McNabb's dad says timing of trade had meaning

Though we’ve yet to hear anything from Donovan McNabb’s mother regarding the deal that sent her son from Philly to Washington, Donovan’s dad has chimed in.

Regarding the timing of the trade, which went down on Easter evening, Sam McNabb said, “Absolutely, it meant something,” according to Jarrett Bell of USA Today (via Sheil Kapadia of

“We were celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, right?  Then we turn around and Donovan gets resurrected.  Just perfect.”


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129 responses to “McNabb's dad says timing of trade had meaning

  1. Of course that begs the question….did Donovan have sort of special Passover Chunky Soup, or did he just eat bunny cake?
    Enquiring minds want to know.

  2. I’ve got a comment… remember when you were in Little Italy and you took a picture of Florio’s with the crooked F? Yeah… i’ve been there. Just thought it was important to let you know that you and the Martin Keamy have been in the same place. I took a picture of it from the same side of the road too. China Town next?

  3. Wow…that might just be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read on this site…enough said.

  4. “We were celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, right? Then we turn around and Donovan gets resurrected. Just perfect.”
    Resurrected to finishing last in the nfc east

  5. Lol clearly a joke. Dear god Florio you can’t have the “Ugh.” reaction if you cared enough to write an article about it. You are just trying to start the debate and get clicks. Lets see if people are stupid enough to bite.

  6. i guess that implies his career in philly was dead (which it was).
    i hope sam mcnabb chokes on a big fat spoon of campbell’s chunky chili.

  7. McNabb did also make some ridiculous ‘Book of Donovan’ comment during the press conference.

  8. why do we need to hear from his dad??? lol. the timing had no meaning, they had been working on the deal for days and when they got the deal finished it leaked to the media pretty fast.(huge deals are impossible to keep behind closed doors anymore) not sure id consider donovan getting traded to the skins resurrected anyways. him getting traded to a team thats not as good as the eagles(or many teams for that matters) is getting resurrected? lol. ive been a mcnabb supporter since the beginning and sad to see him go but cmon now

  9. Another Florio article bashing somebody for being so erroneous as to make mention of their religion.

  10. The miraculous moment occurred when I wiped my ass with a centuries old piece of linen and McNabb’s face appeared in the smear of my sh*t.

  11. Daddy McNabb may be right – Donovan got crucified by the Cowboys three times last season.

  12. sam mcnabb is correct, donovan was ressurected from that hell hole known as philly. Donovan had to endure “hometown” fans from philly booing him at the draft, he has always been unappreciated, and many of those “so-called fans” would drop many racial slurs towards donovan and his parents at many games, especially back at the vet.

  13. Hey Poor! You don’t have to be poor anymore! Jesus is here! seems a lot more florio’s style. and for reason. back to pft’s roots please.

  14. Sounds like a typical parent who thinks their kid walks on water to me. Also sounds like it was a bit tongue in cheek.

  15. Jesus’ resurrection? You sure you weren’t just celebrating Eoestre, the pagan holiday celebrating the changing of the seasons? Why exactly are bunnies and eggs the symbols of the season? Fertility symbols, maybe?
    Enjoy your fake religion!

  16. # this class sucks says: April 8, 2010 12:50 AM
    Lol clearly a joke. Dear god Florio you can’t have the “Ugh.” reaction if you cared enough to write an article about it. You are just trying to start the debate and get clicks. Lets see if people are stupid enough to bite.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You were stupid enough to do it!

  17. whoops, that comment didnt make sense ( his and her). Being drunk and reading your crappy site isnt good……oh well. i’ll stand by my comments, you suck!

  18. One.. McNabb is not the character in a fictional tale like the one in the fictional book known as the bible.
    Two.. A certain level of confidence is good. It shows that both he and his core support group(in this case, his family) believe in him..
    @this class sucks
    “Lol clearly a joke. Dear god Florio you can’t have the “Ugh.” reaction if you cared enough to write an article about it. You are just trying to start the debate and get clicks. Lets see if people are stupid enough to bite.”
    Umm, you were the 6th person to bite so does that indicate a self proclamation of stupidity?

  19. Is there room for two Messiah’s in DC? The Media treats Obama like the second coming of Jesus Christ, despite doing absolutely nothing since taking office. ESPN & Papa McNabb treats Little McNabb as the second coming as well, despite being a mediocre QB who could never win a big game. I’m sure the two will be having a “beer summit” in the near future to compare their shared superhuman power of accomplishing nothing and still receiving praise for it.

  20. We don’t get to pick our parents.
    The best thing about not being rich and famous is my parents can’t really embarrass me.

  21. Nice to see that moderate celebrity means that all of the idiots in your family get a microphone. Donovan today is making that noise that Lurch used to make on the Adams Family.

  22. Have fun Washington..this is the type of crap you hear from McNabb’s family every week..can’t wait til his annoying mom starts next

  23. God sent his only begotten quarterback to save the Redskins from the sins of Daniel Snyder?
    No wonder god takes Sunday’s off–he’s READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!
    I’m sure Mac-Daddy McNabb is reading some new, new testament we’ve yet to see and the Eagles no longer believe.

  24. Some thoughts for you haters………Look what he did with a bunch of kids last year.Don’t forget the Oline was 4 starters shy!Andy(shulda been gone)finally got him some weapons and ships him off.He had Pinkston(gone) Baskett(again Baskett
    )Lewis(a gamer with no skills)Mitchell(who?)Na brown(again who?)Owens(superbowl with a spoiled child)Seriously,who lost the game Mcnabb got us to in Ariz?Are sorry ass D.Not #5You haters need to get real!Andy is an ego maniac.He passes on 3rd and inches for god sake!

  25. Hmmm. He had summer camp in Bethlehem. Which is a few miles away from Nazareth. He was crucified (in Philly). And he’s 33.

  26. I am a strong believer that McNabb has for the past 5-6 years been trying to shape himself into something he is not. Whatever that is…it makes him appear very phoney and immature at times. He can be as good as he is BUT he doesnt have what it takes to be a Superbowl winner.
    Maybe its genetic……???????????

  27. If you actually read the USA Today piece and realize all of the crap that McNabb has had to endure in his Philly years, it isn’t surprising at all that this man’s father would acknowledge his happiness and satisfaction in seeing his son’s fortunes take a clear turn for the better, especially on a day when believers celebrate the ressurection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sounds like the man is wise enough to call a good day a good day when he sees one.
    Good on ya, Mr. McNabb!

  28. But we were always taught that Jesus’ resurrection was when Tebow came back after that concussion.
    Gator fan

  29. It never ceases to amaze me; how many scumbag pions post on this blog. You punks are the emphitamy of failure. The poster children for mindless freaks.

  30. Before he could be resurrected, didn’t Jesus have nails driven through his hands and feet into a cross and the cross then raised so that said nails held his weight until he died?
    I guess thats the same as being a less than perfect NFL quarterback.
    Good analogy.

  31. Ummm clearly it wasnt a a joke. some years back during the t. owens episode sam mcnabb likened the situation to “black on black” crime. the “book of donovan” quote was a personal favorite. hes got a persecution complex and his family and handlers feed right into it. after getting smoked by the cowboys twice to end the season mcnabb sat there and declared the season a successful one. when pressed about that comment he blurts.. “Hey, sorry we didnt go 16-0”. any wonder how a fan base could dislike this guy. he’s just not authentic

  32. Well, half of the sporting world thinks that God, Jesus or whatever sincerely wanted them to score a touchdown. If these guys are moronic enough to believe in a made-up super entity that has the free time to determine sports outcomes than I am sure that their parents are dumb enough too.
    Sam NcNabb’s comments sound like they were made by an idiot. After listening to his son ramble on during press conferences about his garbage conspiracies and excuses I find no surprise in his dad’s comments. The apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree.

  33. Book of Donovan, Chapter 1, Verse 1:
    Thou shalt crumble under pressure like the very sand that fills the Sinai.

  34. Well, I guess that is more of a commandment from our Lord Donovan, but you get my drift. (Easter. Imagine a bunch of little children-Redskin fans going on a Chunky Soup Can hunt on the lawn at the White House).

  35. Ok now. This is REALLY getting too much.
    Even Redskins fans must be starting to cringe at how this is starting to get.

  36. now you know why 90% of philly is relieved this idiot is gone…if its not his dad its his mother what a ridiculous idiotic family.ill have my mom tweet about my job and lets see how long i stay employed as she has been bad mouthing the eagles for years.she should shutup and thank the eagles for making her rich!

  37. He was traded for your sins, Iggles fans. On the third day he gave a Presser, in fulfiment of the scribes. He ascended in pay, and sits at the right hand of the father Mike. Amen.

  38. Believe, all ye Followers, Believe!!!!!!!
    Redskins will be the first NFC team to play a Super Bowl in the new Dallas Stadium!!!!!!!!!
    Couldn’t get any sweeter than that, could it??

  39. # this class sucks says: April 8, 2010 12:50 AM
    Lol clearly a joke. Dear god Florio you can’t have the “Ugh.” reaction if you cared enough to write an article about it. You are just trying to start the debate and get clicks. Lets see if people are stupid enough to bite.
    Well…….you were.

  40. D-Mac handle this whole thing with class. His dad however is dimishing that by trying to be cute. His dad makes D-Mac appear as though he was failing in Philly and the trade will save his career. What a dope.

  41. Donovan is no Jesus,but when we all see him,a lot of white people will be floored by the,lol,rofl,end scene.

  42. Redskins fans…meet the family. It’s truly a circus.
    Wait til you see Wilma, she’ll cheer against your team if McNabb ever gets hurt and misses time.
    And, like Philly, I know DC has issues with crime and drugs and guns. Of course, these issues impact poor African American neighborhoods as well. So Maybe match these up with what Donovan describes as “black on black crime” (someone called him a mean name on TV).
    The whole family are professional martyrs. And are very, very silly people in general.
    PS – does this make Andy Reid Pontius Pilate? And Kolb is Barabas?

  43. When Donovan was nailed to the cross he could be heard shouting out “Andy””Andy” “Andy” in a low weakened voice.
    Andy Reid hearing his pro bowl QB calling out his name, starts to scale the hill that Donovan was on. As the portly coach made his ascent, soldiers beat Coach Reid with clubs knocking him down. Reid gets up and continues, meanwhile Donovan in only a loin cloth and nailed to the cross in the hot sun, continues to call out for the coach”Andy Andy Andy” in an even more low but ever weakening voice.
    Finally the chubby Coach reaches the top of the mountain after nearly an hour of climbing it while being beaten and knocked down and getting up.
    An exhausted Reid then approaches Donovan his QB and says ” yes Donovan what do you want?”
    Donovan then says ” Coach I can see the stadium from here!”

  44. Chef’s Father: Well, aren’t you crackers just cute as the dickens?
    Stan: You’re chef’s parents?
    Chef’s Mother: Yes, all his life.
    Kyle: [in a hurry] We have to talk to him!
    Chef’s Father: Well, he should be out now directly.
    Chef’s Mother: He’s so excited about the wedding now.
    Chef’s Father: Say, would you crackers like to hear about the time we met the Loch Ness Monster?
    Stan: [impatiently] No, that’s okay.
    Chef’s Father: Ooh, it must have been about seven, eight years ago. Me and the little lady was out on this boat, you see, all alone at night, when all of the sudden this huge creature, this giant crustacean from the Paleolithic Era, comes out of the water.
    Chef’s Mother: We was so scared, Lord have mercy, I jumped up in the boat, and I said, “Thomas, Thomas, what on earth is that creature?”
    Chef’s Father: It stood above us looking down with these big red eyes…
    Chef’s Mother: Oh, it was so scary!
    Chef’s Father: …and I yelled, I said, “What do you want from us, monster?” And the monster bent down, and said, “I need about tree-fitty.”
    [long pause]
    Kyle: What’s tree-fitty?
    Chef’s Father: Tree dollars, and fitty cents.
    Chef’s Mother: Tree-fitty.
    Stan: He wanted money?
    Chef’s Father: That’s right. I said, “I ain’t givin’ you no tree-fitty, you goddamn Loch Ness Monster! Get your own goddamn money!”
    Chef’s Mother: I gave him a dollar.
    Chef’s Father: She gave him a dollar.
    Chef’s Mother: I thought he’d go away if I have him a dollar.
    Chef’s Father: Well, of course he’s not gonna go away, Mary! You give him a dollar, he’s gonna assume you got more!

  45. A pleasant side effect of McNabb not being on the Eagles any more is that now Redskins fans are the ones that get play “what will Wilma and/or Sam say next?”

  46. Ugh is right!
    Would the people who believe in Jesus mock those who believe in the Easter Bunny? If so, why? Both are ridiculous fictions.

  47. Enough about mcnabb shut the f up Donovan’s dad and mother nobody cares to here what you 2 have to say. whos gonna chim in next his dog and cat!!!!

  48. Well, this may be a true resurrection for Donovan. That other dude?, we know that’s a fable.

  49. Holy shi*,
    All of this time I didn’t realize instead of going to church on sunday I could have just gone down to the linc to worship. Now I get it, donovan is jesus-the son of god, and that makes sam……drumroll please……GOD himself. Please have mercy on our souls, Sam. Good riddens to the Mcnabbs’.

  50. forget what anybodys else said, “ugh” was perfect, its was the only word i was thinking of after reading that stupid comment, then i saw it, it was perfect

  51. Well he’s been compared to Elway, Farve, Montana,Young and many others. Why not Jesus. Mcnabb also sings better than Elvis and when he speaks he sounds like President Regan. When he chews gum he’s prettier than the double mint twins. In the picture on his mantle he looks like the Mona Lisa and when he does the moonwalk he’s better than Michael Jackson. Bernard Hopkins better watch out because he’s a better boxer than Ali. He just can’t win a Super Bowl.

  52. Wow the are some major league bitter fans posting on this one. It’s really pretty noteworthy in the fact that it kind of proves DM’s point that Philly fans are a whiny bunch full of sour grapes who by all accounts are never satisfied.
    IF he was such a problem then why all the outrage and gnashing of teeth? You all should be thrilled about this, he’s gone.
    Why are Philly fans disturbed or outraged over his behaviour? Your fanbase has treated the guy like total dogcrap since day one when he was freakin booed at the freakin draft he was attending…by the fans of the team who drafted him! To say you guys deserve what you get in these regards would be a huge understatement.
    Zero playoff success for how many decades and this guy comes along and takes your team to the NFC Championship 5 times in 11 years (including a trip to the Super Bowl), and you dolts are bitching about his tenure? Well yep this Redskins fan is thrilled to have the guy (after I took about 40 showers over rooting for an arch rival) family drama and all. His Dad’s overinflated pride in his son will have exactly two effects on Redskins play on Sundays…jack and squat.I also know a lot of parents that would say about as over the top thing about their own kids who they literally think are God’s gift. What’s so unusual about a parent singing their kids praises in an over the top exaggerated manner? Do Philly fans not have kids? Have they never had parents who embarrass their kids with absurd declarations like this? Wake up folks, this is what many parents do.
    The Eagles will regret this bigtime and it couldn’t happen to a classier bunch of fans.

  53. Religion is the virus that has retarded humanity’s growth.
    Time for enlightenment 2.0.
    Turn on the lights, wake up, and stop brainwashing your kids into believings bs myths America.

  54. Maybe his dad can do a Campbell’s Soup commercial.. with Donovan staring at the camera… and his dad’s voice telling us how great his son is, and how he will lead us all…
    oh wait… been done.

  55. Redskins fans now also get a front row seat to the post game press conferences where McNabb reminds people that no matter how bad he played, they lost as a team and there is plenty of blame to go around.

  56. # 123456789 says: April 8, 2010 5:38 AM
    It never ceases to amaze me; how many scumbag pions post on this blog. You punks are the emphitamy of failure. The poster children for mindless freaks.
    It never ceases to amaze me how many scumbag peons post on this blog. You punks are the epitome of failure. The poster children for mindless freaks who cannot spell.
    You guys make Terry Bradshaw look like a Rhodes Scholar.

  57. As Tony Montana told Mel in Scarface….”why don’t you get one of those first class tickets to the resurrection…so long Mel have a good trip”. So long 5 have a good trip!!!!!

  58. MileHighMadness says:
    April 8, 2010 2:00 AM
    Cocaine is a helluva drug!
    Beautiful, there MileHighMadness. Rick James! Good laugh on that one. Thanks.

  59. Really?
    As a Christian, I find the statement flat out moronic.
    Apparently family members should not be allowed to be interviewed if their skewed view of reality is…oh, wait a minute, this is actually fun to read these….give a nut 15 minutes of fame and he’s sure to crack!

  60. Isn’t it time we all stop and ask ourselves of we:
    “Got McNabb?”
    or at least:
    “What wouldn’t McNabb do?”
    I think Mr. McNabb Sr. needs to get together for Sunday brunch at Bob Evans with Stanley Edwards (Braylon’s father) after church next week and discuss more dillusional ways they feel their sons have been disrespected.

  61. when you find yourself comparing a man to the son of God in anyway please feel free to do a reality check on yourself.

  62. # Sean says: April 8, 2010 3:10 AM
    I heard that DeSean Jackson denied knowing Donovan three times before the trade.
    Literally had me laughing out loud. Well done!

  63. lmfao @ Raider3:16 telling someone to do a reality check on himself when he believes in
    – fairies
    -talking ghosts
    How can any religious person tell anyone to
    Have a reality check.

  64. …and he fumbled that snap because he was bleeding from the wrists.
    We are not talking about Romo here.

  65. There is a comparison-
    -The Eagles will be better without Donovan
    -Religion in general
    Both Myths.

  66. HandsofSweed says:
    April 8, 2010 6:45 AM
    Book of Donovan, Chapter 1, Verse 1:
    Thou shalt crumble under pressure like the very sand that fills the Sinai.
    Amen, brother.

  67. bunker says:
    April 8, 2010 9:36 AM
    This actually makes sense, because God only hates Jon Kitna.
    This post is spawning the greatest comments ever. Keep em coming.

  68. Mooch and others nailed it on McNabb and his whole family and their passive aggressive whiny excuse making martyr BS.
    Even if this was a joke by his father, it’s in poor taste to compare your child publicly to Jesus…and I am an atheist.
    Another thing that irks the crap out of me…that a handful of Philly fans who booed him at the draft are held up as an example of “OH POOR DONNIE MAC” in about every media story on DM. I watch every single draft and I am here to tell you…Mario Williams got booed louder when he was drafted than DM did. Hell, lots of kids did. Now, I don’t like booing of players when they are drafted, I think it sucks. They should be allowed to enjoy their day and be excited. But to act like DM is the ONE GUY EVER who was booed and it was SOOOO HUGE and the only time it’s ever happened to a player is insane.

  69. Man, all of you Eagle haters on here are so F’n lame. You guys wanna sit here and tell us Eagle fans that we should have appreciated McNabb a lot more, when just a few weeks ago, you guys were the same ones that said shit like “McNabb cant win the big game” “he chokes in big games”, and now you guys expect us to miss the sarcastic little grin he has when the game is on the line with less than 2 minutes left??LOL.

  70. It is so true. McNabb will take the Redskins to the promise land while Kolb will take the Eagles to last place for the next 5 years. Get use to it Lowell Rikert and the rest of the front running Philly fans.

  71. Gizzy, what are you talkin bout. You probably dont know anyting bout the ball game. You must be a boys fan! Nuff said!!

  72. @Palaceofsin
    Huh. If you read my post carefully, you will see that I am implying that people who are going to debate (such as your self) over this quote are stupid.

  73. You gotta come with better material than Chunky Soup references, lame. McNabb’s parents need to shut up. There is not one person on this earth outside of the McNabb family that wants to hear his opinion on anything.

  74. McNabb will beat the beagles two games a year over the next four. And what’s worse is that beagles will be watching Donovan in the playoffs. SO laugh that off all you ignorant ingrates. be very careful what you wish for….because you got it…total futility. Ha ha ha ha

  75. Beagles fans are not very smart at all. You had the best quarterback in your sorry franchises history and you couldn’t wait to cast him out of town. Didn’t your city get the idea after trading Barkley. Your teams suffer for years trying to overcome bad trades. This is why you suck!

  76. Reggie Miller got booed when he was drafted.
    In 20 years, few will barely remember McNabb. But Reggie will always be remembered, because he transformed himself into a killer. He didn’t base his career and public persona on victimhood and pity.
    And I don’t care if Reggie is not known in your part of Paducah. In real sports cities, specifically NYC, Reggie’s legend WILL live forever.

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