New candidate for dumbest question asked to prospect

First, we had the deserter question to Myron Rolle. Then, the G-string or jock strap quandary posed to Gerald McCoy.

The latest nominee in most ridiculous thing posed to an incoming rookie comes from James Madison outside linebacker Arthur Moats, who passes along this story to Patriots Daily.

“I was with the Redskins, and the guy asked me, if I’m coming into camp,
I’m 30 minutes early, I’m sitting in the front row of the meeting room.
Brian Orakpo walks in and says, “That’s my chair.” Am I going to get up
and give him my spot, or am I going to sit there and fight him for a
chair?” Moats said. 

Moats’ answer to the team gives a window into his soul.  Or it’s totally worthless.

“You know, I was just like, I’ll slide over, because I mean,
he’s the million-dollar man; it’s not that important. So he was like, ‘Oh, so you’re scared of him?’ And I was like, no. And he was like, ‘So
why don’t you go fight him?’ There was kind of like no right answer to
the question and everything, the way he was asking it.”

Not fighting Brian Orakpo generally seems like a smart play.

85 responses to “New candidate for dumbest question asked to prospect

  1. Asking unique questions can give a team insight into how a player’s mind works, but asking a question like that makes me want to blow my head off.

  2. This question was asked by Daniel Snyder himself, no doubt. That little ankle biter just loves to stir the pot!!

  3. This is a no-win question.
    “No”, “Oh, so you’re afraid of him.”
    “Yes”, “Oh, so you’d potentially hurt one of our new young stars in a fight over something stupid like a chair. You’re an idiot!”

  4. Should just sat in Jason’s seat, or both of Albert’s. Oh, or don’t forget Andre’s is empty too.

  5. no wonder most football players are dump roid-heads….
    how in the freaking world is that kind of crap related to playing ability…. the message they basically are sending out is folowing:
    – its ok to fight for a CHAIR, as long you are not scared
    Florio, must have praised the lord after he got the news. +20 years to write about Dog Fights, Shooting your own Leg in a nightclub, catching bullets with your behind and punching 5’1 asian strippers who go by an alcohol brand
    i really need a tequilla now

  6. If he would fight him, the reporter would say he has character issues or a cancer to the locker room. There was no right answer. Unreal…

  7. It pains me to give Washington credit, but that is a good question. It and the follow-up conversation may help gauge turd-potential. Someone who is willing to fight a teammate over a chair, or who says that he is not afraid of anyone, may be the guy who gets in the bar fight with a couple of rubes at 2:00 a.m.

  8. It really seems like the Redskins have got their act together football-wise and are on the right path.

  9. The jock strap question is much worse, this at least let’s them know a little bit about his personality.

  10. The correct answer is “It’s petty and stupid to fight someone, especially a teammate, over a chair. Also, I’m a rookie so I should expect different forms of hazing from different players and I am expected to go along with it.”

  11. “You know, I was just like, I’ll slide over, because I mean, he’s the million-dollar man; it’s not that important. So he was like, ‘Oh, so you’re scared of him?’ And I was like, no. And he was like, ‘So why don’t you go fight him?’ There was kind of like no right answer to the question and everything, the way he was asking it.”
    So when did the Redskins hire people from teh Raiders?

  12. Sounds like a choose your own adventure, where every answer leads to a new question. I think if you choose the ‘Fight Brian Orakpo’ to start, eventually your final choice is ‘Flee like a little girl’ or ‘Plan your funeral’. The End.

  13. Not even close to being the dumbest question. At least this one could be tied to unit cohesiveness and how a team mate would respond to aggression and problems from other team mates.
    This question shouldn’t even be listed in the same league as the first two listed.

  14. IMO
    He’s a rookie..and you have to earn the right to sit in the front, back, side, where ever.
    Its called Knowing your role…on a team
    The point is the Redskins dont care about the answer. What they want to see is his reasoning for his answer…and how he reacts when confronted…
    Great question that can tell a lot.

  15. He answered the question incorrectly….and I gaurentee we (the Redskins) won’t draft him…

  16. I don’t think this question is dumb. I think it’s callous, and a terrible question to ask. Yes, random rookie with an ego because you’re one of the maybe 50 good players you’ll see in college, you ruin the flow of the locker room over a chair.

  17. And asking such probing questions seems to point out *precisely* why Shanny has such bad results drafting.

  18. “Or it’s totally worthless.”
    huh? WTF Gregg? and your description of the story is confusing as hell too…
    This story is either a window into your soul or you are totally worthless.

  19. and i was like, you know…and he was like, oh my gosh… this is like…not even a story.

  20. I have a client in OTAs right now. He says the trick is: kick someone’s ass the first day, or become someone’s bitch. Then everything will be all right.

  21. I just wasted 18 seconds reading that story! GIMMI MY FREAKIN TIME BACK FLORIO!

  22. It’s a way of getting into a person’s make up.. There is no right answer for it. If he had said “i’ll fight him for it” they would have had a bunch of other questions like “why would you fight your own team mate”.
    it’s actually not a dumb question.. it’s a gateway question to find out more information about how the person reacts to certain situations.

  23. Moats should have told him “I didn’t go to school at Oregon so I don’t just randomly hit people that say things to me.”

  24. These coaches are a$$ holes, hardcore.
    The guy shows some respect to an older teammate: YOUR A PUSSY, GO FIGHT HIM!
    The guy fights the older teammate: WHY DID YOU FIGHT HIM, SHOW MORE RESPECT TO YOUR TEAMMATES
    I hope the next answer he gave the Redskins involved him telling them he doesn’t want to play for them, and that there scouting department is fu*ked in the head.

  25. What would have been really funny is if Moats had just jumped up and viciously attacked Orakpo leaving him in a pool of blood and on life support.
    My guess is Orakpo would never play musical chairs with a prospect and all the moronic questions that attempt to piss off a guy would probably cease.

  26. Guess you guys have never taken a behavioral interview for a job before.
    That’s how the question is set up…to question your decision regardless what the answer you give. It’s meant to put the interviewee under pressure. They could care less what he answers…they just want to know how he reacts under that pressure.
    Rosenthal….this has to be your dumbest post ever.

  27. The correct answer was, “I’ll kick your ass if you ask me anything that stupid again”.

  28. and, why is this a story? you guys must be really bored today. turn on the tube, watch some golf, and come back when there is something “news worthy” to report.

  29. This is a great little piece, but I wouldn’t call it a candidate for the dubest question. I think it’s a great question – one without a right or wrong answer. It’s not like the underwear question, nor is it a question that is designed to attack or offend. For that matter, it doesn’t show a clear presumption on the part of the questioner. Rather it’s a personality-type question: are you more a team-player or an individual who competes in everything. Either could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the attitude of the answer. I don’t know that any answer really tells the questioner anything, but at least it falls in the realm of the kind oq question you could expect in a job interview.

  30. Since when is your job to fight teamates???
    They are payed millions of dollars to play football. Not fight each other. That would just cause a rift in the locker room.
    What a Ritard.

  31. obviously they are trying to take these guys out of their comfort zone so they can get something other than answers that their agents trained them to say.

  32. The smart thing is to not get drafted by the Redskins. Unfortunately, you don’t get that choice.

  33. Here is the worst possible answer: that question isn’t relevant because I’m never early for anything…

  34. Not really surprised that the dumbest question ever, was asked by someone in the Redskins organization….congrats Oakland, you arent the dumbest “all” the time, just most of the time…

  35. Come on! Washington is the land of Gilbert Arenas… Just brandish a gun (or 5) and show Orakpo who the boss really is!

  36. ya because fighting in the locker room is a good thing……….what a retarded question

  37. Actually, the right answer to the follow up question would sound something like, “No, I would not fight a team mate over a stupid chair. You might want to fight over a chair, coach, but that would just make you an idiot, which is why you work for the Skins.”
    Two hugely positive things would happen for Mr McCoy at this point; he would answer the question right and piss the Redskins staff off so much that they would never draft him. Going to DC to play football is like a death sentence.

  38. So that’s actually fairly standard… you ask a question that can go either way and then challenge the answer. Mostly what you want to see is for the person to pick an answer and then stick with it, and come up with a defense for it. You’re gauging the person’s response; not the specific answer to the question.

  39. Maybe the proper response would have been, “No, I wouldn’t fight a prospective teammate over a seat, but I would be more than happy to fight any asshole who asked me such a stupid question.”

  40. I would apologise to the guy. Then crumple the chair into a small ball and hand it to him.
    How about that?

  41. even Bobby Beathard has to be laughing over that, so the Skins have a coach and a QB now but it appears Snyder hasn’t given up total control

  42. Kinda makes you wonder what Albert Haynesworth’s answers were to such questions. Whatever they were it got him the job. Clearly no questions were asked about off season workouts or pushing away from the dinner table. This seems typical of the a cellar dweller like the redskins. LOL.

  43. I wouldn’t move off the chair and as soon as I recovered from my 3 year coma, I would sue Orakpo for millions and retire.

  44. I would have told the guy there’s no way I’m 30 minutes early to anything…..and see how Mr. Question Asker reacts to that.

  45. MY GOD, You people are complete morons (that includes you, Rosenthal.)
    The whole point is to see how they react when they put in an uncomfortable position. The discomfort is from the line of questioning, NOT the situation presented in that question.
    These are not stupid questions. For all it matters, they could ask “why are blueberries so tasty?” and then tell the interviewee that blueberries suck after he explains why. The topic makes no difference. Just the reaction.
    Please people, try and think like multi-celled organisms.

  46. Moats screwed up when the word “respect” never left his mouth; instead, he took the “he’s the million dollar man” approach.
    Holding regard for a person in terms of what his salary is opposed to his perceived play/experience/work ethic/character isn’t going to do him any favors.
    He easily dropped a few more spots by taking that question & answer public. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, bro.

  47. So, Mr. Shannahan… you’d like to work for the redskins?! If Joe Thiesmann wants to do the dirty but Clinton Portis wants to play dress up, which do you do?
    Why yes! That is the right answer…you should skip out on both of them and teach Albert Haynesworth how to properly measure water infiltration rates on FedEx field!
    Hired! …and the streak of incompetence continues.

  48. McCoy should have answered that he’d force Orakpo to bend over the damn chair like every poofster’s dream and give it to him nice and hard to teach Orakpo a lesson in civility, exerting the alpha male trait. If McCoy somehow drops below the Redskins (Orakpo would surely be a “Redskin”) #4 spot in round 1 it’s definite proof that he was passed over for being a homosexual, and can therefore sue $nyder & co. for million$ of dollar$ and win handsomely. He can hire Gloria Allred, she works wonders.

  49. New Candidate for Dumbest Post by Gregg Rosenthal.
    There. Fixed it for you, Gregg.

  50. MikeT says:
    April 9, 2010 12:27 PM
    So that’s actually fairly standard… you ask a question that can go either way and then challenge the answer. Mostly what you want to see is for the person to pick an answer and then stick with it, and come up with a defense for it. You’re gauging the person’s response; not the specific answer to the question.
    Finally…someone else who’s actually had an interview for a real job.
    The dolts on here that don’t understand that can go back to making french fries.

  51. “Not fighting Brian Orakpo generally seems like a smart play.”
    What about not instigating Channing Crowder?

  52. I’d answer that being asked to move to a different chair is less likely to anger me than being asked poorly-veiled amateur psychology questions by a low-rent Hannibal Lecter.

  53. Was the next question whether McCoy would be upset that the Redskins mess hall doesn’t serve fried chicken and watermelon?

  54. If I were him I would’ve forced the interviewer to stand for the rest of the interview. Take his chair and lay across both of them.

  55. Other dumb questions:
    Why did Buffalo and Washington switch to 3-4 D without the personnel to play that system?
    Florio, do you staple that rug on or use crazy glue?
    When do I get a life instead of spending my whole life on PFT blog?
    Why does Shanahan always have a creepy expression on his face as if he’s saying ‘I like to watch’.

  56. Top ten other possible answers:
    “Fight? Hell, I just pull out my gun and shoot him.”
    “I plan to sign a rich enough contract to allow me to have people on my payroll to punk him up.”
    “I’d do my best DeNiro – ‘You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to ME?!'”
    “I’d move, but later I’d tell all the coaches that he was really mean to me.”
    “I’d immediately fall to the ground in a fetal position and cry while kicking my feet.”
    “I would stand, take the chair, throw it to the back of the room, and say ‘Well, your chair is back there now waiting for you.’ Now HE has to decide what to do.”
    “I’d do my best Eastwood – ‘I know what you’re thinking. Is he tougher than me? Well, seeing as the last five men who asked themselves that question are no longer with us, you’ve gotta ask yourself: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?!?'”
    “I’d tell him that when the music starts and then stops again, he’ll have a chance to get it back.”
    “I’d tell him that I hope someday he’ll work his way up to having a girlfriend.”
    “When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

  57. The obvious correct answer would be to nuke the Redskin’s meeting room from orbit…. it’s the only way to be sure…
    Or the classic well coach it’s shanked or be shanked….
    Then he could just crap himself then the smell of fresh fecal matter will make the Brian Orakpo go look for better prey…. I saw it on animal planet.
    Retarded answers to retarded questions… ooops not suppose to use the “R” word…

  58. He should have beat the interviewer’s ass. “You mean like that? Is that want you want me to do to Orakpo?”

  59. BillsFan27 says:
    April 9, 2010 12:14 PM
    “Hey… prospect… does my ass look big in this skirt?”
    That is funny as hell.

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