Myron Rolle improves forty time

We mentioned the criticism Florida State safety Myron Rolle got for holding his own Pro Day, so the site feels incomplete without telling you how he did.

According to, Rolle improved his forty-yard dash time from the NFL Scouting Combine from 4.76 to 4.61.  Rolle stood on his other times, but did position drills.

Rolle’s lack of speed and so-so coverage skills figure to make him a day three pick.  Yes, there’s a day three now.

3 responses to “Myron Rolle improves forty time

  1. And this is news because why? He’s still a 4.65 guy on the field that has had a grand total of ONE liftetime interception. He’s not a playmaker plain and simple and if it weren’t for the Rhodes Scholarship he would be completely not newsworthy.

  2. brasho is absolutely right.
    Rolle is, by all accounts, a great person and will make a difference with his life…just not for an NFL team.

  3. Brasho is absolutely incorrect.
    First, Rolle ran a 4.54 sec at his Pro Day according to NFL official at the event.
    Also not mentioned was Rolle’s performance in the Pro-Shuttle – 4.08 and the 3 -Cone drill which as 6.48. The Pro-shuttle is amoung the combine and pro days best. The 3 – cone drill is the BEST.
    If you think Rolle plays slow, you have never seen him play. Yes his lack of interceptions is a concern but you ought to know how he was used at FSU. Have you ever seen him get beat on a pass route? Go examine FSU game films. Very rare he get beat on passing routes.
    As to why Rolle was not at FSU Pro Day, it should be known that Rolle was in Oxford taking care of educational obligations.

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