Titans won't give up first-round pick for Haynesworth

Let’s ignore the complicated financial aspects of an Albert Haynesworth trade for a minute.

What would he cost in terms of trade compensation?

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, who is about as clued in to his team as any beat writer, breaks down what the Titans would give up for their former defensive tackle.

The Titans would not be willing to part with their first-round pick.  They don’t have a second-round pick, but would be willing to give up a third-rounder for Haynesworth.

Well, that’s pretty specific.  At his reduced salary level, Haynesworth has plenty of value.  We’d guess he has more value than a third-rounder, but this is new territory we’re wading into.

Using a 2011 draft pick to sweeten the deal is a possibility, if the Redskins are truly motivated sellers.

36 responses to “Titans won't give up first-round pick for Haynesworth

  1. are u sure the Titans even want him back? he slapped them in the face last offseason

  2. Haynesworth is worth MUCH more than a single first round pick.
    He is single-handedly the most dominant DL in the league.
    Cue the pundits……

  3. Someone would have to be an idiot to give up too much for him, even at the lower pay (now that the ‘Skins have been bent completely over). This is how it would go down. Trade day one, and day two Fat Albert would say “I ain’t showing up without a new contract”. He’s a mental midget and I just wish maybe maybe Danny Boy Snyder learns something from this.

  4. Just wanna point out that if this guy is doing any more than making this up and sharing his personal opinion, this is considered tampering if they have discussed even privately an interest in trading for Haynesworth with a member of the media.

  5. single handedly the dominant DL in the league? Seriously? You must be a Cowboys fan. He may be when A) He tried and B) when he’s on the field. I know there are stats for the number of snaps he played, but playing from the their 20 yd line to your 30 yrd line then having to take a 20 minute “rest” while pretending you’re hurt does NOT qualify for the BEST. The best are there when you need them. He’s an over-paid, fat sack of crud. Oh yeh, and he has the mental capacity of a baby fish. I’m not sure how big that is, but I’m assuming it’s pretty small.

  6. A dominant player who quit being dominant once he got paid. Much like Assante, Adalius, etc. The brink truck brings that sometimes. He’s worth a second rounder.

  7. Fat Albert is a useless piece of shit. He got his money from Little Danny and will only get fatter and lazyer for the rest of his career. He has NO incentive to workout or play hard. Cheeseburgers and fried chicken is all he cares about.

  8. how about tennessee gives up their first and third round pick for haynesworth and washington’s second round pick…that’s pretty fair, even though haynesworth is completely overrated…

  9. HAHA thats laughable, say what you will about his weight or attitude. Any dope would know he’s worth a 1st and more. because of the double and triple teams on him last year Orakpo (rookie)and Carter both scored 11 sacks each. Anybody with common sense knows he WAS the reason why.

  10. It’s not for lack of talent, but for lack of mental capacity that his career is nearly at its end. The Titans would be fools to trade for him, but no one said they weren’t fools.

  11. Got paid, got fat. Rarely plays all 16 games, stomps on heads and is getting old. I’d give up a 2nd if he would play NT in a 3-4 but he will not and for what the Redskins paid him they will want a 1st at the very least. I say the Skins keep him and fine him / take him to court and get money back if he refuses to play NT. When did DL players become Divas?

  12. Thats sort of like the Eagles giving up a first for McNabb to the Redskins. I know it isn’t the same thing but it is about as likely to happen.

  13. A hater (downwithdansynder), go get some prozac, your going to have a heart attack with all that hate, You need to learn something: Synder has more money than you’ll see in three lifetimes, Haynesworth is blimp on the screen to him. And yes if they let him go, ShannyAllen FO will get something for him before he leaves.

  14. He underperformed his contract last year, time to give money back. If players got minimum salaries and were strictly paid on performance, sports would so much better. Football is still great, but it would make MLB and NBA watchable. The NBA could end tomorrow and I would be thrilled.

  15. Aside from Tennessee, he could easily end up in Dallas, Denver, New England or Detroit…

  16. I wouldnt give more then a 3rd rounder for the guy, Maybe a 3rd rounder this year and next year.

  17. How the hell is he worth more than a 3rd?
    Consider his attitude and then throw in his salary.
    You don’t end up with a pretty picture, that’s for sure.

  18. This whole Fat Albert thing is really getting out of hand. There is no cure for the DIVA virus.
    The Skins are holding him hostage. He can’t leave unless he meets the team’s demands to repay a substantial portion of that $21 million signing bonus (Read – Poison Pill). It would be a violation of NFL rules for any other team picking up the tab.
    Note to Fat Albert: You were a disgrace last year, and now, it’s time for you to reearn your spurs. Play NT, and pray that Shanny lets you out of the doghouse. You are a sheep in wolve’s clothing.
    Note to Mayhew & Schwartz: Do not get any of this on you! Be afraid ….. Very afraid!

  19. Albert is a dominant player and has been for a few years now. Even last season with his stats being a little bit down, he dominated when he was on the field. He was a big reason Brian Orakpo and Andre Carter were able to put up big sack numbers last year.
    That being said he has a bad attitude that will bring down his value somewhat, how much will depend on what the Redskins do with his contract. If the contract remains as is, I think almost any team should be willing to give up at least a 2nd AND a 3rd, if not a 1st for this guy.
    If the Skins want to get some of that money back they could do so but it would cost them trade value. There is no rule that prevents the Skins from going to Albert and telling him if he wants a trade he has to restructure his contract, giving back some of that $21M and putting it into a guaranteed bonus due later this offseason. If that were the case it would bring his value down significantly depending on how much his new team would be stuck paying.

  20. The only team that would give up a 1st round pick for Big Al is the team who’s roster he is currently on. These days 2nd round picks are so highley coveted by GM’s that he isn’t likely to be swapped for one of those either. I’d say something like a 3 and 4 or straight up player for player would be the most realistic. Unless the Skins just want to cut ties and toss him to Oakland for what ever Old Al wants to give up. But hey, I would have never thought a team would trade their franchise QB to a division rival either.

  21. Well, ask yourself this, what did Shaun Rogers, Marcus Stroud, and Kris Jenkins all have in common?
    Each was traded for a 3rd Rd pick plus lesser compensation. The Rogers trade included Leigh Bodden and the other two included 5th Rd picks.
    Given what Boldin and McNabb commanded, it’s fair to say that players who are closer to the end of their careers may command a couple of mid-round picks, but not 1st or 2nd Round picks.

  22. Considering the Titans know how much of a baby he is, this could be a perfect fit
    Other teams may not be ready for his cry baby, teenager attitude when things got even slightly bad

  23. “Haynesworth is worth MUCH more than a single first round pick.
    He is single-handedly the most dominant DL in the league.”
    BS, he’s an undisciplined, injury prone hothead and a terrible teammate that wants the entire team unhappy if he’s not happy.

  24. Lion’s should pick him up for their 2nd round pick… or swap 1st round picks… (same value)… anyway… if this happens both of our teams would get the player we wanted (Williams to Washington and Okung to Detroit).

  25. in other captain obvious news….
    The redskins dont have a 2nd rounder or a third but would be willing to give up a 4th rounder for Tom Brady.

  26. Give a 3rd round draft pick plus LenWhale, along with some vasoline because they are going to need it.

  27. Mr. Shanahan baby, your dream trade is here: Albert Haynesworth to the Atlanta Falcons for DE Jamaal Anderson, a 3rd round pick (#83) in a couple of weeks, and a conditional 2011 pick. Since you were supposedly willing to unload S LaRon Landry for McNabb throw him in with Haynesworth and receive in return S Erik Coleman & WR Michael Jenkins also. Have your people call my people and we’ll start a dialogue. Welcome back to the league, sir.

  28. Coach Weasel (Shanahan) needs to secure both a future LT and a nose guard for the Redskins to have a fighting chance in 2010. If he signs Flozell, and gets a couple of thirds for Fat Albert from the Tight-Uns, he uses those picks as part of a deal with Detroit for the Suh (second) pick. The Future is Now, once again in DC.

  29. (how about tennessee gives up their first and third round pick for haynesworth and washington’s second round pick…that’s pretty fair, even though haynesworth is completely overrated…)
    fyi…skins gave up 2nd for mcmuffin

  30. .Vox Veritas. says: April 8, 2010 8:30 PM
    “Haynesworth is worth MUCH more than a single first round pick.
    He is single-handedly the most dominant DL in the league.”
    And yet the Skins are trying to trade the most dominant DL in the league, Hmmmmmmm. Very interesting and it says wonders about him that they are trying to trade the guy.

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