out and had dinner with him.
    worst. strategy. ever.

  2. @chapnasty2
    don’t read the stories you don’t like. they’re not keeping a different story from appearing.
    besides, this was clearly a Tebow post you idiot.

  3. Why would the Eagles be looking at Tebow – they already have a back-up QB that can run the Andy/Mornhingweg wildcat…
    Oh, I get it….

  4. In related news: Tebow thought he had to crap, but he didn’t, it was just a fart.
    Enough already.

  5. Why again is Tebow “the most intriguing prospect in this year’s draft?” Is it because the media keeps saying over and over that he is? Is it because he was the only prospect to run a political ad during this year’s Super Bowl? Personally I would reserve “the most intriguing prospect in the this year’s draft”moniker for a player who is actually expected to be in the league five years from now.

  6. This could be a problem, since McNabb’s dad equated his son with Jesus Christ in an post-trade interview.
    Maybe this could not be a great fit – McNabb is already battling Clinton Portis to see which incredibly unfunny-guy-who-thinks-he’s-funny can be the least funny.
    I have my money on DMac.

  7. “Face it Chappy, the Eagles have become Americas Team”
    No, they’re still just PFT’s team.

  8. jan van flac says:
    April 7, 2010 1:07 PM
    no way in hell the Eagles draft him.
    With that said…. He gets drafted with the 2nd of the 2nd rd picks for the Eagles!

  9. On the contrary, I think Tebow would do well here with the religious angle.
    We already went through the religious athlete thing with Reggie White. It won’t be that big of a deal.

  10. McCoy will go before Tebow. Tebow has a lot of talent, he is an outstanding football player, but he does not fit into many teams offensive schemes. I would be surprised if he goes the first round.

  11. Cruelshoe says:
    April 7, 2010 1:10 PM
    Why again is Tebow “the most intriguing prospect in this year’s draft?”
    My thoughts exactly . . . he is far from the most intriguing prospect in this year’s draft . . . maybe the most intriguing storyline but definantly not the most intriguing prospest.
    As for the Eagles, why would the draft him in either of the first two rounds . . . the thought is that he can possibly make the transition from a running QB to a WR or TE in the NFL . . . well the Eagles have Jackson, Maclin and Avant as the clear cut #1/#2/#3 receivers . . . as for TE the have Celek who is coming off a monster year and Ingram coming back from injury . . . so that only leaves the QB spot open.
    Now with Andy Reids ego and IMHO his attitude that he is the greatest coach at developing QBs . . . maybe he takes Tebow in the 3rd round . . . but I simply can’t see any of the Eagles first three picks 24, 37 or 54 being wasted on, at best, a QB project.
    Oh and as for those rumblings . . . well it couldn’t possibly be the Tebow camp that is pushing that agenda . . . could it?

  12. God is not happy with all of you that bad mouth his only grandson Tebow. Watch out for lightening bolts.

  13. Maybe they can let Tebow watch Vick for a year – to learn what not to do as a QB.
    Intangibles, yes. But I can’t go better than a 4th rounder for him. Just can’t.
    And he is intriguing because he might be the most decorated / winning college player to come a long in…I dunno. A long time. That goes a long way.

  14. Face it Chappy, the Eagles have become Americas Team
    Hmm I like that, Eagles…Americas team!
    After all it is the national bird!

  15. Philly will struggle for years to come. They had a franchise QB. But their management is as dumb as Lowell Rikert. Hey front running Philly fans, welcome to last place.

  16. Floriois…
    No one cares what you think. And no one likes you. And stop hogging the internet time on the library computer.
    So boring.

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