Impulsiveness could be hampering Holmgren

NFL_holmgren_250.jpgGenerally speaking, we like the direction in which the Browns are heading.  But we’ve noticed that the new poobah’s legendary locker-room impatience could be infecting his approach to team management.

To put it bluntly, Mike Holmgren seems to be a little impulsive. 

He basically gave Brady Quinn away to the Broncos, even though a more deliberate approach could have resulted in a bigger trade package if, for example, a team needing a quarterback didn’t get the player it wanted in the draft.  More importantly, Holmgren opted to execute a plan that included trading for a career clipboard-holder (Seneca Wallace) and paying like a starter a guy who should be holding a clipboard (Jake Delhomme), instead of waiting to see whether the Eagles would reduce their asking price for Donovan McNabb.

So why did Holmgren move so quickly for Wallace?  “To take some of the pressure off immediately,” Holmgren told Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  The Browns then paid Delhomme $7 million guaranteed for 2010, which arguably brought the pressure right back.

“I’m not a big one at looking back,” Holmgren said.  “We did the [deal with
Delhomme].  I’m pumped up.  I really think this guy is going to bring
something for a couple years and hopefully during that process we can
find the next guy.”

It’s hard to argue that McNabb wouldn’t have been a better option.  And the Redskins got McNabb for the 37th overall pick, along with a fourth-round selection in 2011 that could escalate to a third-rounder.  The Browns hold the 38th pick; surely, the Eagles would have accepted that pick if it meant sending McNabb out of the division.

Holmgren definitely disagrees with Philly’s approach.

“Just as a general rule, I don’t think it’s ever a good deal to trade
[with a division rival],” Holmgren said.  “Clearly, Andy [Reid] has such a great
relationship with Donovan that it seemed to me that he did that because
he cares for the kid and he wanted to do something for him.  Now, Andy’s
nicer than I am.”

Andy might be nicer than his mentor.  But Andy also is more patient.  When it comes to building a football team, patience could very well be the most important attribute an executive can possess.

In this specific case, patience likely would have resulted in a trade for McNabb, a move that would have been met with as much local euphoria as Holmgren experienced 17 years ago, when his Packers acquired a big-name player from the Eagles who eventually helped bring a championship to Titletown.

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  1. Didn’t know Favre was ever an Eagle. But go ahead since it fits your anti-Browns agenda.
    This Browns fan would rather have Delhomme + 2nd rounder over McNabb – second rounder, especially with Seneca Wallace and Josh Cribbs being able to do some cool things in the wildcat.

  2. I have a feeling Holmgren is going to crash and burn in Cleveland, I hope I’m wrong but I don’t like one move they made this off-season.

  3. 3 Super Bowls and 1 win between those two guys (Reid and Holmgren). Further proof that Bill Walsh is the best mind football has ever seen.

  4. Holmgren the Hutt wanted too many cheesesteaks to come along w/ McNabb.
    Holmgren LITERALLY is twice the man he was 20 years ago.

  5. You neglected to mention the most important factor – that Holmgren did not want to part with one of his high draft picks unless he was securing his future QB.
    Holmgren was in a hurry because he wanted a solid veteran for next season so they could focus on the long-term issues for the team.
    As a Browns fan I’m happy getting Delhomme without giving up draft picks than getting McNabb for a 2nd and more picks next year.
    Also, your reference to salary is irrelevant for Delhomme. Next year is an uncapped year. The money means nothing to owner Randy Lerner and it means nothing from a football analysis without the cap.
    Finally, Quinn was a disaster last season. They didn’t get much, but tell me who would consider giving the Browns more for him?
    Sometimes you need to move fast. Right now the QB situation for next season is not an issue.

  6. Surprised to see Holmgren publicly take a shot at Reid there. Guess he’s pissed they were asking for a first when the Browns knocked, but wound up dealing him for a 2nd a month later.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with Florio. While Holmgren undoubtedly knows what he’s doing as hes proven time and time again, I think that he has made some incredibly impulsive decisions that may not hurt the team, but may not have helped the team as much as they could have. Delhomme doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade from Brady Quinn. Quinn is younger, has a stronger arm, and i think just needs some proper direction to prosper. Regardless if Holmgren disagrees, they definitely could’ve gotten more for him after the draft. Also would’ve 100% been a better idea to wait for the Eagles to drop that asking price and McNabb as Florio said Holmgren would’ve been able to put his stamp on an immediate impact player that would put that franchise on his back. Instead hes stuck w. an overpaid, old, fragile Delhomme and a late ass draft pick he got for his young starting qb from last year.
    Very questionable decisions

  8. This is an op-ed and a nice bit of second guessing. No more op-ed’s Florio. You’re bread and butter is collecting and disseminating rumors. Stick to it.

  9. wrong birds captain nitpick, the packers got favre from the falcons, who, at the time, was not even remotely a big name to anyone but draftniks, especially not in comparison the name McNabb brings to washington. so basically that whole last paragraph doesnt work

  10. As a Browns fan I agree. Giving Delhomme 7 Mill? Ru kidding me!? He wouldn’t have taken say, 2 mill to be the starter when he’s already getting 12.5 from Carolina?. Also, they might as well have kept Quinn since they were only paying him backup money and they didn’t get sh*t for him.

  11. And what happens if he holds back, waits on Philly to drop the price, they don’t drop it or someone comes in with an offer the Browns cannot match, and Delhomme is signed with the Saints? What then? Simply, they got a good veteran QB with Delhomme and paid much less than what they would have with McNabb (no draft pick compensation and no long term deal required).
    When the smoke clears, Holmgren made the right move. I doubt he will be second guessing himself due to Mike Florio or Tony Grossi!

  12. Pure speculation.
    You can make the same case against any team that didn’t land McNabb.
    Pete Carroll made a huge trade for a QB he has no personal knowledge of and had never started a game. Was he impulsive? What about Denver, or Arizona, or St. Louis?
    I guess it’s good that you’re holding Holmgren to a higher standard than even a playoff team, but it’s still unfair.

  13. Not sure why Holmgren was such a hot commodity as a GM. Sure, he can coach, but didn’t he get stripped of GM duties in Seattle because the team was below average with him in that role. And shortly after he stopped being GM is when they started to own the NFC West (which, granted, is kind of like owning a 1989 Geo Storm).

  14. Patience could very well be the most important virtue guys like you could have too. Instead of cutting and pasting every story you hear, why not find a story, make a call, and confirm the story before you put it out there, then put another story saying “Well I guess we’ll trust our sources rather than digging for actual facts.” You guys sure hit a home run with the McNabb story (apparently he would’ve played for Oakland, and they WEREN’T in the mix) and NUMEROUS other stories. My 9 year old niece can cut and paste Florio, but can you get off your ass and confirm stories before you cut and paste?

  15. Would I rather have McNabb…yes. But in the NFL, nowadays, you can’t rest on laurels and expect a player like McNabb to fall in your lap.
    Holmgren saw what he needed to make a decision on Quinn, we had to move quick to get a proven vet in place.
    Shoulda, coulda, woulda…doesn’t matter, neither he or McNabb are the long term answer anyway.

  16. I see your point…
    But didnt Reid’s patience hurt them in the end as well. If Fat Andy had more of a pull the trigger mentality, Donovan would be in Cleveland instead of playing his former team twice a year

  17. The Eagles were in a better position to be patient. They had two quarterbacks who they were totally okay with starting in 2010 with McNabb and Kolb. Which means they could piddle around until they found a good deal for McNabb. The Browns were in a position where everyone knew they were dumping Derek Anderson. Then Holmgren felt he needed to make a decision on Quinn one way or the other. You’re making it out like Cleveland could have gotten something much much better for Quinn, when that probably isn’t the case. They got a pick or two, and a heck of a RB/FB with Peyton Hillis. It’s easy to be patient when your future QB is on roster.

  18. “17 years ago, when his Packers acquired a big-name player from the Eagles who eventually helped bring a championship to Titletown.”
    I think you meant the Falcons not Eagles.

  19. Totally agree with this.
    Can you really tell me that Delhomme is better than Seneca Wallace?
    Also while ol Jake was on the Panthers he had:
    -Top 3 running game and a top 10 O-line
    – Top 10 WR
    – Decent to good coach
    – Played against very mediocre defenses with NO, Atl and TB of the previous 2 years.
    With Cleveland Jake has:
    – Running game??
    – Robiskie and Massoqui
    – Eric Mangini
    – Plays Pit, Bal and Cin defenses
    I dont see this going well.

  20. The Big Show knows exactly what he is doing. Yes, he will make some mistakes but, he will make far more correct calls than mistakes. Time will prove him out.
    If you knew even a portion of what he knows about football, you would be sitting in his chair. Face it Florio, sniffing his chair will be as close as you ever get to it.

  21. hindsight is 20/20 Florio! With McNabb, what if the price didn’t come down and the Delhomme signed with New Orleans? (I don’t recall PFT predicting the market would automatically come down so drastically). Then you have no options and are overpaying for worse talent.
    Would’ves and could’ves are easy when you know how everything shakes out.

  22. Track record says Holmgren gets the benefit of the doubt. It’s not as simple as would you rather have McNabb or Delhomme, but what will Holmgren do with the pick that could have been traded? He knows he has a long term rebuilding process and probably wants to build a corps around a young QB. If he added McNabb, the Browns would be what, a 5 win team instead of a 4 win team this year? Maybe capping out at a 7 win team next year?
    I think Holmgren did the right thing for THAT franchise. Next year, maybe Jake Locker is available…?

  23. another point, what if the Browns select their future QB at 38? How would that look then?
    If McNabb doesn’t work out more than a year and that 38 pick turns into something of talent, you’d then be harping that the Browns gave up #38 and a 4th for another faded glory veteran instead of thinking long term.
    Can’t have it both ways, Florio! What does your crystal ball tell you since you have all the right answers?

  24. totally agree. i would have been stoked getting mcnabb, although AT THE TIME we got delhomme it really didnt look like philly was going to get rid of mcnabb.
    i’d be happy to see delhomme get paid $7m to ride the pine and have McNabb start.

  25. “…paying like a starter a guy who should be holding a clipboard (Jake Delhomme), instead of waiting to see whether the Eagles would reduce their asking price for Donovan McNabb.”
    Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Blah, blah, blah.
    Without hindsight, Florio, you would be out of a job. Anyway, the media had been reporting that the Eagles’ asking price would be dropping. If the media could figure that out, don’t you think a Hall of Fame guy like Holmgren could too? Especially since his right hand man is former Eagles’ GM Tom Heckert?
    And don’t forget, everyone said that Warner and Pennington were washed up, too. Let it play out.
    I think I’ll trust in Holmgren on this one, if you don’t mind, Florio. Anyone remember how bad the Packers were before his arrival? After Lombardi left, Green Bay was a wasteland for nearly 30 years. Holmgren turned it around. Then, he did the same thing in Seattle, to a lesser extent. Wake me up the next time Seattle gets to the Super Bowl, or goes to the playoffs 5 straight seasons. It’ll be a while.

  26. Holmgren did not want to give up any draft picks in the first 3 rounds. There is no way the Eagles would have settled for anything less than a 2nd round pick. I do NOT fault Holmgren for not wanting to give up higher round draft choices. The Browns have MANY holes to fill and the best way to fill those and rebuild the team is through the draft. Delhomme is obviously not the long term solution for the browns at QB but he will be a stop-gap soltion until a franchise QB is signed.

  27. While patience might have allowed the Browns to get more for Brady Quinn, it would never have given them a chance at McNabb. Washington did not get McNabb because they offered the best trade to the Eagles. Actually, it has been reported that at least one other team apparently offered more. McNabb is in Washington for only one reason, that is where he wanted to go. We may not know the reason why he refused to go to other teams, perhaps he wants to face the Eagles twice each year or perhaps it is because Washington is near Philadelphia so his family can continue to live in their current home, but it seems clear that he would never play for the Browns. This does not mean there is anything wrong with the Browns, only that McNabb was the one who decided he would go to Washington, not the Eagles.

  28. There are multiple things I disagree with in this article:
    1. Andy Reid has proved he is not near a Mike Holmgrem. I don’t know how many NFC championships Holmgrem’s been to compared to Reid’s 5, but Holmgrem has won a Super Bowl and been to more compared to Reid’s 1.
    2. Picking from #1, we like to praise Andy Reid for putting together good teams, but lets not forget Mike Holmgren has put together great teams too both at Green Bay and Seattle, again look at Holmgren’s track record compared to Reid’s, its a fact
    3. Picking from #2, don’t be so harsh on Holmgren for trading away Brady Quinn. He has done NOTHING in the league thus far and is traded away to be a back-up to Kyle Orton?!?!? Again Kyle Orton? Like I’ma win a Super Bowl with that guy. He clearly got good value for the guy before his stock sunk more
    4. AND MOST IMPORTANT, Holmgren realizes his team is completely rebuilding. They’ve even traded away their best pass rusher in Wimbley. There is no reason to trade the 38th pick for a 33 year old QB turning 34. They don’t have a team built for that, Offense or Defense. Offense has no balance and the Defense is god awful. Obvivously he wants to use Delhomme as a holder at the starting QB position while he finds a QB for the future and builds a team for the future.

  29. Please, this is ridiculous. You do not put off making a move to make your team better in the hopes that later, another team may want to trade their QB and that of all the other teams who also may want that player, you will have the best deal for them.
    The Browns are looking really good in this draft and are building solidly for the future. Would McNabb be better than Jake D.? Yes, but you don’t look back and say that Holmgren was being impulsive and should have waited. Lots of people in the NFL weren’t even sure if he was going to be traded for sure.

  30. As much euphoria as when the Packers brought in Reggie White?! Please!!!!! Not even close.

  31. As much euphoria as when the Packers brought in Reggie White?! Please!!!!! Not even close.

  32. what immediate pressure? the browns aren’t playing until september.
    sorry if you try and run a team based on the fans complaints(pressure) you deserve to lose.
    i am gonna laugh when holmgren fails badly…

  33. Of course, if the Rams take Suh, Holmgren will have the opportunity to find the “next guy” at No. 2 overall by trading up to secure the rights to Sam Bradford. QB problem solved.

  34. Bottom line: Browns 2010 record will improve over 2009; Eagles 2010 record will be worse than 2009.

  35. I agree with most of your points here about Holmgren, Mr. Florio. A very thoughtfully written blog, except for one little thing.
    How does trading away a starting QB, within your own division, display “patience?”

  36. Bottom line: Browns 2010 record will improve over 2009; Eagles 2010 record will be worse than 2009.

  37. I’m not a big fan of Holmgren. I frankly don’t think he is the answer for Cleveland.

  38. Good post, Florio. Hard to argue with the points you make here. If I’m a Browns fan, I am certainly not happy about the QB situation AT ALL. Delhomme is done. Sure seems as though McNabb would have been a much better option.

  39. There is a considerable difference between Reggie White and Donovan McNabb.
    Reggie is in the “best of all time” discussion. The argument there is if he is #1 or not.
    Donovan isn’t even in top 3 active players at his position during his prime.

  40. Disagree 100%. When you take over a dung heap like the Mangini-engineered Browns, you don’t wait to get better; you go out and make it happen. Having lived in Cleveland, Quinn was never the answer, and speculating that McNabb would be available for a song wasn’t going to get the job done.
    You’re simply benefiting from the hindsight of a) knowing McNabb was available, b) knowing his price was about what the Browns could have paid, and c) having a job where your opinion, no matter how nonsensical, reaches thousands.

  41. I don’t think so. Browns fans were lukewarm to McNabb and thought that Kolb would have been the better QB in a trade. I’m with Holmey though, what’s done is done and I’m pumped too. The way I look at it, Delhomme is in a prime position to be named the comeback player of the year for 2010.

  42. A few things. The Browns are 2 or 3 years away from even competing for a playoff spot, by that time McNabb will be around 36 years old and done. Spending a 2nd rounder, you know, a pick that has significant value in a DEEP draft on a QB who isn’t going to lead you to a Super Bowl in the next 2 years doesn’t even make sense.
    Brady Quinn sucked, his value was down and it wasn’t going to come back up after the draft. Getting a 6th, conditional 4th and a power back/FB is valid compensation for a QB who isn’t even worth a 5th at this point in his career.
    Sometimes you gotta think about the future and not about the now. You said he has no patience, but I disagree. Going out and getting McNabb would of displayed no patience because that means Holmgren doesn’t care about the future, but about getting a few more wins this year. When you put it into perspective, Holmgren is showing great patience by saying “I know this team isn’t going to be competitive for a few years, so I’m gonna keep adding pieces to the team and build for the future.”
    Am I wrong in saying that being willing to build the team for the future and building it the right way is a very patient approach?
    Not only that but Delhomme came free (in terms of picks) where McNabb would of costed a much needed #38 pick. That’d of been a poor investment if McNabb didn’t lead us to the Super Bowl, which lets be honest, this team isn’t going to be in playoff talks for atleast 2 or 3 more years.

  43. oh the mind of the PFT reader amazes me sometimes..
    so people are saying that holmgren should of waited to get a better deal for quinn.. i guess your saying that quinns value was going up.. while at the same time.. the value for mcnabb went down.. i guess thats logical..
    this team got a solid veteran w/o giving up a high draft pick.. a 2nd rounder in this years draft could be a solid player for our team for the next 10 years.. but florio and his minions know more about football than a super bowl winning coach..

  44. Why is everyone talking about Favre?? Florio was referring to Reggie White! Dumbasses! Favre is in his 20th season right now.

  45. “17 years ago, when his Packers acquired a big-name player from the Eagles who eventually helped bring a championship to Titletown.”
    I think you meant the Falcons not Eagles.
    He meant what he wrote favre wasn’t bigtime when he left Atlanta. Christ on a crutch I don’t think I’ve seen stupidity repeated to this degree within one thread here before.
    Reggie freakin White you idiots!

  46. Austskate – “Quinn is younger, has a stronger arm…”
    I literally laughed out loud at this one…
    Quinn’s arm strength was/is abysmal.

  47. Reid trades his franchise QB to a division rival, and this is Holmgren’s loss? I’ll concede that McNabb is a top 10 QB, and has a few years left. But he’ll get hurt again, just like he always does. I’d rather draft a QB of the future rather than a 2 or 3 year oft injured rental.

  48. What do Ammo, Vikes#28Owns, 46&2, and viking4234 have in common?
    They can’t do basic math (2010 – 17 = 1993) and can’t tell the difference between Reggie White (joined Packers in 1993) and Brett Favre (joined Packers in 1992).
    Also, they like to show off how dumb they are.

  49. Pee-wee herman had impluse issues and it never affected him…….oh wait….

  50. Article better suited for the 0-3gles. They rushed into a trade with a division rival. McNabbs value would be same or higher after draft, Holmgren didn’t give up draft picks to get Jakey.
    I would take first offer for Quinn, that is not a division rival, just to get him out of town.

  51. “TheDPR says:
    April 9, 2010 7:05 AM
    I’m not a big fan of Holmgren. I frankly don’t think he is the answer for Cleveland.

    Thanks for the insight numbnuts!

  52. Holmgren getting rid of Quinn and Anderson was the best move he could have made – I was surprised they got anything for either of them. They were a CANCER to the team – not because they were bad people, but because they were bad players at the most important position, and everyone couldn’t decide who to play and truly give a chance to. Delhomme and Wallace, while not spectacular, will improve the team just by NOT being Quinn and Anderson. I think everyone is in agreement that McNabb is a better player than Delhomme, but that doesn’t mean he would be a better fit…

  53. Florio, stick to the legal side of the NFL and stop acting like you know what you are talking about on the football side!!
    What Florio the Weasel left out of the story (shocking!) was Holmgren’s quote that he “didn’t want to give up a pick in the first 3 rounds for McNabb.”
    So while Flowjob goes on and on about how the Browns could have had McNabb for the 38th pick, they didn’t want to give it up!! McNabb isn’t a finisher and as a Browns fan, I honestly didn’t want him because he still is just an overpriced, stop gap for a few years until the Browns get the next long term QB.

  54. Good Holmgren – Heckert moves : Acquiring Gocong/Brown for Hall and Draft picks, signing Ben Watson, Scott Fujita, Tony Pashos (sp), and getting Seneca Wallace
    Questionable Moves : Trading Kamerion Wimbley for 3rd rounder / Trading Quinn for Hillis and picks
    Very questionable moves: Keeping Mangini as coach with O-coordinator / Trading Williams and draft pick to get a slightly higher draft pick / Signing Jake Delhomme for 7 mil.

  55. @dasagency – i guess you are off the Anderson bandwagon now. Never were a Quinnbot were you. Well guess what – Jake is WORSE than Quinn. His arm is a rag. He makes bad decisions and you are paying him a bucket full of money. If, and this is a big if, you win 6 games this year it will be a wild success. Until then, the view from the bottom of the AFC North will remain the same.

  56. Philadelphia would never have dealt McNabb to Cleveland. Lets find something more interesting to write about. Oh and the video thing is not so good. MIKE – you look foolish when questioning the verbage used by your colleague.

  57. As a Browns fan, I did NOT want McNabb. In addition to parting with the high picks, the team would have to negotiate a long-term contract. At this stage of his career and given the talent surroundings in Cleveland, McNabb would not have been worth the money he would’ve commanded.
    So, by taking a pass on McNabb, the Browns are retaining valuable picks and saving the cap space for young talent.

    what are people seeing in this guy/ First it was the Panthers signing him long term then cuttin him and paying him close to 10 million in salary and severance. / Now sucksvilleCleveland coughs up 7 million?????????/ for what?? two surgeries on his throwin arm & no pocket mobility?
    Seneca starts by weeks 4

  59. All you people who don’t realize Florio is talking about Reggie White and not Favre are idiots. All you people who think the Browns are better off with Delhomme and a second round pick ten McNabb are the same. The Browns have done so much with stockpiling young talent recently I can see why you wouldn’t want to give up any of the draft picks. Holmgren hasn’t had a good draft in his career as GM.

  60. Am I the only Browns fan that thinks we won in the Brady Quinn deal (not counting the fact that he was a 1st rounder, but his status as of late)
    I think Peyton Hillis will be a great addition, along with the pick or two we got as well.
    I’m glad to see captain checkdown go, and I’m even more glad we got a great player out of it to go with some picks.
    As for delhomme, i dont know why his salary matters, because its an uncapped year. He is old and a vet, and NO DOUBT better than Anderson AND Quinn.
    Seneca Wallace was brought in to help teach the vet the west coast (delhomme) and then together they can groom a qb of the future.
    Wallace knows holmgren’s systems to a T, and delhomme has presence and experience.
    Combine those together to train a rookie, and you get the PERFECT GUY FOR YOUR SYSTEM.
    Why any Browns fan has a problem with this is beyond me. Seriously. Making us Browns fans look stupid by complaining about it, and Florio is just as stupid for saying what he says.
    The rest of you are too stupid to understand any of this.

  61. Holmgren chose to ADDRESS multiple problems on the team. He didn’t ANSWER most of them but they were all addressed. And they have multiple draft picks to add to those areas as well, experience plus young talent. If all the signings and draft picks work like they envision, the Browns will be light years improved from where they were last season.
    The Redskins chose to ANSWER their problem at QB, but left most of their other problems UNADDRESSED. Now they have a QB, an up and down defense, a porous offensive line and underachieving receiving corps. And they have all of 4 draft picks to fix everything. Unless Shanny works some real magic on the o-line I don’t see Washington improving as much as people think.

  62. I think the biggest problem with Quinn was he could hit escalators in his contract that would push it to $5 million or so. What’s the point in playing someone like that if he’s not going to improve your team now? Maybe moving off the panthers will cure up Delhomme’s penchant for throwing it to other teams. Besides they need to do something in a division where you have 3 good teams and 1 horrible one.

  63. so everytime cleveland starts over with new regime,all the fans cheer and scream about it being a new begining and “we need to give em time”,then after a 4 win season[which was expected] they fire the guys get new FO people,its such a crazy cycle
    With as bad as that team was before the savage guys got there,they gave him what 2 years,wow that surely was enough time,not at all,now you have holmgren,again with the we need to give him time,after 2-3 seasons of 4 or less wins he will be gone
    Even better i love the 5-6 posts talkin bout delhomme gonna make a diff or delhomme gonna be comeback player of the year,terrible,not in the afc north,but hey the rest of the division thanks you very very much for his 20-25 ints a year,great move cleveland,but hey this is the only town that can burn a river

  64. One problem with the whole McNabb thing is he probably would not have played for Cleveland. McNabb wanted to stay on the east coast and he threatened to retire when teams such as Oakland or Buffalo were mentioned as potential trade destinations.
    The fact is Delhomme and Wallace are an upgrade over Quinn and Anderson. Wheather the Browns were to blame or not, Quinn’s progress at the QB position had stalled and Anderson’s progress had gone in reverse. Delhomme and Wallace are not the future for the Browns but they do buy some time and they give the Browns the ability to be competitive for a couple of years while the future is decided.
    Is Holmgren impulsive? Maybe. Did the Browns organization need to make quick moves to improve? Absolutely. Good trades and free agent moves were made early in the season. The new acquisitions now have time to learn the system and be ready for the season rather than trying to learn when the games count in the standings. When the new sheriff rode into town he saw immediate changes that needed to be made. He made them quickly. A real football guy finally took control of this floundering Browns organization and people want to complain? I don’t get it.

  65. This article is total rubbish. Stop trying to give away the Brown’s valuable 2nd round pick.
    It doesn’t matter who the QB is in 2010 and probably 2011 either. The rookie they draft this year will be taking over as the team gets competitive. Same approach as Pennington and the Dolphins in 2008.
    The idea was to get a veteran QB WITHOUT giving up ANYTHING (his salary means little in uncapped 2010/2011 seasons).
    Do you get it? Browns gave up NOTHING.
    One more time… NOTHING.
    FYI .. they gave up a late pick for Sheldon Brown because they needed a veteran in the secondary and there were no viable options in free agency.

  66. Yeaaaaaaa….. Going to 3 Superbowls and winning one is really hampering Holmgren.

  67. Dont bury Holmgren yet Florio, the season is still ahead. I do think that the Delhomme move was a little impulsive, he is not worth that money in a capped or uncapped year, but Holmgren is taking responsibility, so let s see what happens. Andy Reid will regret trading Donovan within the division.

  68. Sure Browns fans, you would rather have garbage ass Delhomme over McNabb, sure. Sour grapes anyone??

  69. Things that Holmgern said that the writer seemed to ignore. Delhomme is only there as a quick fix, not the long term answer. McNabb wanted a contract extention with the team he got. Holmgren’s plan (which he’s said everytime he’s had a PR appearence) is to find a YOUNG QB in the draft to mold into Clevelands long term starter so the contract extention alone made Mcnabb too pricey for Cleveland. The Browns got the better end of the deal since you get a vet QB (Something the Browns have only had twice in the 10 years they’ve been back and never for more than a season) for two years and also get a Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow with that same compensation 1 McNabb would have cost.

  70. Also pulling the plug on the Brady Quinn experiment was needed. The QB derby was getting more publicity than the team itself. Cleveland journalists still report on anything to do with Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson even though both are on different teams now (and will probably cover the Broncos and Cardinals more than the Browns). I don’t understand how anyone thinks a QB with 3 wins in 3 seasons and a QB rating that would be the worst in the league had the Detroit Lions not been on the schedule could get anything more than what they got in a trade. I consider getting a productive, young Peyton Hillis and a couple draft picks for a failed QB a steal. (side note: If Kolb in Philly and Moore in Carolina fail would the 2007 QB class be officially the worst draft class in NFL history?)

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