Cardinals could be interested in Marc Bulger

NFL_Bulger1.jpgThe Cardinals have quarterbacks Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson on the roster.  They’re expected to soon bring back veteran understudy Brian St. Pierre.

But we’re hearing that they may be interested in veteran Marc Bulger.

Though the Rams ostensibly did Bulger a favor by cutting him, Bulger already might have been a Cardinal if he’d been available in early March, since the team likely would have pursued him instead of Derek Anderson.   

Still, don’t rule out the addition of Bulger, the man who succeeded former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner in St. Louis.  Most teams take four quarterbacks to training camp, and it’s possible that the Cardinals would give Bulger a chance to bump Anderson off the roster — and then to bump Leinart out of the starting lineup.

It’s unknown whether any other teams have actively pursued Bulger, a ten-year veteran from West Virginia.

UPDATE:  Yeah, so Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic says the team isn’t interested.  We assume he’s getting that from the team, which has no interest to disclose its interest unless/until the team makes a decision.  In other words, we stand by our report.

22 responses to “Cardinals could be interested in Marc Bulger

  1. Cards made a mistake by not trading for McNabb, he could have taken them to the Super Bowl. Now he instantly makes the Redskins Contenders and his loss means the Eagles and their front running fans, like Lowell Rikert, will finish in last place.

  2. Dude, I’ve been screaming this for months now. There’s NO WAY that if he signs with the Cards, he isn’t immediately the best QB on the roster. He would pick up right where Warner left off.

  3. If he succeeded former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner in ARIZONA, you must be using the Hot Tub Time Machine

  4. That would be a good investment for the Cardinals. It’s difficult to go through an entire season with one quarterback. The current opinion is that Bulger is finished. How can one tell when the Rams have fallen so far as a team? Matt Lienart may still not be the answer?

  5. what ever happened to the accountable Florio who would cross out mistakes and insert the correct statement next to it. Always sperated you from the “others”. Accountability adds credibility to the work.

  6. Bulger>rosencopter/t-jack..come sit on the bench Bulger and after Favre retires you can have a shot

  7. He should go to the Giants. David Carr looks a lot happier now after collecting cheques for two year and not getting the crap beaten out of him

  8. WOW!!! That is desperation at it’s finest. First DA, now Bulger. . . They are really scared to put Leinart at the helm.

  9. Bulger is easily the most intelligent QB in the league and would be top five if he had a halfway competent coaching staff and a line that wouldn’t cause him to run for his life every play. Plus he’s mature enough and has a strong character so he wouldn’t need a babysitter to keep him out of trouble every night.

  10. The Arizona Cardinals look like a bunch of fools!! They had an opportunity to get Donovan McNabb, who could have taken this team to new heights, and they don’t go and get him. They must be F”in Nuts!!! McNabb pratically lives in Arizona during the off-season, owns a home there, and probably would have been happy as hell to be playing there, and this team banks it’s future on Lienhart?? Give me a break!! Over-rated and Over-hyped Lienhart will be a total waste!!!

  11. for all you winners why do you want McCan’t win the big games in Az , you should have been begging to get him to be on your team, the cowgirls could have used him , he might be able to hold the ball for your kicker , Philly didn’t even want him why should the Cards after beating his @@@sss even think of wanting a tier 2 qb , what did WASH get a 1st draft pick LOL!!!
    ( not ) I know , you don’t want a meet AZ in the playoffs with that lefty , he might have something to prove and it might not fair too good for you winners

  12. Cards suck, yeah, keep telling yourself that cuz u all know Az WILL be a dangerous team next year, no matter who the Qb is. McNabb, if you love him so much why didn’t you go after him??? Superbowl 45 here comes the cards!!!

  13. Talk it up Tard fans, you guys had your 2 years. Back to the cellar where you belong. Superbowl’s through Seattle!

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