2010 draft cornerback rankings

1. Joe Haden, Florida.
Haden saved his draft stock by improving his forty time from 4.60 to the low-4.4 range at the Gators’ Pro Day, and the 5-foot-11, 193-pound shutdown corner has no discernible weaknesses as a sure tackler with a clean medical history and ideal ball skills.
Draft Prediction: 49ers, No. 13 overall.
2. Kyle Wilson, Boise State.
This draft’s clear-cut No. 2 cornerback, the durable Wilson never missed a game as a four-year starter for the annually underrated Broncos, combining for eight interceptions in his final two seasons and offering explosive punt return ability.
Draft Prediction: Seahawks, No. 14 overall.
3. Kareem Jackson, Alabama.
Though overshadowed by Crimson Tide teammate Javier Arenas, Jackson was the more dominant cover corner for an Alabama team that ranked second nationally in pass efficiency defense last season.
Draft Prediction: Steelers, No. 18 overall.
4. Patrick Robinson, Florida State.
Robinson’s ball skills have been criticized because he didn’t pick off a pass as a senior, but the 5-foot-11, 190-pound three-year starter had six interceptions as a sophomore, possesses tremendously quick feet, and is perhaps the most NFL-ready press corner in the draft.
Draft Prediction: Eagles, No. 24 overall.
5. Devin McCourty, Rutgers.
Also a special teams dynamo (seven career blocked kicks, loads of coverage tackles), McCourty was the leader in the secondary for a Scarlet Knights team that led the Big East in total defense last season.
Draft Prediction: Texans, No. 51 overall.
6. Amari Spievey, Iowa.
Spievey, who held heralded receiver prospect Demaryius Thomas catch-less in Iowa’s Orange Bowl win over Georgia Tech, lacks ideal speed (4.57) but picked off six passes in his two years as a starter, was among the nation’s most physical corners, and played in a pro-style scheme.
Draft Prediction: Lions, No. 66 overall.
7. Chris Cook, Virginia.
Cook was injury prone throughout his career and academically ineligible for all of 2008, but had four interceptions in his breakout senior season and has enjoyed one of the finest offseasons among defensive back prospects.
Draft Prediction: Titans, No. 77 overall.
8. Jerome Murphy, South Florida.
A nickel back behind current NFLers Mike Jenkins and Trae Williams as a sophomore, the ideally built Murphy (6’0/191) joined the Bulls’ starting lineup in 2008 and displayed big-time hitting ability and plenty of ball skills (4 picks in ’09) during his final two seasons.
Draft Prediction: Raiders, No. 69 overall.
9. Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State.
All-Big 12 as both a cornerback and return specialist, Cox finished his career with six return scores and ten interceptions, but was suspended for the 2009 Cotton Bowl after missing curfew, ran in the high 4.5s at the Combine, and allegedly already has three children out of wedlock.
Draft Prediction: Buccaneers, No. 101 overall.
10. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Indiana (PA).
A dominant small schooler, Owusu-Ansah scored nine career return touchdowns, picked off ten passes between his junior and senior years, and proved he’s recovered from postseason shoulder surgery by running 4.33 and 4.41 forties at 6-foot-1, 207 during his March Pro Day.
Draft Prediction: Rams, No. 99 overall.
11. Javier Arenas, Alabama.
The ideal nickel back with return value, Arenas goes just 5-foot-9, 195 but scored seven career punt return touchdowns, excels on the corner blitz (five sacks in ’09), and is a feisty cover man in the slot.
Draft Prediction: Bengals, No. 96 overall.
12. Dominique Franks, Oklahoma.
Franks, who improved his forty time from the mid-4.5s to 4.47 at the Sooners’ Pro Day, was voted first-team All-Big 12 in both of his final two years at OU and racked up six interceptions as the field corner in coordinator Brett Venables’ defense.
Draft Prediction: Giants, No. 115 overall.
13. Walter McFadden, Auburn.
Snubbed for a Combine invite despite leading the Tigers with six interceptions last season, McFadden ran 4.40 and 4.43 at Auburn’s Pro Day and could be a serious steal in the middle rounds.
Draft Prediction: Falcons, No. 117 overall.
14. Myron Lewis, Vanderbilt.
The biggest pure corner on this list (Cook may move to safety), the 6-foot-2, 203-pound Lewis exhibited adequate speed (4.52) at the Combine and picked off nine passes in his final two years, but underwent knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus late in the college season.
Draft Prediction: Vikings, No. 161 overall.
15. Brandon Ghee, Wake Forest.
Ghee offers plus size (6’0/189) and terrific measurables (4.45 forty, 10-foot-7 broad jump), but rarely made big plays in college, was merely honorable mention All-ACC in 2009, and struggled in man-to-man coverage at January’s Senior Bowl.
Draft Prediction: Ravens, No. 156 overall.

6 responses to “2010 draft cornerback rankings

  1. So I’m thinking the Cowboys don’t have any draft picks this year and the Titans have about twenty?
    In all of your different projections you have yet to call Dallas and you’ve associated the Titans with multiple picks in each position grouping.

  2. Every corner can be beat, situationally. But if you are looking for a corner who is fearless, deceptive, and skillful, Patrick Robinson has the others beat. He is another example of the kind of player that the good teams should target, regardless of need. There is a wealth of playmakers in this draft, and some of the weaker teams can capitalize by picking up four or five of them.
    I wonder if Joe Haden will drop because of the 40 time. I understand he isn’t going against pro offenses on tape, but, come on. That has to weigh more on scouts’ minds than a straight-line 40 with no pads.

  3. Looks like a pretty deep draft for corners, as all these guys could sound like solid prospects.

  4. “Hayden!” ….. Check
    “Wilson!” …..Check.
    “Mcourty! …. McCourty! … McCourty?” …..
    “Not present, Sir!”
    Why not, Seargent?” ….. “Well sir, you sent him for Special Teams training, Sir!”
    “Well Sarge, get his ass back here, ON THE DOUBLE! He’s needed between picks 16, and 32!”
    “Aye, Aye, Sir!”
    “OK men, where was I?”
    “Sir, Corporal Cornerback here, Sir!”
    “Well Corporal, which one of these ‘Muppets’ is next!”
    “Sir, we have Privates Robinson, and Jackson, Sir!”
    “Hmmm. Well, Corporal, shall we review the tedious facts? Or, should we flip a coin?”
    “Sir, the Corporal is undecided, Sir!”
    “OK, Cornerback, give me the poop!”
    “Uh, sir? Did you see the Senior Bowl game, Sir?”
    “No, Corporal Cornerback, I was looking for Mat Millen’s brain.”
    “Well, sir, with all due respect, sir, that Robinson was the ‘Real Deal!’ Great cover, and demonstrated ball skills that were not in his records, Sir!”
    “Then tell me about Jackson, Corporal, and MAKE IT SNAPPY!”
    “Sir, Kareem Jackson covers 24/7, Sir!”
    “How’s that Cpl. Cornerback?”
    “Sir, Jackson covers sooo well that he carries a blanket wherever he goes, Sir!”
    “The hell with it! I don’t have all day here! Flip the damn coin, Corporal!”
    “Uhh, sir? I’m a lowly Corporal, and have no coin to toss, Sir!”
    “Where’s that Millen, when you need him! Detail, Dismissed!”

  5. Why will Arenas fall so far? Well as a Bears fan I’d love him in the fourth round, we love ST returners and always need CB playing the tampa 2!

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