Bulger-to-Bears could create plenty of problems

During our weekly spot on 670 The Score’s Danny Mac Show in Chicago (they even made a theme song for me — suck on that, Rosenberg), we debated whether the Bears should pursue free-agent quarterback Marc Bulger.

After we talked through the various potential complications that Bulger’s presence could create, the hosts regretted bringing it up.

But I didn’t.  It gave me just enough fodder to flesh out a Friday offering for

52 responses to “ Bulger-to-Bears could create plenty of problems

  1. Hossa song > Florio song
    Bulger in Chicago would be a terrible idea, so it probably will happen.

  2. FLORIO F L O R I O!
    Yeah, we don’t need Bulger as a backup. When you trade for a guy like Cutler you don’t bench him especially when we sat through a YEAR plus of Grossman.

  3. Hey Bulger Hold out Bud because you may get a chance to play for your hometown Steelers! Hold Up there for a sec because you could be throwing TD’s to Hines and Wallace in a couple of months!!

    Wait a few more weeks before you SIGN with anyone becuase you may have the opportunity to play for your STEELERS faster than you think!

  5. These are nonsense reasons. The truth is if the Bears can’t show success everyone’s at risk of being fired including the GM. It’s in everyone’s interests to get the pieces that will best expedite Cutler’s return to elite status regardless of who they pieces are. That’s the simple answer.
    The only way Bulger isn’t the best backup choice to help with this process is if he’s gone all diva. In that case he’s too much of a distraction. If he were willing to ride the bench for a season, and help Cutler understand the system, any success that is achieved will look good on Bulger and probably allow him a shot at a starting job. Right now nobody wants him while the taint of St. Louis mismanagement still surrounds him.

  6. It would give the Bears a QB of presence so when Cutler kooks out there would be a vet to assist Martz with his offense.

  7. Back up the moving van, The Bores house cleaning begins!!! Enjoy Mike Martz as your new Head coach by week 6.
    HA HA HA!!!!

  8. First things first…RossyRoss you’re an idiot! I bet it took you several hours to come up with such an indepth and articulate post.
    As far as Da Bears go. If they fail to make the playoffs this year (and they probably will) the fault will lye mostly with the O-line and lack of experience at wide receiver. I know it’s easy to blame Cutler (and in a lot of cases it’s justified) but anyone who really watched the games last year can see that receivers running the wrong routes or failing to make adjustments along with an offensive line that was getting it’s ass handed to it were the real problems.

  9. So the Bears management is so misguided and fearful of losing their jobs that they intentionally fail to field the best team they can? Consider if Cutler is lost for the season week one. Would Basanez or Hanie enable the Bears to make the playoffs, and save everyone’s job? Face it, Lovie, Martz, and especially Angelo are all gone the Monday after week 17, if they last that long.

  10. Article should have expounded on the misguided free agency splurge more. Bears finally spend some money in free agency when the pool is mostly 29-30 yr olds, and there could be more than 400 players available next year if a collective bargaining agreement is reached, assuming players will still be eligible after 4 yrs. Not to mention trading picks before the deepest draft ever (53 juniors declaring) instead of stockpiling.

  11. I wouldn’t mind him as a veteran preference, but in NO way want him to be there in case Cutler struggles. I think Bulger wants to play more then assist a up n coming QB. So i don’t see it happening. Why don’t we just bring in Warner as a qb coach?!?! haha

  12. VonClausewitz says:
    April 9, 2010 12:20 PM
    These are nonsense reasons. The truth is if the Bears can’t show success everyone’s at risk of being fired including the GM. It’s in everyone’s interests to get the pieces that will best expedite Cutler’s return to elite status regardless of who they pieces are. That’s the simple answer
    Ummm, when was Cuntler ever considered elite?

  13. Funny bear fans kill Rex. But he took you to the super bowl and the bears aren’t going back anytime soon. Thank Rex he had the best season a qb could ask for in Chi-Town

  14. Bleedpurple, just be lucky if Farve comes back, or else your qb situation is WAY worse then Da Bears.

  15. “…they even made a theme song for me — suck on that, Rosenberg”
    As long as it’s not “The Crying Game”, that’s cool for you.

    The Lions could use the help when they take over 3rd place and relegate Da Bears to the basement…

  17. “Elite Status? Cutler was never an elite QB.”
    So nice you had to say it twice? We got it Queen’s fan. Real men don’t where purple.

  18. Jaypeso some FYI , Rex did not take the Bears to the superbowl he was just along for the ride. Sure he was great at the begining of that season but at the end he was bad. I however was and am not a grossman hater.

  19. Get Cutler better WRs. The Bears WR1(Hester) used to be a corner. Sign Brandon Marshall, Torry Holt, or TO, do something. Poor guy. That team sucks.

  20. I hate radio shtick. How can those to douche bags host a radio show when their to busy sucking each other off.
    The Bears were 7-9 in ’09. Signing Peppers and maybe getting Bulger as a backup isn’t “just what the team needs to make the Super Bowl”.

  21. All of you who keep bashing cutler, let me see you get out there and playing in this league. You people all run your mouth but you would never be able to compete at his level. And as far as you saying he was never an elite QB you must have never watched him play when he was in denver. You people are ridiculous.

  22. Florio, you’re overthinking and under-researching this.
    1. If Cutler fails, the team likely fails and Angelo is likely gone. Period, end of story.
    2. As Bears fans saw this season, winning meaningless games has an impact on the McCaskeys. Its the primary reason Jerry, Lovie and even Ted Phillips still have jobs.
    In short, theres both a logical argument and prescedent that Bulger saving the teams bacon in one or two games could actually save Jerry’s semi-talented, scrawny butt.
    Suck on THAT, Rosenberg.

  23. jtam963,Farve will be back and vikes win NFC and Superbowl. Dah bears will suck again.

  24. Yep, everyone’s job is on the line in Chicago. If Cutler is stinking up the joint after 4 weeks, Bulger gives them a chance to save their asses.
    They aren’t going to give a rats ass about Cutler and his feelings if they are about to get the axe. They’ll do whatever it takes to have a shot at another year of employment, including benching asswipe Cutler.

  25. “Get Cutler better WRs. The Bears WR1(Hester) used to be a corner. Sign Brandon Marshall, Torry Holt, or TO, do something. Poor guy. That team sucks.”
    And the sky is blue, etc. etc. The Bears WRs may not be well known, but they were surprisingly good last season. It’s the O-line that needs to play better by opening holes for Forte and Taylor. It truly amazes me when reading the same regurgitated material from last season and beyond. Aromashadu will continue to open eyes, Hester will be great in the slot, and of course Knox and Bennett will continue to get better.

  26. at first i thought you were gonna state it was gona be like a 25 int problem,that would be bad if that happened,wait i mean if that happened to them again

  27. Yeah well what happens when Favre leaves? Your stuck with Tavaris? Yeah he is a Franchise QB-NOT. Plus you lost AP’s crutch in Taylor, so hope your backups can prove to be good enough for mr. fumble-itis AP.

  28. He hasn’t fixed it yet, why would he now. They have a very talented team, but once Favre gone they need a LONG term option.

  29. bleedpurple- I’d rather be a fan of a team that’s actually won a SB, and has been to one in since the Carter Administration. Choke much in the SB and NFC championship?

  30. jtam963,Tiki Barber fixed it,why not AP? And if he does fix it LOOK OUT. Can you say BEST RB EVER.

  31. propheteer,Why are you so pissed off? DAH cubs-opps I mean DAH bears signed peppers so there going to the super bowl right? NOT.They will go 7-9 or 8-8.

  32. jtam963,They will draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round this year and T-JACK improved some last year watching Farve and LEARNING from him.

  33. T Jack could never be a QB like Favre is. I’ll admit it Favre one of the best ever, but T Jack’s makeup is more like a Michael Vick. He is not going to be a 4000 yard 30 td guy, NEVER. SO I like my chances better with Cutler and maybe if we sprung for Marshall Or V Jackson, we’d be a LOT better.

  34. jtam963,T-Jack does not have to throw for 4000 yards or 30 TDs when he has talent like AP,Percy Harvin and sidney rice around him. Just don’t turn the ball over. Cutler throws way to many ints.I agree that Marshall would help but he is a loose cannon and would be a risk for a #1 pick. if he wasn’t he would have been traded by now.

  35. I agree he doesn’t, but regardless of who he learns from he doesn’t seem like a viable long term option at QB. I am hoping during draft the Broncos ask for a second rd pick or 1st rounder from next yr for marshall, that’d be a good move

  36. bleedpurple- I’m not at all pissed-off, just stating facts on why I’m a Bears fan. How does it feel to be continually disappointed year after year? Being so close to the promised land so often. Peppers is a nice pickup, and it was essential for their defense to succeed, but he doesn’t guarantee anything if the secondary doesn’t improve, or the offense gets better.

  37. 2nd round pick would be good for marshall but somebody will give up a late 1st round pick for him as we get closer to the draft. maybe the vikings?lol.

  38. Oh yeah Peppers doesn’t guarantee anything except more pressure from the DE position which means more bad throws from opposing qbs and he should help Tommie Harris get one on one mathcups. Which if he FEELS like playing can be a much stronger force with Peppers next to him.

  39. the bears will be better on defense with peppers but they need to do something with O-LINE or Chester Taylor will do nothing and cutler will throw a ton of ints again.

  40. Guarantee they’re drafting a Guard in the 3rd or 4th, and probably a project (practice squad) at tackle.

  41. My mom taught Marc Bulger math and science in 5th and 6th grade. Even if the Steelers pick him up if something happens with Ben, Dixon would be ahead of him.

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