Did Eagles trade McNabb so Redskins wouldn't draft Bradford?

Why did the Philadelphia Eagles trade their starting quarterback, Donovan McNabb, to the division rival Washington Redskins? The trade could have been motivated in part to keep Washington from drafting Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford.

At least, that’s the theory floated by Adam Schefter of ESPN, who reports that multiple NFL executives firmly believe that the Eagles wanted to block the Redskins from taking Bradford. The executives Schefter talked to say the Eagles are high on Bradford and don’t want to have to play against him twice a year for the next decade.

So the Eagles figured that if they shipped McNabb to Washington and took two draft picks from the Redskins in the process, they’d make the Redskins less likely to want to draft a quarterback and also take away some of the picks the Redskins would have needed to move up and take Bradford.

There’s a perception among many league observers that teams shouldn’t make trades within their divisions because it’s dangerous to strengthen a divisional opponent’s roster. But maybe the Eagles think that what really would have strengthened the Redskins is drafting Bradford.

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  1. This one is a little far fetched. Afraid to play an Oklahoma QB? C’mon. What happened to reality?

  2. Um, Bradford is getting past St. Lou. You trade a known commodity to stop them from drafting a unknown one? Yea, makes a lot of sense.

  3. Got to work later today so I am assuming this is story number 5 on a frivolous Redskins/Eagles/McNabb/Haynesworth crap of an article.

  4. …and yet another load of garbage spewing from Adam Schefter’s mouth. Really, nothing is to say that the Skins don’t draft a QB in the first round anyway.

  5. That’s giving Bradford wayyy too much credit, considering he hasn’t played very much in the last year. Besides, Lord Dilfer isn’t impressed.

  6. That’s stupid… Lets give you someone we know can play at this level so you don’t draft someone we don’t know can play at this level.

  7. IF the Rams pass on Bradford, I wouldn’t put it past the Redskins to take him. I still think it would be stupid to invest all that in McNabb and then to take a guy that would sit in the first round but it would give them time to let him heal completely and to get more work in the system.

  8. If this has any truth to it , and it does sound plausible, then Sam Bradford could really be something special. I’m excited to watch this all unfold in a couple weeks.
    …and the Eagles are not the only team that is rumored to be high on Sam either — there are numerous.
    This will be fun

  9. This reminds me of teams that stockpile players they dont need to avoid divisional teams from aquiring them.. wouldn’t it be rich if the skins found a way to deal McNabb with some picks and trade up anyway..
    It wont happen but i would love to see Andy Reids face if it did..

  10. That headline has to be the most ridicules thing i have read ever!
    Bradford can be a great QB.
    But I doubt he will come close to Manning, Brees or Brady. Those are the kind of guys you don’t wanna face twice a year..

  11. Maybe they traded him because he’s overrated, still good but overrated, as a QB who has always had a lot of talent around him usually w/ a solid defense to compliment it. Additionally Mcnabb has had 11 years to get it done and now they wanted to move in a different direction.
    If you told a GM they could draft a player in the 1st round and then 11 years later trade him for a 2nd and 3rd round pick they would jump for joy. It’s not rocket science.

  12. If that was the reasoning, this was an even riskier trade for the Eagles than initially reported.

  13. I don’t think that the Eagles are that smart and this may be something that someone in the front office dreamed up after the fact, especially since they don’t really know Shanahan, who does whatever he thinks is best and damn the critics.

  14. This is THE stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. The idea that the Eagles would trade a QB who is a known commodity and has proven he can play to keep the Redskins from getting a kid who has been injured on the last two plays he’s been on the field for and who, regardless of what ANYONE says, is a complete unknown in the NFL is ridiculous. Schefter is just trying to meet his quota of stories for this one.

  15. IMO…that’s a bit extreme.
    How many QBs drafted in the 1st round have done absolutely nothing in the NFL? Quite a few. To trade McNabb to Washington just to block them from drafting Bradford (and of course to please McNabb), doesn’t seem likely.

  16. Totally absurd ‘ what if’ scenarios. If Bradford is perceived as being so great – without ever taking an NFL snap – then he will get an astronomical contract that probably only the Redskins can afford to pay. Do people remember that his body can’t take an NFL hit? Every DE in the NFL will try for a body slam on his shoulder.

  17. Seriously…. one team worrying about the “possibility” of one of their rivals drafting one player. That is rediculous. The Skins aren’t even considered to be the Eagles main rival. One of them, but not the main one. Has Eli Manning single handedly beaten Philly? No. Has Tony Romo single handedly beaten Philly? No. So why would one QB who hasn’t been drafted yet and was injury prone for the last year be such a worry? I’d me more worried if the Skins started playing like a real NFL team rather then a D1-AA college team.

  18. Stupid theory. It doesn’t “block” the Deadskins from doing anything. They still have trade bait to move up.

  19. This is a complete fabrication based on remote conspiracy theories. First lets be real Bradford is fragile and never will amount to a reliable pro QB. Second, the Eagles trade McNabb because they wanted to, and the traded him to the Skins because it was what worked best for them.

  20. Sorry, but Schefter and his NFL execs are really dumb if they actually believe that.
    What, did the Eagles use some Jedi mind trick? “That’s not the quarterback you want.”
    If the Redskins wanted Bradford, I think they would have worked to move up in the draft to get him, if necessary. Unless they actually are a bunch of cats that can be distracted with a shiny object or a ball of yarn.

  21. The eagles are a bunch of retards!! That’s what my top executives said when I spoke to them.

  22. Come on dude! Just face it the Eagles traded Mcnabb for the best offer and its a very Early 2nd. Lets not think of any motive behind it besides greed or stupidity.

  23. how much further are you gonna dig with this?
    – the Redskins, knowing they were gonna take Bradford, enticed the Eagles to trade them McNabb in an effort to deter the Redskins from taking Bradford, thus weakening the Eagles now?
    – the Eagles, knowing the Redskins would think they were setting up the Eagles by trading for McNabb AND drafting Bradford, were secretly trying to divide the locker room and fan base, thus creating a QB controversy that always drives teams to underperform, thus weakening the Redskins now?
    “as you know, iocane comes from australia, which is populated with criminals, who are used to not being trusted so, clearly, i cannot choose the wine in front of me. but, you would know that i would know the origin of the powder so, clearly, i cannot choose the wine in front of you.”
    D.Mac is iocane…philly has built up a tolerance, washington dies.

  24. Pure genius!
    What Philly is actually saying is: Donnie in the Dirt isn’t good enough to win it all for us and not good enough to beat us twice a year.

  25. Seems highly unlikely that the Eagles would rather the Redskins have a proven, tested winner who will likely play against them for at least another 3 – 4 years as opposed to an untested rookie just as likely to be a bust as not no matter how good he looks in workout days.

  26. Shefter needs to keep his stupid conspiracy theories to himself.
    In other news, there was a guy that told this other guy to tell this other guy that the 49er were planning on moving to Oakland to stop them from making JRussell a quality quarterback.

  27. Keep trading those draft picks danny boy, build your team with 30 year old declines. I love it.

  28. Or, did they trade McNabb to the Redskins, then plant this story hoping to trick the Redskins into drafting Bradford because they secretly know something about Bradford that no one else knows and they want the Redskins to waste a first round draft choice on Bradford, therebye further weakening the Redskins.

  29. “Trading within the division” is a road of lubbish. If you’re that scared of one player, get him for your team. If he’s already yours, keep him; if he’s good enough to beat you, he’s good enough to help you win.

  30. Well now we can use karma to predict the future.
    Bradford will be a bust. McNabb will be an Eagle killer for the rest of his career and might win a Super Bowl.

  31. WOW are they reaching for this one. They would rather play a QB who they KNOW can deliver and win who will get the Redskins to play with a major chip on their shoulder for him than an unproven kid? Not to mention the fan backlash they knew they’d face for trading McNabb in the division.
    Somehow this rings false

  32. So doesn’t this directly contradict ALL the other stories you guys have posted such as:
    Raiders – McNabb said he’d retire before he played for them
    Bills – McNabb said he wasn’t interested in an extension with them
    Cards – Not interested because Roseman was asking too much
    Rams – See Cards
    Vikings – See Cards/Favre
    Seahawks – See Cards, may have only been interested in Kolb
    Pick under #42 who would be interested in a QB – The Bills, Rams, Raiders, Seahawks and Skins….
    The Eagles took the best offer on the table, and an offer that would leave things “respectable” as possible with Donovan. Donovan obviously feels a bit slighted, but I’m sure the Eagles could have finagled a similar deal out of Al Davis but with a bit more. For all we know another team could have been lowballing counting on the leverage that the Eagles wouldn’t trade DMac within the division, and the Eagles just bit the bullet and took the picks since they were still low.
    This Sam Bradford nonsense is hogwash. He’s probably 90% going to the Rams, and as we saw with the Rivers/Eli deal and the Vick/LT deal – trading up just a couple spots within the Top 5 can be very costly, I don’t see the Skins making that move myself.

  33. I had to just register to say this has got to be the dumbest damn article i have seen. You are an idiot…

  34. The Eagles are evil geniuses. They trade McNabb within the division so they can gameplan against his flaws twice a year, they announce it the day before baseball starts so they could steal the Phillies thunder, do it on Easter to symbolize a resurrection, and manage to keep the Redskins from drafting the next great QB. I’m not sure which is worse…the perpetual overanalyzation of the McNabb trade or the conclusions as to why it happened.

  35. And the similarity to TMZ grows even stronger
    Did the Eagles trade to avoid Sam Bradford????
    Did Sandra Bullock leave Jesse????

  36. wow–nuff said, I had to scroll back up to make sure florio didn’t write this…LOL

  37. You give the Eagles FO far too much credit. Before worrying about who someone else is drafting, don’t you have to plug some major holes in your linebacker and safety corps?

  38. This story is a bigger stretch than Andy Reids sweat pants. How could anyone be that high on this dude with his bad shoulder and spread offense experience? I remember during the title game Bradford played in he was getting signals from the sideline for nearly the entire game.
    This is the dude the eagles FO is scared of? Child please………………..

  39. So Philly makes Washington do whatever Philly wants them to do??
    I know it looks like that when they play sometimes, but really……

  40. stop making this stuff upp.. why cant yall just wait two weeks for the draft and you will get your answers. give it a break

  41. I actually had to register for the site to say,”This is the most stupid thing I have ever read!!!!!!” You have got to be kidding!!! Schefter needs to go away

  42. I think that the Eagles believe that McNabb is not all that good. They took the best trade value they could get for the guy, and that ended up going to Washington.

  43. Yeah.. The Eagles Trade a franchise QB and run the risk of him Beating you 2 times a year for the next 4-5 years so the Redskins dont draft an unproven QB that could try and attempt to beat them in the Conference 2 times a year.
    Makes Sense.. this story is the worst!! Give us some Pacman news instead of this garbage!!!

  44. hahaha love this article. everyone posting on here is probably a skins fan feeling like they got GOT by the eagles.
    i believe it and its awesome….
    skins dont need a new qb, coach, ol, dl, wr, etc…
    they need a new owner…theyll never win with the devil (snyder) on their side.

  45. If this is true, then they are even dumber than my friend lowell rikert. Trading McNabb to the Redskins makes them an instant contender for the division for the next 5 years, while those front running philly fans better get use to last place.

  46. flat out,the eagles got riid of mcnabb because they wanted to get stated with the future,the eagles chose the redskins,cause they got
    more value for him from the redskins,there is no other reason,no conspieracy,nothing except,they wanted to get as much as they ccould for him,they got great value,nfl teams should learn from them,and that is to not worry about what other teams do,make your team better,worry about what players are on your team,not,not letting guys go to another team,apparently they feel even with mcnabb,they can still crush the skins year after year,not even an eagles fan,just think the move was great on both parts,both sides get needs filled

  47. One Problem. If Bradford is so good, why doesn’t Philly Trade up to grab him. oops, this article clearly is full of Fail.

  48. Honeslty it’s one of the more absurd thing’s I’ve read or heard.
    So we’re supposed to beleive the Eagles are so scared of Bradford a guy who hasn’t set foot on an NFL field that they would trade a top half NFL QB to their QB needy division rival just so they don’t have to play against a guy they “think” will be so awesome that they will slay them every time they play against them?
    That reason alone is just one of the many absurd reasons that this is completely FALSE!
    How about Andy Ried not having any confidence in his team on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball cause the thinks an unproven QB will beat his team twice a year. That would go over great in the locker room. Not.
    If this is Shefter’s report of the day, he at least needs to be juggling some bowling pins and wearing a clown nose to go along with this joke of a report.

  49. Drat says:
    April 8, 2010 12:38 PM
    Just kind of a side question. I wonder what Shefter looks like before all the make-up goes on?
    A lot like Mike Shanahan I’m guessing….coincidence? NO WAY!!

  50. Ok, lets says this is true. What does it matter, Redskins still might have a chance to pick up Bradford and if he is still open, they will pick him up before letting him go to another team. Then that just means, Bradford will seat behind McNabb and watch him play and then Eagles will still have to play him someone after McNabb is gone. So could still bite them in the ass. Well it already did because Redskins are going to beat Eagles both times this coming season.

  51. This would be the most preposterous possibility I’ve ever read or seen.
    I realize the American people aren’t overly bright on average, but floating this rumor borders on asinine.

  52. sguy2130 says: “…as a QB who has always had a lot of talent around him… ”
    McNabb always had a lot of talent around him? First I’ve heard of this.
    But then, I don’t really watch TV. Was Todd Pinkston on ‘American Idol’? James Thrash on ‘Dancing With The Stars’? Did Freddy Mitchell hit it big on ‘Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader’?

  53. Saw this on one of the Eagles’ Google Group pages. If it is true it gives Schefter some credibility. Check out the second name on the list.
    “The Eagles had 17 prospects at the NovaCare Complex today with the draft now
    15 days away. According to reports, the Eagles have conducted workouts with
    the following athletes:
    First Round Prospects:
    Eric Berry S Tennessee
    Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
    Mike Iupati OG Idaho
    Kyle Wilson CB Boise State
    Second Round Prospects:
    Jerry Hughes DE TCU
    Brian Price DT UCLA
    Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech
    Rodger Saffold OT Indiana
    Colt McCoy QB Texas
    Ricky Sapp DE Clemson ….”

  54. The Skins are the Eagles’ puppets! Do their bidding!
    Skins will take Bradford because they are directly influenced by this story. They will prove they are no one’s puppets by taking him thus creating another qb controversy, not taking an Olineman which they desperately need, and leaving a T for the Eagles to pick up…..
    evil geniuses……… oh wait, the damn ‘skins are looking to purchase a “hotel”………. yeah, that should solve their line issues.

  55. Its a little far fetched, even for the eagles. But then again if it is true, its the reason why they’ve never won the Super Bowl. Typical

  56. Or
    maybe the Redskins offered to take McNabb because they have a trade in place with the Rams for McNabb and the Washington number 1 which allows the Redskins to get the QB they want, the Rams to get a legitimate QB and a high pick and the Eagles to walk away with 2 extra picks and look like they accommodated McNabb
    any other conspiricy theory anyone can dream up.

  57. Playing Bradford twice a year may of been tough, but I guarentee playing McNabb twice a year for the next 3 or 4 is going to be even worse. If McNabb has two good games a season I think we all know who is going to want to beat and embarass more then anyone…

  58. Stupid because if he’s that good of a QB, he’s #1 overall. If he’s not, then he’s not worth your effort.

  59. rediculous….but…maybe…naaaaahhhhh
    eagles not that bright and skins not that dumb….although i could be wrong….lol

  60. this logic is a little flawed in that bradford will not be available at 4 anyway. so, unless the skins were going to try to trade up this could not have been a primary worry for the eagles.

  61. First: there will be no trade of mcnabb. The terms of the deal prohibit it.
    secondly, regarding the gist of the theory:
    adam schefter= mike shanahan
    multiple league executives = bruce allen and whatever suit was standing next to him when he told schefter to put it out.
    florio: what happened to the editorial judgement to spare us such detritus?

  62. Except it will all backfire when Wash trades McNabb and their pick to St Louis for Bradford.

  63. Veritas Amber says:
    One Problem. If Bradford is so good, why doesn’t Philly Trade up to grab him. oops, this article clearly is full of Fail.
    The problem with that theory is believing that the organization might actuallly pay someone that kind of money. They took McNabb in the first round but that was because of their crappy record and not because they moved up to get them. McNabb was relatively cheap when they took him and now, I think they’d probably trade down to avoid paying anyone big money.

  64. yep that has to be it, and also because Donnovan refused to play anwhere except in Philly or Washington. ESPN probably would say he would have been ok with the Jets , Pats, or Giants as well although, even though my unnamed source, who is a source for another source thinks diffrently.

  65. This theory is totally assinine. Just a reporter trying to drum up another story. How many quarterbacks that were rated higher than Bradford drafted in the 1st round and turned out to be duds in the NFL? Plenty! That the Eagles were scared of having to face Bradford twice a year is pure BS through and through. I think the REAL reason that the Eagles were willing to trade McNabb to a division rival is because they aren’t really worried at all about having to play him twice a year. Plain and simple…they think that they can beat him.

  66. Well played again Florio….well played. 86 comments and counting. You are a master of your craft…whatever the hell that is.

  67. Dumbest crap that I ever heard. Who gives a shit if they drafted him? Bradford is overrated and will most likely be a bust….

  68. no way,the bottom line is “howie” ( H&R BLOCK) roseman asked way to much and blew the deal with the cardinals and had to make this trade – as long as its banner,lurie& roseman calling the shots the eagles never win the super bowl and i die of old age after getting my tickets after graduating high school and never end up going to a parade ,thanks for the “MULTIPLE” super bowls jeff (lurie) you fraud

  69. What in the F is this??? Are you kidding me? Who in the hell thought this crap story up??? What kind of crystal ball are the Beagles using and where did they get it? Did they also “predict” the concussion Fletcher bone crushed Westbrook with? Hmmm? Maybe they are fortune tellers. I guess everyone is scared of Big Bad Bradford and his surgically repaired (twice) shoulder. Whatever. He will be a non factor and so will Kolb. HTTR

  70. I highly doubt this story.
    Let’s not forget that Adam Schefter and Mike Shanahan are very, very close friends. Is this some kind of misdirection crafted by Shanahan and the Redskins? Hmm…
    Curious… but the Eagles wanted to “help” McNabb and not trade him to a losing franchise with no chance to compete. If true, the Redskins are coming off a 4-12 record, a worse record than the Raiders or the Bills. McNabb also “wanted” to go to the Redskins.
    So does that mean the Eagles believe the Redskins are actually better than last years 4-12 record and could be competitive within the division? If so, why make them even better by trading them McNabb?
    This isn’t Campbell and Zorn anymore. This is Shanahan and McNabb. McNabb is a prototypical west coast offense QB and Shanahan is one of the most prolific west coast innovator’s. Throw in Kyle Shanahan and his play calling and I can’t for the life of me understand why the Eagles would make a division rival a better team.
    Regardless of what the Eagles think of McNabb at this point in his career, he is a far better QB than Jason Campbell, especially in a west coast offense. Further, not only is McNabb familiar with the Eagles, he also knows the entire division!
    Just a stupid move by the Eagles.

  71. This is a good story for the internet but one that has 0% chance of being true
    Bradford is not a player to be that afraid of. Neither is Clausen

  72. Even Schefter should know better than to believe NFL executives. Their is an ulterior motive around here somewhere.

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