Redskins take a look at Trent Williams

NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock thinks that left tackle Trent Williams would be the best fit for the Redskins with the fourth overall pick in the 2010 draft.  The Redskins seem to at least be willing to do their due diligence in this regard.

Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan in D.C. reports that Williams has visited the Redskins.

The Redskins also have visited this week with Russell Okung.

Mayock believes that Williams is a better fit for the zone-blocking scheme that the Redskins are implementing, given that it requires more agility and quickness.  Still, with a 33-year-old quarterback who has had nearly as many operations as Cavity Sam, pass blocking will be even more important.  Russ Lande of Sporting News thinks Williams will be gone at No. 2, to the Lions; Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly has concerns regarding Williams’ work ethic and bust potential.

12 responses to “Redskins take a look at Trent Williams

  1. Give McNabb protection and he will take the Redskins to the playoffs. Redskins fans will come to appreciate him, unlike those front-running Philly fans (like lowell rikert).

  2. look i love everybody (other than mike wise) at JFK as much as the next guy but you are giving chris russell waaaaaaaaaay too much run.
    Russ Lande is the biggest joke of a “draft expert” to ever exist. Dude knows NOTHING about ANYTHING and lives/dies with the “i am going to say something completely asinine and try and get your attention” philosophy. How the hell do you have earl thomas dropping to the second pick in the second round one week and then have him going 5th overall (ahead of eric berry) the next week.

  3. Williams will be a bust if he goes to the Skins. He will get paid big bucks and half ass it like all the Skins have done since Snyder took over.

  4. Dmac you was one of my faves when you was an eagles, and I still think your a good QB. With that said you are on another team now, plus its one with in our division. No more “FLY EAGLES FLY” for you….hahahaha Eagles know your weak spots left and right and know how to get to you. You are going down like syndrome. Eagles mine as well know they are only getting a 4th round pick next yr from the foreskins. Oh well that’s better then nothin. Eagles fans what’s your 1st round mock pick? Ill go with everson griffon.

  5. Dear Eaglemafia,
    You are the reason I hate Eagles fans.
    Sincerely a literate Skins fan.

  6. Its funny how the Pigeon fans think that because McNabb played for them, they know his weaknesses…you don’t think he knows the weakness of the Defense? Who can man up and who can’t, who’s always out of position in zone, who bites on the double move and who doesn’t? Give me a break.

  7. “you are giving chris russell waaaaaaaaaay too much run.”

    Agree 100%.. Chris Russell is a nimrod who couldn’t report his way out of a paper bag.

  8. dabarber is a closet Skins fan just waiting until we beat up on romo the homo in dallass this year. We will all take notice when homo is on his back courtesy of Orakpo. What is dabarber anyway? Is that a play off of Da Bears? Make up your mind on what team you want to cheer for you fickle cowgurl.

  9. @ieHardSkinsFan21
    Hahaha. Redskins will suck for the next 5 years and probably forever as long as Jerry Jones wannabe Danny Boy Snyder owns them.

  10. dabarber is clearly Tiki Barber. This board is now the only way he can get on “NBC” with his lucid and erudite commentary. Plus, the other barber is just a Ronde, with a SB ring, so Ronde can’t be dabarber.

  11. apparently no one is recognizing a trend with allen/shannahan….ie, expect the unexpected. mcnabb? which genius out there “predicted” that one? i “predict” that the skins will do something none of the “geniuses” have predicted. there, the only correct prediction.

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