Deion labels Donovan deal "dumbest trade ever," coins new phrase in the process

We can never close the book on a high-profile NFL transaction without considering the perspective of Deion Sanders.

And Deion has spoken.

In a Thursday night appearance on NFL Network, Deion compares the trade of Donovan McNabb from the Eagles to the Redskins to the “Herschel Walker shibacle.”

Yes, shibacle.  (Sheil Kapadia of spells it with an “o”.)  The next linguistic development presumably will come when Emmitt Smith converts the term into the verb form, “to shibacle.” 

Sanders eventually calls the move the “dumbest trade ever.”

Later in the spot, Deion uses the term “debacle,” which makes us think that maybe he was intentionally combining the word “sh-t” and “debacle.”  If so, well played, Deion.  Well played.

144 responses to “Deion labels Donovan deal "dumbest trade ever," coins new phrase in the process

  1. These are the type of stories that keep me coming back to PFT. Good job guys.

  2. This is the problem with letting ex-players become analysts. There’s a reason they get hired to be talked heads for espn and not for positions with nfl teams, where the people who actually have football smarts go.

  3. Deon Sanders is an IDIOT!!! Just another ex player who can’t keep his f*cking mouth shut…

  4. “Well played”? I think you give Deion way too much credit for actually thinking before he speaks.

  5. Yes……Brilliant comparison Deion…The Walker trade was the greatest fleecing in NFL history, which propelled Dallas to 3 Super Bowl victories. It realy compares to the Eagles trading an aging QB for the 37th pick in the draft. But i’m sure NcNabb’s race had nothing to do with his truly insightful comparison….

  6. shibacle, shibacle, shibacle….
    The girl you’ll never get.
    shibacle, shibacle, shibacle….
    But you can win her yet.

  7. So….is he saying this was a dumb trade for the Eagles, or a dumb trade for the Redskins?
    You might want to make that clear in the article.

  8. Deion and Warren are the NFL Networks version of dumb and dumber. I doubt this tidbit will be brought up around November when everyone sees that Philadelphia got the best of this one. How does he get paid money for this crap?

  9. its not even the worst skins trade ever. so how could it be the worst trade ever?

  10. Prime is a bonehead, but he was absolutely right. The truth hurts. If I were the skins I would have McNabb room with the green dot players on defense. it’s going to be like Tampa vs the Raiders in the Superbowl.

  11. Coming from one of the Dumbest analyst ever, it was expected. The only reason NFL Network keeps Deion around as he makes everyone else look smart and of course he sparks alot of interest in his dumb remarks. The guy is a dope.

  12. Deion is the dumbest analyst ever.
    Well, maybe not, but he’s close. He needs to come up with a new formala for his sentence-forming shibacles.

  13. It’s a little bit harsh to call it the dumbest trade ever. McNabb isn’t all that bad. Sure, he pukes on the field in the biggest game of his life, but really, puking or choking what’s the difference?

  14. Shibacle: noun. Something that makes very little sense to the reasonably intelligent masses.
    Use: “The fact that Deion Sanders is still given the opportunity to speak on camera for people to see and hear is nothing less than a shibacle.”

  15. YES! Challenge of the day: Use the word “shibacle” in a sentence. Impress your coworkers and friends.

  16. You obviously haven’t had much interaction with gamers if you think Deion Sanders just made up ‘shibacle’.

  17. “Later in the spot, Deion uses the term “debacle,” which makes us think that maybe he was intentionally combining the word “sh-t” and “debacle.” If so, well played, Deion.”
    That’s way out of Deion’s intelligence range

  18. He isn’t that creative, nor is he that smart either. It’s really sad to hear a lot of them speak.

  19. How does Deion keep his job. Seriously, does anybody like him? I have never met anyone who thought he was a good analyst.

  20. Ha-ha well certainly someone with his rap sheet, (rap, cocaine possession, marijuana possession, and assault – to name a few) would know something about dumb idea’s! He’s just doing what he does, stick up for his boy and trash the Eagles!

  21. I think he started to say “Herschel Walker Shit” and instead changed it after the SHI was out.

  22. I’m in the camp that believes the Eagles traded McNabb to Washington on purpose. That’s right.. ON PURPOSE.
    Here’s why. McNabb is 33.. he still has some tread left but he is a choker when it comes to MAJOR crunch-time. He is solid through the season, in general games, but when the real pressure is there he just melts.
    Anyhow, the reason for the trade was to prevent Washington from drafting Clausen or another franchise QB. Instead, the Redskins have a quarterback that Philly knows inside-out.. and here is where that whole “he just melts” thing comes in.

  23. I guess Emmitt Smiff rubs off on people, his method of interlocomotion.

  24. If the game that McNabb sees as the biggest of his season is against the Eagles, doesn’t that mean that he will throw 2 completions in the first half?
    How has McNabb done when he has pressure on him…..oh ya, worm balls and vomit.
    When will these guys get held accountable for what they say? When McNabb is shown as a Good not Great QB, will these guys still have “Love” for his brotha McNabb? Or will they maybe stop talking about players that they no longer play against

  25. Can’t watch the video, but who’s it dumb for? If it’s dumb for one team, it’s smart for another, yes?
    If he thinks it’s like the Walker deal then that means he thinks the Eagles came out on top?

  26. You’re giving Deion way too much credit. Believe me, he was just stupid and thought the word was shibacle!

  27. Deion is a typical talking head or former player that continually appears to be a day late and a dollar short.
    C’mon – McNabb is old and he was never durable or overly “hungry” to begin with. He is a stop-gap; that is all. The Eagles prove why they are near the top of the league year after year with moves such as these, an Washington proves why they mire in mediocrity year after year after year.
    I don’t understand what is so difficult about this concept to grasp, but it escapes guys like Deion and it really is disappointing, considering he is fairly well-spoken and played for years. If it was some schlub off the streets I can see – but guys that get paid to talk about football and play it really should know better.

  28. Shibacle… I like it… way to go Deion; you aren’t utterly and completly useless afterall!

  29. Also for use with Brett Farve only … the person who drives you around is a ….

  30. I don’t know that it’s the dumbest trade EVER. The Redskins have made lots of dumb moves over the years. This is just the latest.

  31. No. The Herschel Walker trade tops them all. That one cannot be topped. This one ranks right up there though. Skol Vikes.

  32. No. The Herschel Walker trade tops them all. That one cannot be topped. This one ranks right up there though. Skol Vikes.

  33. Oh a phong is ringin’…I wanna know who’s that talkin’ to Michael Trabtree and where’s he gonna go

  34. That is filarious! Yup, that’s a combination of hilarious and you know what.
    Emmitt Smith is seriously fupid.

  35. Brohamma- Did you really just say that you think the Eagles traded McNabb to the Redskins on purpose? Huh, odd, I didn’t know that you could have conversations with other teams, fill out all the appropriate paperwork and submit it to the NFL on accident…what an idiot I am!

  36. I agree. Philly got the better deal as JC is as good as mcchoke… the end of the day beagles and 4skins are fighting for the cellar in the NFC East.
    the 4skin org is really embarassing yr to yr to say the least. it all starts with that circus midget sideshow loser running the show…lmao.

  37. I think everyone knows it “could” be a mistake and shocking. But right now all these guys talking smack to Philly for doing it doesnt make them a bad team. Kolb has his chance now and Mcnabb is on the Redskins deal is done time to move on! I wish Eagles luck and hope they do well besides 2 times a year! : )

  38. To everyone that questions why Deion is even on TV…
    I look at it this way.
    As long as Phil Simms is still allowed to commentate on games, ANYONE can be on TV talking about football.
    Heck…I could get some Fresh Off the Boat refugee from Bangladesh to do a better job than Simms.

  39. Well all right
    You know ever since I turned pro in 1989
    When I signed the dotted line
    People’s strange!
    ‘Cause things change
    For the better and for the worse
    So I called my momma and she said “Baby”
    (Must be the money)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    (Must be the money)
    It’s got to be good
    (Must be the money)
    I got people wantin’ to be my friends
    (Must be the money)

  40. Deion is an idiot always trying to stir bs, i’m sure he was the one behind the crabtree holdout as well.. He thinks he knows, but he has no Idea!

  41. Yeah, the trade will be the worse for the Redskins organization. Did anyone see the last 2 games against the Cowpokes? Stick a fork in him, McNabb is done.

  42. Deion Sanders has the IQ of a gardening tool. It’s hilarious just how stupid these guys are. How the hell did they ever get into college, let alone stay eligible while they were there?
    Hiring bumbling blowhard MORONS like Deion, Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin to do commentary is a shibacle.

  43. If you are going to have an article about how the talking heads may have a conflict of interest because the potential players they are talking about may or may not be represented by the same agents, it makes sense to have an article about former players talking about current players as well. Deion makes me feel smarter every time I see his name, so I guess he has that going for him.
    What does Dilfer think?

  44. Dude couldn’t tackle anyone in the NFL, so it should surprise no one that he cannot tackle the English language, either.

  45. Shamone, shamone. eh eh
    If Michael Jackson was alive he would sue Deons auzz!!
    Shibacle- shamone!!

  46. Brohamma?? Well it would be nice to see the Skins in the playoffs every year with McNugget than seeing the eagles. The best part is that the new regime will run the ball more and DM won’t have to try too hard….yes the eagles are geniuses 0-3

  47. I believe a “shibacle” is when you have to take a crap and you don’t quite make it to the toilet.

  48. So Deion calls the trade a shibacle? Was he wearing an XBox360 headset while making said remark then referred to the Eagles front office as a bunch of “noobs”?

  49. McNabb could lead the Redskins to a 16-0 record, it doesn’t matter. He will still blow up in the playoffs. He is horrible when it counts. Four NFC Championships and he choked in three of them.

  50. Deion, great player, no loyalty, little intelligence. I would love to hear if the cowboys regret the walker trade…dear deion, scadoosh!

  51. Skins have made some dumb moves, but also some good moves. Winning 3 Super Bowl rings isn’t luck. Hail!

  52. By the way, for you know-it-alls:
    At this point how do you know who wins in this trade? Just curious.

  53. To put it into perspective he also said that Kolb was going to be looking over his back at Mike Vick. Deion is an idiot, we all know that.

  54. It can be argued if Deion is not dumb, but it can’t be argued that he is not BUTT UGLY.

  55. Deion invernts a new phrase?
    Anyone care to point out the new phrase because SHEBACLE has been aroud for quite some time now.
    You mock him and Emmitt yet you are the bumbass that’s never heard the term before.
    Maybe a little research might come in handy before talking out your arse next time.


  57. Remember when he had Prime U on NFL Network and none of his trainees became anything in the NFL? Yeah, I remember that one year.

  58. Remember when Deion said…………”Are you kidding me?” when the Ravens closed out the Texas Toilet with like two 80 something yard running plays for TD’s…..Ahhhh…………..Good times……

  59. This is to the haters only:
    First, you attack Deion’s grammar, because all of you haters run a 4-ever.
    Second, Deion has multiple SB rings; how many do you have?
    Third, how can you criticize a HOF player for giving an opinion, but you blog your opinions from your mom’s basement?
    Fourth, all you fools who talk all the ebonics nonsense had no problems when Brian Baldinger gave his opinions. I guess he had the white, I mean, “right” opinion.
    Last, if Deion was such a “racist”, why did he give a big time endorsement to Tim Tebow?

  60. Isn’t Deion the same clown that backed the punk Adam Shicman Jones and other losers.???
    Let Deion go start a football team of losers somewhere other than the NFL………….which stands for Not For Losers


  62. LOL Shibacle!
    Just another example of somebody dumb trying to sound intelligent

  63. The comparison must be to the Vikings end of the trade, it was clearly a brilliant trade by the Cowboys – no one questions that.
    He must be trying to say the Redskins came out looking like the Cowboys did on the HWT. It’s the only sane explanation.

  64. PhillyHouse- You’re kidding me, right? Baldinger gets killed on here, rightfully so. Damn, some people’s selective memories are unbelievable.

  65. and people were pissing and moaning about Jim Kelly taking Tim Tebow out to dinner…. Good God, at least JK is acting on behalf of this Bills…………….Deion acts on behalf of Deion, which is funny because he hasnt been relevant in football for about a decade…. so here is a guy who comments on everything in particular and saying nothing in particular and oh by the way, he tends to risk college players eligability while he is at it…………….
    If he hadnt played for Dallas, who won a few titles without him, no body would care.. he is an annoying brother who needs to shut his pie hole

  66. @ PhillyHouse
    I have 5 Super Bowl Rings–how many do you have?
    That is what I thought.

  67. funny how the 2 people defending donovan the most are deion and stephan a. smith lol race card anyone

  68. LMAO @ Eagles fan – “Worst trade in favor of who?” Are you guys that stupid in Philly? Of course he means the Eagles are STUPID for trading Donovan. And that they made the dumbest trade ever by giving up their best QB ever. Redskin fans are the luckiest divisional rival in history… This is almost like a dream too good to be true. Kolb will pan-out, but definitely not gonna be as good Rodgers… Or McNabb of course, Eagle fans will be calling for Reid’s head by Season’s end… LMFAO/ROFL @ the ENTIRE EAGLES ORGANIZATION, Staff, FANS, players, etc!!!! BAHAHAHAAHA!!!!

  69. “I’m in the camp that believes the Eagles traded McNabb to Washington on purpose. That’s right.. ON PURPOSE.”
    NAW, they did it ACCIDENTALLY.

  70. Deion felt compelled to compete w/Baldy & Dilfer to see which ex-jock could make the stupidest comments, …actually Deion is in a class by himself, & Baldy & Dilfer are just a reminder of how embarrassing it is to have ex-jocks talk about a sport they are supposed to be experts in.

  71. Isnt Deion the guy that made the “dumb” comment about McNabb wanting out of philly??? Lol hes a good athlete but has no brain. F Deion

    Same reason you allow your rival to trade up and draft a guy that kicks your ass for years. Anthony Spencer had 3 sacks and a forced fumble in those two back-to-back games.

  73. ANTHONY:
    Yes, we’ve thought about and you’re nuts if you think this was a foolish move by Philly. Furthermore, you have to be reasonable when assessing this situation. Do you actually believe the guys in charge of putting a good yearly product out on the field are intentionally sabotaging their futures, or maybe – just maybe – these guys understand what they’re doing???
    C’mon, Bubba, think about it. What does this tell you about McD’s skills (from those that know them the best) when Philly’s Front Office not only trades away McDrabb, but to a division opponent on top of it??? I mean, at some point, you’ve gotta resign yourself to the fact that the Eagles Front Office is well aware of McDrabb’s remaining productivity, or lack thereof in this case, and they chose to get something for it, rather than saving face and kissing Joe Public’s azz.

  74. Deion hates the Eagles and he loves both Donovan and Vick. So his opinion was predictable but stupid.

  75. Deion is the most dynamic corner ever. He did not only shut down his receiver, he shut down the whole side of the field. With that said, we need idiots like him. Even if it is just so we can feel smarter.

  76. RyanHarris says:
    April 9, 2010 3:00 PM
    To put it into perspective he also said that Kolb was going to be looking over his back at Mike Vick. Deion is an idiot, we all know that.
    Yep…that’s far more stupid than using a slang term on air.
    Say this “shebacle” is a real slang term as has been pointed out. The guy is supposed to be professional. Why talk like he’s still in the lockerroom when he’s on the air? Sad thing is I cannot decide who’s the worst “shebacle”on NFLN…Sanders, Faulk or Dukes. I cannot STAND how bad those three are as far as obvious bias and homerism towards their favorites.
    I heard Emmitt the other day and to his credit he actually sounded like he took diction lessons or was reading off a card or something. He sounded normal, not effing stupid like he used to.

  77. Chad Toronto says:
    shibacle, shibacle, shibacle….
    The girl you’ll never get.
    shibacle, shibacle, shibacle….
    But you can win her yet.

  78. The Eagles have a pretty damn good track record when it comes to saying goodbye to players at the right time.
    My money’s on them, not the Skins.

  79. Wow, You really can see through the screen when certain subjects are brought up.
    One guy did make an NFL roster from Sanders show he play WR for the Cowboys.
    Shebacle is actually a word in the dictionary so all you racist need to put down your sisters underwear and pick up a book.
    Sanders was never a trouble maker off the field and never got in trouble with the law except for a time he and his father went fishing without a liscense.
    And Warren Sapp was vindicated by the police, unlike Raplisberger who will be charged come Monday. and suspended NEXT YEAR.
    I always thought football was one sport that race didn’t matter to fans but, I guess I am wrong again (right Mooch)?

  80. I don’t know what’s worse…Deion saying “shibacle” on live television or the idiot Warren Sapp following it up by, “let me AXE you something”
    Pretty soon sports television is gonna start subtitles for all their ebonics speaking “so-called” analyst

  81. Just wait until we get our next trade through…B. Marshall!!! HAIL!

  82. Just wait until we get our next trade through…B. Marshall!!! HAIL!

  83. Deion Sanders = Douchebag Punk (that’s not coming from a hater perspective, but a factual account of the man’s life)
    Donovan Trade Ramifications = Remain To Be Seen (as no one can really tell now, you can say you were all right or wrong by Dec)
    Deion Sanders Comments = Nothing but dramatic flare reminiscent of a high school girl on her period

  84. Great. Thanks, Deion. There are already too many commentators here that cannot spell commonly-known words, and Deion creates a new one that is instantly spelled two ways in mass media. To quote the immortal Tye Webb,
    “Thank you very little.”
    It’s hard enough reading posts from borderline illiterati and this will push me further.
    On the up side, I am pleased to see that none of the ‘most-commented’ PFT posts involve Favre or the Vikings in any way. I’m sure it won’t last long.

  85. Nowadays, with the Deion’s of the world, the difference between the right answer and the wrong one is, “whatever“. He was fast, agile and damned ignorant. Of so many, many things.
    Just another reason to hate ESPN.

  86. What is he saying is dumb? From all the Spin out of Eagles camp about how bad Mcnabb is, are they saying we (Skins) are dumb for giving a 2nd round pick? WTF? Clarify before making me read your article

  87. And sorry Prime Time…..last I and Jimmy Johnson reaped the benefits of the Herschel deal!!!

  88. And sorry Prime Time…..last I and Jimmy Johnson reaped the benefits of the Herschel deal!!!

  89. Deion later on after comment: “But you trade a guy in your own division that you got to see him twice, and you have [Kevin] Kolb, [LeSean] McCoy, [Jeremy] Maclin and DeSean Jackson- seven years amongst the complete trio of playmakers that you have for an 11-year guy that has taken you to five NFC championships and a Super Bowl. Man, are you kidding me?”
    You look at these two teams… they swapped quarterbacks,” Sapp said. “Now the Philadelphia Eagles have the worst quarterback in the division, and the Redskins have one of the best defenses, and now you give him a veteran quarterback. Prime, Philadelphia’s at the bottom of this division right now.”

  90. From the comments here I gather Deion thinks the trade was dumb for the Eagles? That’s just retarded.
    McNabb has NEVER been cut out for Andy Reid’s offense. HE will be better with the Redskins (if they can manage to protect him) and the Eagles will be better with him gone.
    It’s a win-win trade. I do think the Eagles should have gotten more than just the pick, though.

  91. Hmmm…”dumbest trade ever”? For starters, let’s consider the source. If that idiot did any kind of research whatsoever he would know the two trades aren’t even remotely similar. That’s what happens when you talk directly out of your ass.
    Dallas got 3 first round picks, 3 second round picks, a 3rd , a 6th and finally 5 players. I guess ONE 2nd round pick and ONE conditional 3rd/4th for McNabb is in the same ballpark. Great job Neon-Queeon and an even better job out of the NFL Network for employing that genius.

  92. PhillyHouse,
    BOth the bald dinger and the bald-something else need to take their ignorant asses off of tv.
    Oh and take Deirdork with them.

  93. Deion is about as credible as Bernard Hopkins when it comes to the Eagles QB situation.

  94. This trade still has me scratching my head. We’llsee how it plays out when the Season plays out. I think the Eagles made a mistake though.

  95. If Deion doesn’t get it it, i’m that much more confident it was an intelligent move.

  96. McNabb puking on the field in Superbowl XXXIX was a “Shibacle.” The worst clock management in the history of the Superbowl Era goes to Donovan McNabb, that was also a “Shibacle.” Let’s wait until the season is over before we decide if it was a good trade or not. Maybe the Eagles know something about McNabb’s abilities that Deion Sanders doesn’t know. Deion is boring, really really boring, that is why I don’t watch him on TV.

  97. Deion….shut the hell up…WTH have you done lately? Ever really….Cowboy loving dingaling….If McChoke was white, would you even say a word? Sam said it best….reverse racism…you know what that is? Sure you do….

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