Tiki Barber makes the wrong kind of post-career headlines

080201-tiki-barber-vsmall-3p.widec.jpgFormer Giants running back Tiki Barber launched in 2007 a much-hyped career in broadcasting, pairing sports with news.  His career has been sluggish at best, and we’re told that his tenure on NBC’s Football Night in America ended upon the completion of the 2009 football season.

But Barber remains a contributor to NBC News, though he’s now making the kind of news that possibly could have an impact on that relationship as well.

Wednesday’s New York Post reports that Barber split from his wife, Ginny, when she was eight months pregnant with twins.  The Post reports that Barber left his wife for former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson.  It’s unknown whether the relationship began while Johnson was still working for NBC.

In 2004, Barber criticized his own father for leaving his mother.  “Not only did he abandon her, I felt like he abandoned us for a lot of
our lives,” Barber told the Post at the time.  “I have a hard time forgiving that.”

The Barbers have two other children.

Barber’s career with NBC Sports seemed to fizzle over the past year or so.  He had limited “face time” during Football Night in America before being sent out of the studio to conduct short interviews from the site of a given Sunday afternoon game, a role he filled throughout the 2009 season.  And while he was in Vancouver for the Olympics, he was working not for NBC but for Yahoo!

Barber’s biggest on-air gaffe came in August 2008, when he seemed to use a horribly profane and offensive term when uttering the phrase “total medal count.”  Though he denied that he meant to omit one of the vowels from the word “count,” the video evidence seems to suggest (in our opinion and not in the opinion of NBC) that he knew darn well what he was saying.

63 responses to “Tiki Barber makes the wrong kind of post-career headlines

  1. Tiki- You are a son of a man who abandoned you and your mother. How can you do this to your wife when she is pregnant?
    You always have been and remain a major douche bag!
    Ptooey! You make me ill.

  2. oh he definitely knew what he was saying. I grew up watching him and Ronde play in high school, went to a couple of their football camps and Tiki was always an asshole.

  3. Been a Giants fan for 40 years, but Barber is a total ahole. He was bad for team, and bad for the rest of the world apparently. What a useless piece of crap.

  4. Well it doesn’t take much talent or integrity to work for NBC or NBC news. I think he fits right in.

  5. Whatever… There’s no way a guy used the C-word intentionally on air. He’s one hell of a hypocrite though!

  6. Wow, what a loser. This guy has always looked down on others with his snobby-ass vocabulary, which is one reason his TV career is in the can, he’s too arrogant. And now he’s a huge hypocrit. I hope his wife takes him for every dime.

  7. This seems a little self serving for NBC. If they want him gone, just tell him, don’t get you to do a hatchet job on him. Have you spoken with Tiki? Gotten his side of the story? It’s pretty obvious what you are doing here.

  8. “king”?! You mean “kind” obviously.
    Come on, get your shiznit together. In a headline no less.

  9. glad to see you don’t have a problem calling out NBC employees , reminds me of the old pft keep it up

  10. Oh… that’s who Tiki is. For the last couple of years I thought he was doing a great job. Now I realize I was confusing him with Robin Roberts.

  11. The father leaving and him doing the same is the exact same problem that looms over the inner cities across america. It happens to them, they don’t like and then they do.the.same.exact.thing.

  12. As a Patriots fan, Super Bowl 42 still bothers me. However, this is one of those “silver lining” things. This douchebag talked shit about Coughlin, Eli, Jacobs, and the rest of the team all season and how they didn’t have a leader, wouldn’t be competitive, blah blah blah. Well, Tiki, it looks like you were the one holding the team back.
    Oh, and you should thank Tom Coughlin every day of your life for your career. You were one more fumble away from not having a career and Coughlin helped you, you thankless piece of shit.

  13. About a year and a half ago I was in Newark Airport waiting for a flight when I saw Tiki with this smoking hot chick, that looked like the Blonde version of Oliva Wilde from House.
    Wonder if that was his wife or the intern.

  14. This guys deserves the worst. Aside from the minor fact he was a conceded NY Giant, the interview by ESPN the Mag right after he retired demostrated what a horrible human being he is and would continue to be. He talked down to fellow NFL players, as though they need to use their brains and not their muscle for a respectable career and that he (Tiki) did not want to be one those guys who ends up on a speaker tour of community colleges. Not only did he insult those who speak at community colleges, he inferred that community colleges are less than admirable places to go. I hope Ginny takes him for everything.

  15. Apparently the blonde bimbo in question accompanied Barber on a trip to Africa recently.
    The Con Tiki Expedition.

  16. At least I could understand giving the “Bus” Jerome Bettis a chance on TV after completing a great career with a Super Bowl win, but Tiki Barber?
    He is like Emmit Smith…Looks great toting the “rock”, but as soon as he opens his mouth, chaos ensues.
    Even in this day and age there are still people who look very unkindly on a man that leave his wife (who BTW is eight months pregnant with twins) for a 23 year old piece of “candy”.
    Even outside this latest “poor decision” his previous decisions to attack Eli and the Olympic gaffee really showed he may have had the face for TV, but he really didn’t have the “smarts”.
    Maybe he can get on the next “Dancinig With the Stars” and salvage his post NFL career.
    Mr. Florio…When do you take over for Tiki on Sunday Night Football? HOPEFULLY your first assignment would NOT be post game interviews at the week one Miami Dolphins game with Channing Crowder.

  17. At least this means that Ginny and the twins will probably go on to win the Superbowl next year.

  18. Oh, that is such a “horribly profane and offensive” term. Come on, lots of guys use that term now and then. Quit acting like it is so shocking that anyone would utter it. I’m so sick of political correctness…and it’s adherents than continue to give it life.

  19. The total metal count was a classic, but it was set up with a “YOUR A,” not a what was how about. Clearly he was calling Jenna a total metal count, or something like that for busting his balls during the entire segment up to that point.

  20. The biggest problem that Tiki Barber has faced is not that he’s a morally bankrupt individual who abandons the wife of his children for a hot young woman.
    Tiki’s problem is that he has no on-air charisma and is completely talentless when it comes to being a personality. He is hard to watch, with his blank stare and monosyllabic voice. And he’s a deplorable human being.

  21. You know, this does bring up an important point:
    When will on-air talent positions be given on a person’s talents as a broadcaster. I’m tired of the networks picking these people because they played for the Cowboys/New York/Notre Dame/Michigan/Syracuse.

  22. Ok so I heard this at a comedy show…
    We’ve all heard the old saying….
    “Once you go black….”?
    It actually ends in:
    “You’re a single mom!”

  23. wow, we’re dredging the bottom of the barrel for posts today aren’t we…..yawn!

  24. The problem with Tiki is that he assumed that he’s smarter than everyone he panders to on the air.
    It was a good move by NBC to get him off the air this year. Would it be too much to ask for the powers that be making the decisions at NBC to rat-hole Olberman as well?
    If that happen, then I will tune again. Until that happens, I’ll spend the time surfing between ESPN and ESPNews during the NBC pregame.

  25. Probably safer he left those twins, can you imagine how many times he would’ve fumbled them.

  26. When Florio doesn’t like someone, he crawls on his belly in the gutter to find dirt about them. That comes from his strip mall legal background.

  27. Rake him over the coals. Eli Manning has taken a lot of heat in the media and from fans when he was drafted and in the years since. Seems like all of his detractors or people he is compared to are falling out of the moral superiority tree. (Tiki Barber, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers)

  28. At least Tiki is man enough to tell his wife straight up, ya know? Unlike some other famous athlete who instead ran around with 16 at a time…

  29. Common Sense says, “Probably safer he left those twins, can you imagine how many times he would’ve fumbled them.”
    First off do not steal material, but if you are gonna steal someone else’s material (Shotgun Grandpa’s), make sure it wasn’t from yesterday and probably the funniest post of the year so far. Don’t be a hack.

  30. He sucked on TV and it was obvious with the joke assignment that he was given that NBC decided early on he was a bust.
    He is a beautiful wife. His new bimbo is a nice piece as well. To paraphrase Chris Rock, I am not saying he should have left his wife for her, but I understand.

  31. You retire, and your team wins the Superbowl beating the 18 and D’oh! Pats. Does his wife marry a younger man that is NOT a complete tool? If Tiki was commenting about this, he’d find some $10 word to describe the person. Maybe something like, “Tiki is a hypocrite and charlatan.”
    And Florio, how did you miss on the obvious headline, “Tiki fumbles away his marriage, has new squeeze”?

  32. Looks like Tiki is handling his media career & personal life as he did when he was in the NFL….when he could not ‘hold on’ to the football – until Tom Coughlin ‘taught’ him the proper technique…but if memory serves me correctly, he also ‘dissed’ Coughlin after retiring. Gee, what a great guy !!

  33. Tiki was known as quitting a little too soon, why would his exit from his wife before the twins were born be any surprise?

  34. She’s hot!
    As for all the talk about morals and Tiki’s character, I withhold judgment until I know the whole story. Sure, Tiki may be the douche you are all ASSUMING him to be, but there always is another side to the story.

  35. is it just me but how is this any of our business?
    is PFT going to gothe celebrity news & gossip route now?

  36. @ bluestree
    As much as I hate Fox and Friends and the 3 idiots that host it, at least Fox knew to get rid of him.

  37. Once a piece of crap, always a piece of crap! I guess we’ll get an interview where he calls out Bob Costas as a cu . . . uh, loser who stole all those Emmys that should have gone to Tiki.
    Tiki has a big problem with winners – see his critiques of Coughlin (who saved his career), Strahan (who got him to his only SB) and Eli (who won a SB once he didn’t have to deal with this crybaby). What do those three have in common – Super Bowl Rings!
    I hope his twin Ronde slaps him silly with his Super Bowl Ring laden hand at every opportunity.

  38. We’ve all heard the old saying….
    “Once you go black….”?
    It actually ends in:
    “You’re a single mom!”

  39. PFT- all the news that is fit to print and some of it that is not thrown in.
    Your background is showing again Florio…

  40. Tiki was a great player, but his retirement was addition by subtraction. Any coincidence that the Giants won the SB the year after he left? Then he rips Coughlin and Eli in his book. Lame broadcaster and now clearly a lame human as well. BOOOOOOOOO!

  41. Yeah… Tiki was loved… and I mean LOVED… by the fans. Then he had to talk. Now he’s dumping his preggie wife for some blonde intern.
    What’s next? Drugs? Prison? “The Apprentice”?

  42. Me-ki is a dope. he squandered a lot of love from the Giants faithful trying to make a name for himself in the “journalism” business. now he’s gonna fall flat on his ass.
    and he gets booed every time they show him on the Giants Stadium jumbotron.

  43. This blonde is HOT! I guess she better not get pregnant or she will be dumped! Oh by the way, I hope she knows he will be paying out his ass for alimony and child support!

  44. Frank Burns says:
    April 7, 2010 1:23 PM
    Guess he’s been hanging around with Tom Brady too much.
    Yes, because breaking up with your girlfriend before you know she’s pregnant and dumping your 8 month pregnant wife are similar.

  45. People get divorced and still take care of their kids. No big shock that egomaniacs in media or sports (in this case both) leave their wives for young hotties. Your ego is getting big Florio, so your day is coming—oh yeah, no hottie would want you ,sorry.

  46. “How can twins fall so far apart from the same tree?”
    I suggest you read Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. It explains everything.

  47. As a life long Giant fan I can recall when he was king this guy could have ruled the NY area.
    If he had opened a GM dealership they would have never needed a loan.
    Then he opened his mouth and bad mouthed Eli and that was the end Tiki gone shocky on the shelf and one big win for the Giants
    I recall his last game the fans cheered for his wife and kids now this dirt bag is being the typical ahole banging some sweet young thing and leaving his wife carrying twins. Twins does this mean two more asshole football players?
    Tiki heres the trick bang the young one but stay married this is going to cost you all you got and when your broke the hottie will be banging someone else
    I hope your wife takes you for everything and you do not have enough cash to by the polish for your head ASSHOLE

  48. There has to be a really big word for dumping your pregger wife for a new blonde.

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