Browns sign Eric Ghiaciuc

The Cleveland Browns have bolstered their offensive line with the signing of a free agent center.

Adam Caplan of reports that Cleveland has signed center Eric Ghiaciuc.

Ghiaciuc was a fourth-round draft pick of the Bengals in 2005, and in Cincinnati he started 42 games in four seasons, including all 16 games in 2008.

But in 2009 Ghiaciuc signed with the Chiefs and was cut during training camp, and although he later caught on with the Chargers, he didn’t play in any regular-season games last year.

In Cleveland Ghiaciuc will back up starter Alex Mack.

40 responses to “Browns sign Eric Ghiaciuc

  1. Can he play guard too? I’m looking forward to seeing Mack continue to develop, but it’s always good to have a backup just in case. You never know what’ll happen in Cleveland…

  2. This is now the second year in a row I’ve read an article stating that a team has improved by signing Eric Ghiaciuc… Has anyone even watched this guy play before they write articles like this? He has to be one of the worst centers in the league.

  3. What in the hell are the Browns thinking? They should know this guy is just a turnstile. Hell they played against him twice a year. Oh well, maybe he will be playing when they play the Bengals.

  4. Eric Ghiaciuc was on the Bengals 2 years ago and he was probably the worst starting center I’ve ever seen play the game. He would finish every play watching it from his ass. If you notice a center, he’s either extraordinarily good or horrendous, and Ghiaciuc isn’t extraordinarily good. If he’s starting anywhere for the Browns, we’re still a 5-11 team. Which we probably are.

  5. I wouldn’t call that “bolstered”. Let’s hope he starts. It’ ll be good for the AFC north rivals.

  6. Leave it to the Browns. Ghiaciuc??? That’s the sound I make in the toilet after I hear a speech by president Ohbummer.

  7. Drat says:
    April 8, 2010 12:50 PM
    Just what will solve the Browns’ problems. A cast-off from the Chiefs.
    stevincinci says:
    April 8, 2010 12:53 PM
    He won’t bolster their offensive line. He’ll downgrade it.
    TheBengal13 says:
    April 8, 2010 1:01 PM
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good luck with the “inverse pancake”, Cleveland! Ghiacuic is awful.
    filthylucre says:
    April 8, 2010 1:05 PM
    This is the answer to all of their problems.
    What part of “He was signed AS A BACKUP” did you geniuses not understand?
    The guy probably won’t see the field much at all, *if* at all- so who gives a shit if he’s not great?
    From some of these moronic posts, you’d think these dimwits see Ghiacuic as the only player on the offense.

  8. Maybe they just need another Ben-Gal “never-was” to beat the shit out of in practice.
    You know…just like in the games…

  9. I expect to see 20 bengals comments bc no one knows how bad he sucks like they do. My wife is a bengals fan who knows enough about football to fit in a thimble, and she would always comment on how he’s the worst player on the field. Don’t forget that the Bungholes went from one of the most porous offensive lines in the NFL to one of the best in 1 year, and the only major change was dumping his ass.

  10. Alex Mack?
    Remember that show on Nickelodeon back in the day? The blonde chick that could turn into a puddle or something?
    Yeah…she was hot.

  11. Bolstered??? Bolstered???
    You got to be effing kidding me!!!
    Sorry, normally I dont let my emotions get the best of me.
    I would not wish this guy on my worst enemy.
    Well, maybe the steelers..but thats another post…

  12. Davey Ricky says:
    April 8, 2010 12:59 PM
    This is now the second year in a row I’ve read an article stating that a team has improved by signing Eric Ghiaciuc… Has anyone even watched this guy play before they write articles like this? He has to be one of the worst centers in the league.
    What’s that tell you about the Cleveland BrownStains?

  13. This guy still gets paid to play football?? He isn’t worthy of holding a blocking bag in training camp. I was happy to see the Bengals finally cut their losses and show this guy the door. I thought they had finally realized that they need to get rid of the dead weight.
    But then they resigned Dan Coats…

  14. Guy-suck was terrible when he was here in Cincinnati. Our line improved drastically in the one year he was gone. Better hope Mack doesn’t get hurt Brownie fans….Guy-suck can’t handle the AFC North interior linemen.

  15. “What part of “He was signed AS A BACKUP” did you geniuses not understand?”
    Ideally, you want your backup center to be able to hold the clipboard without it knocking you on your ass and sacking the QB

  16. Backup centers matter. If thats the depth of C position then you are in trouble. Mack is good – just hope he doesnt get hurt.

  17. Steeler4life
    If I’m not mistaken, we beat you to all but take away any shot at the playoffs. Of course I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure I’m not. I vaguely remember your offense not scoring any touchdowns against the 31st ranked defense in the league.
    It happened sometime between when Big Ben raped the girl in the hotel and when he raped the girl in the public restroom.

  18. @hineswardcriesafterfumbling
    I think its funny that the Bengals would rather take a chance in the draft than to re-sign a starter of 16 games… in 08
    Ocho said it best.
    He was confronted about a quote Giu-suck made about Chad antics being a distraction to the team…
    Chad responds…
    “Gui-suck’s play was a distraction…”
    …one of the few times I actually agreed with Chad

  19. Aww Gawd.. Our center to replace this guy Kyle Cook was basically signed off the street and did a WAY better job.. But since he’s gunna be with Brown’s it’s a good pick up for me..

  20. @ trickbunny
    I only hope you are a browns fan and get to witness what we as Bengals fans have had to endure for too long.
    Not wishing injury on Mack…but holy hell..the guy is simply that awful.

  21. Centers must be like left-handed relief pitchers in baseball. No matter how bad they suck, they can always find a job SOMEWHERE.

  22. What made Guy-choke look even worse is that he started at center after Rich Braham retired… underrated guy, that Braham.
    now the Browns franchises most important staffer is Alex Mack’s bodyguard.

  23. by the way Ghiaciuc was part of that ill-fated 2005 draft class that included David Pollack (neck, retired), Odell Thurman (stupid, retired), Chris Henry (dead), his CMU teammate Adam Kieft (injury settlement), and Tab Perry (currently rockin the UFL). Only Jonathan Fanene remains… and given that track record he’d better watch himself. Welcome to the land of the cursed, brownies!

  24. Oh my ….. This s**t cant get funnier surely. The Browns have out done themselves again this off-season.
    As a Bengals fan we couldn’t get that turnstile of a Centre out of Cincinnati quick enough. The guy was terrible.
    This is pretty much a blow by blow account of every Ghiaciuc play.
    Ball Snaps.
    Ghiaciuc get pushed back 5-7 yards in about 2 seconds
    Ghiaciuc on Floor and QB Smashed.
    Honestly out of all of the Teams you would have thought the AFC North teams realised what a turd he was.
    Ocho’s quote was hilarious also.

  25. lol.
    i thought the browns made a couple of ok moves in the off-season, then this. nothing to worry about from the browns this season. any team that would sign ghuisuck isn’t going any place soon.
    he’s a downgrade to all nfl lines. he’s not even fit for the cfl.

  26. He isn’t that far from the prototypical center, but he can’t cut it mentally. He can’t call the line formations and forgets the snap count and often misses blocks, besides getting driven into the ground with alarming frequency. Besides getting Palmer killed, the running game suffered.
    Not a good choice.

  27. These comments sound eerily like the ones Bears fans posted regarding the John St. Clair signing last year. At least this time it’s a backup we’re talking about and not a projected starter.

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