Colts have had no contact with Marcus McNeill

Last week, we included in a “five moves that should be made” item for that the Colts should sign Chargers left tackle Marcus McNeill to an offer sheet.

Apparently, the item somehow morphed into a report that the Colts planned to do so.

We’ve since learned — and confirmed — that the Colts have had zero contact with McNeill.  So with only five days and change remaining before the expiration of the deadline for signing restricted free agents to offer sheets, it’s highly unlikely that the Colts will make a move.

In the remaining period of time, they’d have to reach out to McNeill, bring him in for a visit, negotiate a contract, consider whether to include a poison pill aimed at keeping the Chargers from matching the offer, and then work the thing out.  Meanwhile, the Colts are otherwise getting ready for the draft.

It therefore would be a shock if the Chargers fire up the engines five weeks after the period for talking to McNeill started — and only five days before the window slams shut.

14 responses to “Colts have had no contact with Marcus McNeill

  1. I didnt read your” five moves that should be made” but does the section you have on McNeil mention that he has a spinal condition, I think stenosis? it caused him to fall into the second round to begin with, and some teams regardless of his talent wont sign him due to legitimate health concerns just like they wouldnt draft him.

  2. Those of us in San Diego know how this rumor was started.
    It began with a short, bald, wig-wearing blowhard named Hacksaw. He’s a local sports talk host who read what Florio wrote and turned it into an all-out rant against the local team, which fired him as announcer in the past.
    Hacksaw has a vendetta against Spanos and he consistently looks for reasons to bad mouth the team’s direction. Florio’s idea turned into another way to do that. Nevermind the fact Florio clearly defined the move was just a recommendation, not actually being discussed.

  3. It was a ridiculous idea to begin with. Polian builds through the draft, not free agency.

  4. REALLY? You’re saying HACKsaw was WRONG? wow, that’s a first. /sarcasm

  5. IND builds through the draft almost exclusively so you picked the wrong team to sensationalize in your monster blockbuster FA transaction fantasy.
    This is the like the headline type reporting in the Shipping News to spectacularize non-events. ” Great Storm looming offshore, to reach land in next few days”. A day later “Winds shift to NE, Great storm averted”.

  6. But you predicted it…. Anyone who thought the Colts would sign him is an idiot.

  7. Escondido! Poway! National City! Santee! North Park! From the Canadian Rockies to the Mexican border! I want to talk sports with you!
    Those of us who are Charger fans know this moronic line.

  8. I would give a 6th rounder for McNeal, he is kind of overrated… just like the Chargers the NFL paper champions.

  9. Wait, so some football know-nothing West Virginian lawyer/hack suggested something for an NFL team to do and then they don’t… is newsworthy?
    Incredible. Just the facts, Florio. Your opinions on personnel and play are less relevant than most talking heads out there so when a near billion dollar franchise doesn’t take one of your poorly thought-out and ill-conceived suggestions, IT ISN’T NEWS!

  10. You mean someone took a speculation and somehow ran with it as something real? Shocking. I mean, I have never seen anything like that happen outside of sports.

  11. I have an idea. How about those who come to PFT expecting syndicated sports reporting on the level of a major media network temper their expectations, realize that PFT isn’t meant to fill those roles, and figure out that their tired act in the comments section is, well, tired?

  12. this guy is my stud & i hope my chargers don’t lt him go. guy is hilarious and great tackle!!

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