Tomlinson's words damage legacy in San Diego

LaDainian Tomlinson is done talking about the Chargers, but the damage is done.

In a eye-opening take-down in Friday’s San Diego Union-Tribune, venerable columnist Nick Canepa Enter text here.wonders why Tomlinson took a “selfish, vitriolic, ungrateful road out of town.”

The words are jarring because Complainian owned San Diego for so long.  Few cities have embraced a player more completely, but the team may not have felt the same by the end. Canepa points out that not a single player showed up for Tomlinson’s goodbye press conference.

Even Tomlinson’s agents and advisers reportedly aren’t pleased with how he’s publicly handled the departure.  His ex-offensive linemen are reportedly “livid” but have taken a vow of silence.  Classy.

82 responses to “Tomlinson's words damage legacy in San Diego

  1. Well, he’s the best player they ever had the pleasure of playing with. So they can be really upset that he got them most of their wins.
    All the Raiders need is a QB and they will win that division. The Chargers are terrible.

  2. I bet you they miss him next year when Sproles, Bennett and Hester suck it up in the backfield. Not that LT is the same player he was 5 years ago, but he would certainly be able to help the guys left there.

  3. Living in San Diego, I’ve followed the Chargers, even though there not my team. I could never figure out why everyone thought LT was a classy and a stand up player. Everytime I heard him speak he was very selfish and whining. Man he’s a B**** is what I would say after everyone of his press conference where his team didnt win. His ego is through the roof and and it will be fun to see him try and crack 4 yards a carry, because he failed to break a single tackle all year last year.

  4. Damn, if only he would not have performed that metrosexual tapdance in that gay white suit Oh the humanity………..

  5. You are such a Jets hater! What LT said was 100% true. Do you really think that the Chargers offense wasn’t geared towards Rivers? Why don’t you report some actual news and quit hating.

  6. LT said he was done talking about the Chargers yesterday so I expect you guys will take at least until May before you let it go.

  7. That’s what classy guys really do.
    Yes it is, problem is, most “journalists” have no idea what it is like to take the high road. I kick myself for not becoming a journalist. You get to criticize everyone all day long and act like your shit doesn’t stink. Happy Friday.

  8. What damage has this done? He is, and always will be one of the all time leading RBs. Who cares how he left? In 20 years, do you think anyone is going to care how he left SD?

  9. One in the hand, two in the bush, whats he gonna do when this NY side show proves he’s lost a step?

  10. I never understood the word “classy” being applied to this guy. All the pouting and crying he would do from the sidelines, the lack of leadership he would show when injured and the personal attacks on Bellichek and the Pats during the playoffs are not indicative of a player with class. Personaly I would have been surprised if LT had NOT gone on a mini rant about the Chargers after he left.

  11. Livid about what? Because they pass block???? He simply explained the systematic reasons why he’s no longer there, he didn’t personally bash anyone a’la Tiki Barber.
    I would think the Chargers have much worse problem… Like still trying to get over that crushing playoff loss.

  12. They’ll get over it. When Franco Harris left the Steelers in a huff to go to Seattle at the end, Chick Noll famously answered a reporter’s question about that thus: “Franco who?”
    But there is no bigger hero or booster in Pittsburgh now than Franco.

  13. blah blah blah……who gives a sh*t…….hall of famer…..nobody said squat when Jerry Rice said Joey M shouldnt have been the MVP after the superbowl…..Jerry Rice is a joke too….who cares

  14. LT has a bad habit of reacting first and thinking second. Taking on the Pats for mocking the Lights Out dance following the Florence/McCree debacle was a bad decision also. He will come to regret it, too bad the damage is done. If he keeps his mouth shut and enough time passes perhaps by the time he is inducted we’ll be cheering and chanting LT once more, maybe.

  15. His legacy already included being a stupid selfish prick, and a self proclaimed “class act”.

  16. Can’t really blame Tomlinson for what he has said in the past. You give your whole Career and dedication to one team and they basically tell you to get lost. Kinda shady by SanDiego, But what else do you expect. Tomlinson should have seen this coming ever since they got rid of there best QB Drew Brees.

  17. Whinedanlian has never had a good grip on what class is anyway.
    The day he cried and screamed about how classless the Pats were because Ellis Hobbs, a young player mocked them with the lights out dance after winning in the playoffs, LT showed how clueless he really was.
    That year the Chargers had had 9 players arrested for everything from dui, spousal abuse and shipping components of the street drug Purple Drank to TX, yet even though the Pats had ZERO arrests that year one of I believe only 2 or 3 teams in the league that season who could say that, and yet the Chargers were the classy ones.
    Sorry LT, 9 arrests is not more classy than zero arrests and one young player making fun of you. Now go boo hoo all you want in NYC and see how long that works for the fans there.

  18. at least someone pointed out an obvious truth regarding LT. Now if someone would simply point out the selfish, passive/aggressive, disingenuine nature of Donovan Mcnabb (Brian Baldinger already provided a harsh but accurrate description of his on field play, god forbid some outlet report on his persona).

  19. I lived in SD last year throughout the entire season.. LT is a punk, no arguing about that. We all know how stupid Merriman is, and how hard it is to like Rivers, but man, LT was the worst. I’ve never seen a player who felt so entitled in my life.. I hope he gets what he deserves… Oh yeah, he did… He’s playing in Jersey

  20. Amen! This guy has never been a winner and never will be. As a Pat’s fan I’m so happy the NYJ replaced Thomas Jones with him!

  21. “His ex-offensive linemen are reportedly “livid” but have taken a vow of silence. Classy.”
    My Three Step Process when I’m mad at somebody.
    1) Vow of silence.
    2) A heaping helping dose of the cold shoulder silent treatment.
    3) I give ’em the old stink eye!

  22. Funny how something happens to players in San Diego – none of them ooze class, except for maybe Brees. They talk incessantly and I rarely hear them respecting their opponents (check out quotes before games).
    In the end Tomlinson (there’s only one LT and it ain’t him) probably got the Tiger-type handlers where his public persona was hidden enough to hide the fact he is and always was a jerk. There are a few players like that. Peyton travels with the biggest posse of handlers of any NFL player.

  23. It’s not like he went on Greta Van Sustern so the whole world could hear and see his crying…it’s not like he’s calling the Raiders or the Chiefs and giving them the offensive signals of the Chargers. I don’t see why this is news, or is it only ok if Favre pulls that shit?

  24. good. hope he spreads virus through jets organization.
    lilly tomlinson is way past his prime, and will
    continue to corrupt team goals.
    he and haynesworth should start a club or something.

  25. Ummm, don’t you remember?
    Ladynian (please stop referring to this guy as L.T., thanks) is a *very classy individual*….just ask him, he’ll tell ya.

  26. Looks like all that class talk out of him was a bunch of bullshit. His legacy will be his constant whining about others he deemed “unclassy” and him sitting on the bench alone with his helmet on in the 2007 AFCCG.

  27. He’s been washed up for the last 3 years. They should be throwing a ‘thank god he’s gone’ party.

  28. who gives a shit, this is the u.s.a. i dont like l.t. but if a grown man wants to say shit. he shouldn’t care if a few fat guys that use to play in one of crappiest stadiums in the league, so be it.

  29. “Complainian”- what profound lack of professionalism from the athlete and PFT in name calling.

  30. Tracking down the Tomlinson quotes took awhile, as usual PFT was not the source of the quotes. But reading those- they were pretty medicore comments compared to some of the real imposions that have occured in other situations.
    Nice to see that Greg has fully embraced the PFT tabloid style of journalism, and since it has been for effective for Florio, don’t expect it to stop.

  31. LT has definitely lost a step, or two, yet he blames his O-line. The same O-line who blocked for mike Tolbert and his 5.9 yatds per carry. Face it LT, it is you who didn’t perform on the field, not your O-line. LT once again shows he is stuck living in 2006.

  32. That does suck, that his teammates did not show up. But also at the same time, im sick of this LT talk, he is done, and the Jets are dumb for letting Jones go and picking up LT. Jones did most of the running for the Jets last season, I am unsure why they are so hung up on Shonn right now.

  33. 2007 Chamionship..Rivers played w/a damaged knee that needed surgery.
    lt , while injured, needed no surgery…but never took his coat off. Guess his ‘career’ was more important than his team.
    You can only fool people for so long…every snake sheds it’s skin….jets got a snake….and a phony.

  34. The Jets will be better and go farther in the playoffs than the Bolts this year……watch.

  35. Why? Because he’s an asshole!
    Most of us saw this. The examples are many, BUT the media loved the guy(much like Favre) so they always gave him a free pass, made excuses for him and shoved it down the public’s throat that he was a classy, wonderful guy.
    Most of us saw the truth. It wasn’t hard to see.
    It’s pathetic how so many NFL announcers/reporters get huge hard-ons for some players.

  36. He was done when he took a couple carries for a yard then sat on the bench sulking with his helmet on during the AFC Championship not even in the game while his teammates were fighting & cheering. Philip Rivers played on a mangled leg & LT sits because his foot didn’t feel right. Quitter & LOSER. What good is 23 td’s during the regular season and always on the bench when it counts. Even A-ROD thinks he is a playoff choke artist.

  37. I lived in SD for 6 years… LT is without a doubt the Scape-Goat for their failure to reach a SB…
    Same thing with Marty… he only got them to 14-2, and one bone-headed defensive penalty within the SB and he’s percieved by most as a bad coach.
    Who cares what those fair-weather fans in SD think… as most people who have lived there and they’ll tell you the same thing; SD fans are the worst… you’re great this week, or you suck next week; it’s all dictated on whether or not you won you last game.
    I guarantee that if SD continues to underachieve, Philip Rivers will be chased out of town as well!

  38. Like the piece said… “LT Needs To Bite His Lip, Not The Hand That Fed Him!”
    LT is a B#@ch! Dude is all about himself, not too mention he’s lost more then a step and the NY media will eat him Alive!

  39. His piss poor attitude and supernatural ability to fool himself about the decline of his abilities already damaged his legacy. This guy was only truly great for 2 or 3 years, he coasted on his rep the the rest of the time. He’s a first class whiny douche.

  40. Shut up LT. Shut up and quietly post 500 yards rushing next season with a pedestrian 3.1 ypc average behind the best o-line in football. Then, in 2011, point fingers once again and claim to still be the best back in the league by posting a 2.7 ypc on a shitty team after the jets dump you.
    P.S. five years from now, the initials of LT will be reverted to the best defender to grace the field (and i hate the G-men fags).

  41. Ha, what a shock this is. This guy has been crying since he arrived. He has a terrible attitude that didnt matter when he was great but now that he is pretty ordinary he isnt worth the hassle. I would say that teams would be gunning for him but this isnt 2006, see Emmitt Smith with the Cardinals etc….we all know how this one plays out.

  42. Complanian expedited his own fall from grace. Nice job. He will always be remembered for not showing up in the playoffs, sulking on the sidelines, and burning all the bridges in SD on his way out the door. When the chips were down we all saw LaDainian morph into Complanian….pointing the finger at everyone but himself. I’ll always remember that AFC Title Game vs. New England when Rivers was hobbling around on a Torn ACL while Complanian was sitting on the bench with his helmet on sulking with a little boo boo bruised knee.

  43. youre an idiot. I live in SD and most of the fans know that LT was given a raw deal when Turner was brought in. Turner is a pass happy jackass (you should be able to recognize that) and LT’s stats went down.
    I dont know where you get your “info” from but if it’s ONLY from that fat piece of shit Nick Canepa you need to get a new source.
    Or maybe you should just investigate a little and realize that Nick is a jackass like yourself who just writes idiotic articles to get a shocking reaction.

  44. His legacy is fine. No one remembers Jerry Rice bitching from time to time in San Francisco, because those memories fade over time while Rice’s greatness does not.
    The same thing will happen with Tomlinson.

  45. Ya know, for years, I hated LT being in the same division as my Raiders, because he always made us look foolish on Sunday – up until about 2 seasons ago. Then all of a sudden, he got slow, lazy, and the only time he ever scored points was on the 1 yard line.
    I realize that San Diego’s O-line has gotten weak (and those guys on the line need to honestly take a look at themselves before they get pissed at LT for saying it. Truth hurts boys) but I think Sproles is going to do some damage as the next in line. The kid is quick, evasive, and he bounces around like a BB in a box car. I think he’ll do a lot for the team – IF he doesn’t end up injured. Let’s face it, he’s a pretty little guy in a big guy’s game. He reminds me a lot of Fargas…. but remember Fargas got injured alot due to his lack of size too.

  46. youve named yourself “harrisonhits” and talk about the chargers and class? Harrison is known for his mouth and cheap shots and he was kicked out of SD because he had built such a rep for being a dirty player that he wasnt given a fair shot any more.
    that idiot who did the lights out dance in SD did it on the bolt and deserved to get popped in his mouth. thats classless right there..but obviously being a Pats fan and a fan of cheating you dont get what class is.

  47. By making the statements he has done nothing but hurt himself and his Rep. in SD. He now has everything to lose. If Tomlinson has a good year good for him if he has a bad year he will look like a fool. If he would have just STFU it wouldn’t matter what he did. Injuries, younger player in front of him all these things can and might bring him a stained reputation in the town that was once all his. He should have just shut his yapper and moved on like the Chargers did.

  48. dboom92 says:
    I would think the Chargers have much worse problem… Like still trying to get over that crushing playoff loss.
    Which one?

  49. I feel like I’m watching the end of “Revenge Of The Sith”, when Obi-Wan is screaming at Anakin, trying to explain to him that he’s abandoned everything he believed in and turned his back on everything that made him great by TURNING TO THE DARK SIDE.
    LT, we all loved you, but now you’re just breaking our collective hearts.

  50. Big Stretch says:
    April 9, 2010 10:30 AM
    I bet you they miss him next year when Sproles, Bennett and Hester suck it up in the backfield.
    Bennett was released and they’ll have a new #1 back from the draft. Plus they have Tolbert. There’s only one way to go from the leagues worst running game, and that’s up.

  51. Most posters here are such lil bishes. Grow up and get a life. None of you will ever be remembered in your life like LT will be. Follow Florio’s whining like sheep…that’s what you are in your life:sheep.

  52. It doesn’t matter. Brett Favre was nothing but respectful during and after his time in Green Bay, has given millions to local charities during and after his time in Green Bay, and the Packer fans still treat him like a piece of s***. They still attack his family and still lampoon him in any public forum and the local government attacks him too.
    Maybe Brett should’ve taken the LT route and at least gotten in a few jabs. Though something tells me LT will still be held in higher regard in San Diego than the scumbags do to Brett in Green Bay.

  53. LT bitching about his O-line is as classy as the Patri*ts coach refusing to shake hands with opposing coaches after games. Or Tom Brady’s incessant whining any time a defensive player gets near him when he’s in the pocket. Pot, meet kettle.

  54. Betcha freeagentpro has a Fathead of LT in every room! You hangin’ on his sack is probably what caused him to lose his speed and agility!

  55. TylerDurden says:
    April 9, 2010 11:19 AM
    “The Jets will be better and go farther in the playoffs than the Bolts this year……watch. ”
    Even as a Dolphins fan I can’t argue with that one. Especially because the Chargers don’t look to be poised to even make the playoffs in the first place.
    By the way Gregg… “Complainian” haha awesome.

  56. What the hell you smoking there NagaSwan…. The Raiders are about as good a one-legged man in an arse kickin’ contest… stop yappin our face off and say something of merit… yikes….

  57. Thanks Rosenthal, now I know how to be a “successful writer” for a website:
    Rewrite old news that I’ve written about 100 times, and just give it a new title.
    LOL, it’s no wonder you’re stuck here on PFT.

  58. NagaSwan – The Raiduhs need more than a QB. A change in the “president of the general partner” or “managing general partner” (or whatever Al Davis calls himself these days) would be the best thing for Oakland right now . . .
    Chargers terrible? I won’t dignify that with even a sarcastic comment . . .

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