Maturity concerns swirl regarding Jason Pierre-Paul

dd928835-154c-4e30-b6ba-3a373ea78084.jpgRegarded as a freakish athlete with unlimited potential, there are concerns in league circles that defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul might not be ready for the NFL.

We’re told that multiple teams have concerns regarding Pierre-Paul based on his interviews, which have featured at times nonsensical answers to fairly basic questions.

Still, he made a huge splash in only one year of major college football, racking up 6.5 sacks in only seven starts.  Along the way, he has soared past teammate George Selvie, who is regarded as an average prospect only two years after dominating the Big East with 14.5 sacks.

Silva has pegged Pierre-Paul as the No. 2 prospect at his position, behind Georgia Tech’s Derrick Morgan.  Others have Pierre-Paul at the top of the heap, projecting that he’ll be a top-ten pick.

Even if he’s not ready to contribute at the NFL level as a rookie, his long-term potential likely makes him worthy of a selection in the top 20 picks.

47 responses to “Maturity concerns swirl regarding Jason Pierre-Paul

  1. The guy started 7 games and had 6.5 sacks and stands to make $10-20+M when he signs.
    What a great country, and you can’t blame this crap on Obama, although some will probably try.

  2. One year wonder? Al Davis won’t care. All he knows is this guy can run a great 40. That’s all Al needs.

  3. I blame Obama that 10-20 Million will be worth about 1-2 Million in 3 years due to inflation.

  4. The guy could be the next, wait, what’s the guy’s name that the jets drafted 2 years ago? Honestly I can’t remember the guy’s name. He was from Ohio State?
    Then again Charles Haley might have been one of the dumbest, most immature players in the history of the league and he was pretty darn productive.

  5. “We’re told that multiple teams have concerns regarding Pierre-Paul based on his interviews, which have featured at times nonsensical answers to fairly basic questions.”
    …sounds like intellect/logic, not maturity.
    Also, one or more examples of these nonsensical answers and these fairly basic questions would be pretty significant pieces of information now that you’re sharing this with us.
    Did I tell you what Donovan said to Andy Reid? Well, it wasn’t good. /article

  6. What’s a nonsensical answer to a fairly basic question? Like responding to “Do you have any siblings?” with “As plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee”?

  7. BUST!!! How can he be the best prospect after only playing in 7 games…7!!!!!!
    Sounds like another Jamarcus Russell situation to me…a couple of good games and the guy is a “future hall of famer” ….how’d that work out for the Raiders!?!?

  8. JPP is nothing like Gholston… JPP is an freak athlete but he actually gives 100%, he is always on the move. He is going to be a big time player.

  9. BS Florio…. there is nothing wrong with that kid…. just putting down your WV rival USF…. why don’t you go straddle Pat White a little.

  10. How is he anything like Gholston? I fail to draw any comparisons, other than the fact that they play the same position.

  11. Bust written all over him…He has to put up more #s than that to be a top pick.

  12. It isn’t like he played in a dominating league. The Big East football is no where near the same as it was when Miami, Va. Tech and Boston College were in the conference. I question the “dominating” I predict a BUST.

  13. @silverNblack
    Welcome to PFT, populated by 80% red-staters. EVERYTHING is Obama’s fault, even when it’s not.

  14. Just listening to this guy talk, there’s no way a team should take him in the first two rounds.

  15. Can anybody, anybody do anything now days with out bringing up the messiah Obama? Please leave him out of football talks cause its the only thing left for people to go and relax without being reminded of his BS! Thanks

  16. Here would be a good article for you guys to write… Who created the myth of the freakish athleticism of Jason PierrePaul??
    Compare him to Carlos Dunlap a player (who has his own fair share of questions) that has put up similar numbers against much tougher competition.
    6’5″ 265
    wingspan 81
    40 4.64
    bench 19
    vert 31.5
    6’6″ 280
    wingspan 84
    40 4.61
    bench 22
    vert 35
    Heres a guy who has 3x the game tape against 10x the competition, an inch taller and 15 lbs bigger but is neck/neck with him in every measurable category.
    Now compare him to a real freak like mario williams…
    6’7″ 295
    40 4.65
    bench 35!!
    vert 40.5
    If JPP is a freak than mario (and julius peppers) must be freekin aliens!! No one is doubting that JPP would be the most athletic guy on the block but the type of athlete that forces you to use a top 20 pick on him after 7 D1 starts?? Not even close… Michael Johnson and Connor Barwin were both much more impressive athletes coming out last year and no one felt the need to break the bank on them

  17. Who does this cat play for?
    I can’t tell by the picture and I’m not up on the Big East.

  18. Any examples of these ‘nonsensical answers?’
    “Jason, what’s your duty in this alignment?”
    “Haha, you said doody!”

  19. Chad Johnson or whatever his name is today manages to hold a career in the NFL. I’m sure this guy will be fine.

  20. I’d take Brandon Graham or Derrick Morgan over JPP every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  21. @ P-way Eagles
    I saw him play also (against Pitt) & he got dominated.
    He may develop into a good player some day, but there is WAY too much bust pot

  22. Yo, Brewster baby! Nobody would blame financial success on your beloved Obamalamadingdong. Now had Jason played 40 games, had 80 sack and was making 10K/year in the NFL, THAT could be attributed to our 1 term turd of a president. After, we all have to pay for whores’ abortions and lazy, unproductive bums’ health insurance.

  23. If the prez had his way, all NFL players would make the same salary. Remember, “now is not the time to make profits” but you can pay a shitload in more taxes.

  24. @P-way: yeah, dominating because a) the competition sucked, and b) Selvie was on the other side, drawing double-teams.
    One word: BUST.

  25. First of all, dude, he did this in the “Big” East. What we All remember is Tebow almost threw for 500 yards against Cinci. You remember him, the one with no receivers and bad mechanics, can’t read defenses, etc? What did FL have, 52 points?
    Yea, Pierre – Paul, he will be something else in the major leagues. Ugh.

  26. If he’s lucky he could pull off the Jevon Kearse – string together a few really good seasons doing nothing but speed rush around the corner, get paid big FA money, disappear.

  27. I’m a South Florida season ticket holder. This guy is the real deal. He truly made Selvie disappear. It wasn’t that he was a sack specialist. It was that he knocked down a number of balls, plays the run well, and doesn’t take plays off.
    not opinion

  28. I don’t understand how Selvie fell so far. He is dominating when healthy. JPP didn’t have half of the production Selvie had at USF, but an injury hampered season and a dip in production and he is a consensus 5th-6th round pick???
    Someone will get a steal in the later rounds with Selvie.
    Go Bulls!!!

  29. @ timegambit
    You’re an idiot.
    South Florida has been in and out of the top 25 for the last 3 years, peaking as high as #2 in 2008.

  30. yo brewster…knckleheads like you blamed Bush for —everything—…now it’s your boy’s turn

  31. I love articles like this that claim some think of him as imature and not ready for the NFL without sighting one example of it.
    I mean;
    – Does he have 3 kids while in college? Ie. Charles rogers?
    – Does he goof around?
    -Did he say he is going to disney in the combine interviews?
    All of this is always taken with a grain of salt, some teams could be tossng out miss information without substance to try to get it to stick.
    Every year there a few like this, this year, it seems like many that can go in the first do.

  32. cleanface says:
    April 8, 2010 11:12 PM
    Is it wrong to call him Black Mike Mamula?
    My thoughts exactly. The ironic part? I saw a mock draft yesterday that had Pierre-Paul being drafted in the first round by- wait for it- The Philadelphia Eagles.
    Why limit yourself to making new mistakes (trading pro bowl QB within division) when you can make old ones over and over again, too.
    Philadelphia – land of the workout wonder.

  33. @ Duck Fallas
    Kearse “disappeared” due to injuries. He shattered his ankle in his free agent year and he was never the same. He did not loose his passion for the game once he got paid.

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