Lance Briggs: "I still think we need a safety"

The Bears’ defense will look quite different in 2010 than it did in 2009. Julius Peppers has arrived, Alex Brown and Nathan Vasher have departed, and Brian Urlacher will (Chicago hopes) play more than one game. But linebacker Lance Briggs thinks the Bears’ defense is due for one more upgrade.

“I am excited with what we have right now. But I still think we need a safety, a veteran safety, to help our defense,” Briggs said, per Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Briggs said he would have liked to remain teammates with Brown and Vasher, but he called their departures “part of the business.” And he said the Bears’ decision to promote Rod Marinelli from defensive line coach to defensive coordinator has him excited.

“I’m pumped. I think Rod is a guy I respect a ton — and we all do,” Briggs said. “He’s a tough cookie, and I like to say he’s a guy who is in the foxhole with you.”

Briggs just wishes he had a veteran safety in the foxhole with him, too.

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  1. Its time to throw a frontloaded offer at Atogwe. We saved money cutting Vasher and Brown. Use the freed up money on a great safety. Then we can use our draft on Olineman Cbs and reciever.

  2. “He’s a tough cookie, and I like to say he’s a guy who is in the foxhole with you.”
    Hey Lance, just remember, a fox can’t smell it’s own hole.

  3. they could also use a linebacker who doesn’t crash his lamborghini and leave it on the side of the highway during the middle of the night…

  4. packfan4ever – i created a username and login just to tell you that your comment was one of the most irrelevant ones i’ve ever read. Way to not provide anything useful. Go back through your own teams storied history of racists, pedophiles, rapists, scumbag cheapshot artists and thugs and learn a bit about the pack.

  5. Bears wont make a Move for Atogwe until June 1st if he lasts that long because he will be an unrestricted free agent then. Right now, St. Louis will match ANY offer given to Atogwe. No reason to negotiate for St. Louis. There are 2 or 3 other safeties you can get for a decent price that are way better than what we have right now. This team made such a strong push at the start of free agency and have let it all slip away.

  6. Eh, Bears will be subpar again..
    It amazes me how they have never had a star wide-receiever on this team.
    Let’s be honest, their QB has no significant threats, defense is getting old, Forte was a one season wonder, line is junk..
    Oh yeah, Urlacher is over the hill and has been overrated -has poor lateral movement, and generally unathletic – in comparison to other NFL players, obviously.

  7. yes the bears need safety help,but not in the draft[well,not early anyways],they need veteran leadership for winning now,they need to go out and give sharper a 2-3 year deal,he knows both of the rival teams very well,he still has great things left in the tank,and hey they were diving all in this offseason,why not get a guy who will no doubt get his 7-10 picks year in year out
    for sure tho,the bears do indeed need that safety help,but they have so many other wholes that need filling in the draft[without having any draft picks],and since there is no picks,that means go out and buy help,wont get any better than sharper

  8. Exactly! Chicago should trade for Donte Whitner. He has been a starter for the Bills since being drafted #8 overall a few years back, first at SS and more recently at FS. He might be available, due to the success that Jairus Byrd had last year at FS for the Bills, tied for the league lead in interceptions and receiving a Pro Bowl invitation. If the Bears want Whitner, they might be able to get him for a player, possibly for their third and a 2011 conditional, or perhaps for their 2011 second round pick.

  9. Mike Brown is still available. I still don’t know why the Bears haven’t tried to get him back. He’s a proven leader who has excelled in the defense. They would still need to shore up the position in the draft, but the fans and the rest of the team would love to have him back!
    Hey waffle – I’m not one to support a Packer fan, but his post was funny. It’s a freakin’ message board. Stop crying like a little beeyotch!

  10. Yeah the Bears suck but the Chiefs2010 prospects look much better. What a joke your username removes all credibility from anything you could know about football. If you watched Urlacher last year in the preseason or in the Packers game where he got hurt he is finally moving well because he is not favoring his neck or back. He has had a whole year to heal even more and will be a force in the middle of the defense again. If you look at most middle linebackers they don’t last as long as most players cause of the punishment they take much like RB’s. Either way Urlacher should have another good year or two before retiring with hall of fame credentials. How many Chiefs players can you say that about?

  11. Atogwe is young enough with the range and stats to warrant a big deal. He’s the guy that could help you really compete with GB/MINN, not Sharper or Hamlin. A 3rd/4th rounder to fill that position is a dice roll that Angelo usually loses. If the Bears offer a Rolle-type contract, 5yr/35mill, that would hopefully be enough for Rams not to match. Would they get the OK to spend?
    This is the situation you find yourself in when you undervalue important positions, make bad draft picks, and horrible trades. I still can’t believe in this market Angelo traded a 2nd rounder for Adams (grhs). This Angelo/Smith/Phillips administration has really been pantsed the last couple years by GB/MINN.

  12. I Love Mick VIck says:
    April 8, 2010 9:08 AM
    Mike Vick 4ever
    you are a damn idiot

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