Witness takes blame for Santonio drink-throwing

Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes has yet another reason for a celebratory “wake n bake.”

According to WPXI-TV, Holmes’ lawyer claims to have a sworn statement from a man who admits to throwing a drink in the face of the woman who claims that Holmes did it.

Attorney Adam Swickle said that the man admits to throwing a juice drink in the face of Anshonae Mill, but that he didn’t throw the glass.  Mills claims she was struck by the glass, which cut her under the eyebrow, and temporarily blinded by the contents.

The sworn statement apparently is the evidence to which Swickle was referring on Thursday.

61 responses to “Witness takes blame for Santonio drink-throwing

  1. I wonder how much $convicing$ it took for this guy to take the fall for holmes..
    P.S. is it me or are the steelers now becoming the bengals of the league

  2. AHAHAH thats for all you jerks saying he was guilty. GO SANTONIO and thats from a pats fan im sick of all these starts getting blackmailed. the glove dont fit you must aquit

  3. Non story either way. Unless she got herpes from the drink I dont see how this is still ongoing. It is a waste of tax payer money.

  4. Cue the counter claim from the “victim” that she meant to say Santonio had one of his friends throw a drink at her…the entire glass that is.

  5. In unrelated news, Anshonae Mill’s bank account just received a rather significant transfer from Mr. Holmes account.

  6. And now the prosecution should take a look at the man’s bank account for any recent deposits of a fairly large amount.

  7. Santonio – I will say I did it for 2.5% less then what you are paying this chump to say he did it.

  8. Hahahahaha, doesnt get any better than that. Big Ben pays those fools to erase the video evidence against him, then Santonio pays some fool to say he threw the glass…..

  9. LOL, I bet that Swickle & Swindle Att at Law, firm “uncovered a witness” by pulling some dirty blankets off a lump in an alley and offering him a carton of cigarettes or something.

  10. so they paid this guy to take the blame, not going to lie i would pay a guy if i was in his situation,

  11. It’s gonna be tough for him to be the fall guy now if he didn’t do anything.
    Whip out the old Dega-Bong Holmes.
    The Youth of Pittsburgh has a role model now.

  12. So who will be the first judgmental MOFO to retract all the inflammatory remarks they made about Mr. Holmes????
    I bet NONE OF YOU WILL!!!
    Thats the problem…everyone loves to judge ppl and point fingers and call names WITHOUT knowing the FACTS
    but why let a small thing like FACTS get in the way of you bashing a person whom you don’t know about a situation you know nothing about??
    Thats NOT the American way….remember all of you who post have NEVER made a mistake or been in any kind of trouble (heavy sarcasm)

  13. As a Steelers fan, this wasn’t the smoking gun I was hoping for……
    Why did this guy sign the statement? Was there video evidence?
    This just seems to raise more questions – oh well, I hope it works itself out……
    2pm MON is my major concern right now…..

  14. Man…football’s not the only game they play in Shittsburgh.
    Holmes be tho’in dat money ’round…

  15. It is gratifying to know that we live in a country where justice can’t be bought by paying off a stooge to take the fall.

  16. In unrelated news: The same man has mad a sworn statement that he grabbed a 20 year olds breast in Georgia while attending a birthday party for Ben Roethlisberger.

  17. “Witness takes blame for Santonio drink-throwing”
    Yet another conspiracy by rich criminal Steelers paying people off to get away with crimes. Get a life, hater

  18. i came to confess. i was the 2nd shooter in the grassy knoll
    /ace ventura’d

  19. What great chemistry between Santonio and Big Ben. Santonio is a great wingman, he blinds them making it easier for Ben to Ra.pe them.

  20. @bgarcia and GDBroker
    C’mon now–if he’s gonna pay either of them it will be in cash not a money transfer. Money transfers are always eyed–don’t you watch Law and Order haha

  21. Instead of lawyers the steelers should hire criminals to teach their players how to not get caught in the first place. I like Santonios style, “I dont throw drinks in girls faces, I just hang out with people that do.” keep the helmet on Santonio, you need to protect what little brain power you have.

  22. Though I didn’t once accuse Santiono of anything (Though I do hate on the Steelers like few others) I am gonna run with this one.
    D.R.Universal says:
    April 9, 2010 3:46 PM
    Thats NOT the American way….remember all of you who post have NEVER made a mistake or been in any kind of trouble (heavy sarcasm)
    I have never made a mistake outside of the following:
    1. Mistaking my second cousin for the hooker I paid to beat me while I watched Sanford & Son
    2. Being too lazy to go to the bathroom and crapping myself during my sisters wedding
    3. Driving that car through that building (To be fair the bulding got in MY way)
    Outside of that I AM PERFECT.

  23. Coming to televisions near you this fall:
    “Ben to Holmes…..another torching of the weak Ravens secondary!”

  24. more NFL teams should employ 10-2o fall guys going forward through that in the new CBA
    p.s. vikes still suck

  25. If you believe that the guy drank juice in a VIP room you are all dumber then Ben Raplisberger is for hanging out with college age girls.
    Oh wait he did do that, Holmes and the rest of the Steeler trash are just one more shit stain
    on the already damaged reputation of the “famed” Steeler nation.

  26. trjuxal, Ravens fans don’t forget anything. Time served, fines paid, moving on…unlike your punk ass players who continue to avoid any and all penalties (much like on the field now that I think of it) by paying off whomever they can.
    ItalianArmyGirl, six asterisks does not impress anyone who appreciates games won on the field instead of behind closed doors with needles and cash. 😉

  27. 3rd time Santonio is wiggling out of trouble.
    Now why would someone else throw a drink at a woman if Santonio was arguing with her?
    Why would this other guy admit to something that he isn’t even accused of?
    Why would a bar owner erase a tape that showed a very famous person hanging out at his bar?
    A lot of questions out there but the answer is always the same. $$$$
    If that lady’s atty is smart he will request all the text messages of all parties involved.

  28. Now, Santonio can go back to doing to all your loser teams what he did to the Cardinals in the Super Bowl.

  29. BuckFigBen says:
    April 9, 2010 4:10 PM
    The real question is who is drinking a juice drink in a VIP room?
    Patrone and orange juice

  30. I go to this bar/night club (The name is Rain) sometimes. They have an awesome 3 for 1 special for happy hour. Too bad I wasn’t there the day it happened. Would have been pretty entertaining to say the least.

  31. I don’t care how many people were in the sandbox. Wake-n-Bake, Rubbing Alcohol, and now the new guy, Twas Me. It’s still a bunch of fools fighting over NOTHING and wasting Florida tax money in the process. Give them each a lollipop and tell them to SHUT UP. I don’t care how they resolve it, but resolve it NOW in a way that we never have to hear about it again. I don’t care if Santonio plays for us or somewhere else as long as he does it with his mouth, his tweeter, his bimbo, his buddy, his agent, and his lawyer SILENT.

  32. It’s no longer news when a Steeler’s player has assaulted/raped a woman or being drunk in public. I just find it terribly hard to believe that these “circumstantial coincidences”, “misunderstandings”, or whatever the hell you wish to rationalize them as, keep happening to Steeler players. It’s come to be expected and according to Steeler’s fans commenting on this website, acceptable behavior. That’s a sad commentary on what was once a respected franchise. Art Sr. must be turning over in his grave. It’s been said a thousand times- where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  33. Where theres money theres mongers too King,, its seen everyday.I dont know what behavior you are referring too anyway…. sounds like your just another judge without evidence,Try not to be so judgemental.
    Perhaps it doesnt happen to the other big stars cus they are all married or whatever and dont go out to clubs,etc where they are open targets.Its a sue happy world ,as sad as it is..people see an easy payday.Think about it… how many times have you witnessed a bar argument/fight.. i have a ton of times… they dont go out and sue for 15grand..LOL its just not the NORM.
    Ive seen men n women get drunk n hang all over each other…dirty dance…make out..fall down etc…they dont file sexual assault cases against the average man… again not of the NORM.I bartended for years and people would always come in the next day n ask… who was flirting with or hanging on ..etc…So its easily possible that this is the case..its not like its not possible. So how about we await evidence? SO far all the evidence points to both men being innocent.
    I didnt convict Irvin awhile back when he was accused of the same shit…and i cant stand him. i jus require evidence… if more people did we wouldnt have innocent people in prison.
    Have a WONDERFUL evening..LOL!

  34. Holy freakin sh*t.
    A Steeler exonerated of an unfounded accusation??, ..with witnesses proving his innocence???
    Say it ain’t so Florio!!
    OMFG, It’s the end of the freakin’ world!!
    What are you gonna spend all day and night writing about now??

  35. @KingOkra …
    I don’t know what team you follow, but obviously it’s the one whose fans find lying acceptable. What a sad commentary. I guess that team’s original owner, if no longer with us, is turning over in his grave.
    No Steeler fan posting on the Roethlisberger story has said rape is acceptable behavior. That comment a bald-faced lie. Why don’t you do a little research on the other 31 teams in the league? You’ll find just as many incidents of domestic violence, pot smoking, and other problems as the Steelers have had. And these issues aren’t new to the Steelers. No team is or ever has been pristine, including ours.
    As for Ben Roethlisberger, there is ONE rape allegation against him. A woman in Nevada with whom he had a one-night stand waited a year and filed a $3 million lawsuit alleging rape. The police have said there is no evidence a crime occurred. Her own text messages record her saying how excited she was about seeing him again two days AFTER the alleged assault. Witness affidavits corroborate the text messages. All that information is on file with the Nevada courts. No criminal charges have been or will be filed in that matter.
    So there really isn’t any “smoke” in Nevada. Of course, someone who can so easily lie about what the fans have posted won’t bother to check the facts on that because–it’s been said a thousand times–a liar never believes anyone else.
    An allegation has been made in Georgia but we don’t know of what and will find out Monday whether the authorities believe there is any merit to the accusation. Since Steelers fans have almost universally condemned Roethlisberger’s immaturity and rudeness, I’m sure we’ll condemn sexual assault IF we see any evidence to support the accusation.

  36. warrick1005 says:
    April 9, 2010 3:46 PM
    so they paid this guy to take the blame, not going to lie i would pay a guy if i was in his situation,
    of course, another option is to not BE in that situation………………………and Florio, did I see something earlier today regarding Roethlisberger, and his “Dream Team” of attorneys? Is it true that the DA for the case may chose to not pursue because of the inequity of resources??
    so much for the “Scales of Justice”. you know, it would be easier and quicker to replace those scales with actual ones, and the two sides could come into court, pile all of their money on each side, and whomever has more WINS!! Apparently that’s the way it works anyway, isn’t it Santonio?…………..and OJ?………………and Donte Stallworth?……………….and Ray Lewis?………………..and Lenord Louis?………………..
    I spent 36 days in jail for my one and only DUI (never had anything prior to that than speeding tickets)………because I refused to blow. Oh, and I was broke at the time…………………..then lawyers, judges, and politicians wonder why a majority of the public is skeptical of their motives.
    Keep quiet, all, and heads in the sand.

  37. D.R.Universal says:
    April 9, 2010 3:46 PM
    So who will be the first judgmental MOFO to retract all the inflammatory remarks they made about Mr. Holmes????
    I bet NONE OF YOU WILL!!!
    Thats the problem…everyone loves to judge ppl and point fingers and call names WITHOUT knowing the FACTS
    but why let a small thing like FACTS get in the way of you bashing a person whom you don’t know about a situation you know nothing about??
    Thats NOT the American way….remember all of you who post have NEVER made a mistake or been in any kind of trouble (heavy sarcasm)
    Man, I LOVE to read angry Steeler fan posts. The more spazzed out, the better. I can just see this kid furiously pounding on his keyboard, absolutely convinced that he’s “gonna show us”. Meanwhile, all I hear is laughter and a few crickets.
    This is a great time to be alive, folks. A time where Steeler fans are defensive crybabies.
    Love it.

  38. No, fleet10, it is not true that the DA may not pursue this case because of an inequity of resources. The DA has a large staff, the full investigatory services of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the option to hire additional staff if need be.
    Interesting thing about those justice scales–that inequity can swing both ways.
    If you had a one-niter with a woman at a hotel and a year later she ran into financial trouble, do you think she would suddenly have sued you for $3 million crying rape even though her friends and her text messages say she bragged of consensual sex and hoped to see you again? Nah. You have no money. She’s have gone after someone else.
    If you’d been in a nightclub and a woman had accused you of sexual assault, not rape, with no witnesses and no DNA involvement, would your name have been spread over every newspaper and television station in the country? Would people be speculating about every aspect of your life on blogs and demanding that you be suspended from your job REGARDLESS of charges simply because you shouldn’t have been out celebrating your birthday in that town to begin with? Would anyone assume that even if no charges are filed you’re still guilty the DA just can’t handle your Big Bad lawyer? Or that you’ve paid off the town and everyone has their heads in the sand?
    Let’s say you had been out with your girlfriend and gotten into a fight and the police had been called. The officer stood there and watched as she pulled you aside and rubbed you up and down and babybabybabied you, then told the cop to never mind. Do you think we’d ever have heard one word about it? Nooooo. You’re broke. That would have been the end of it. But Santonio Holmes is an NFL player. So Rubbing Alcohol waited a month and for whatever reason filed a civil suit for ka-ching! To help it along, she went back and told the cops, “Hey, I changed my mind. Forget all that rubbing, I wanna press charges.”
    Baby, don’t talk to me about head in the sand. Yours is up your hiney.

  39. Hey, Bunny Hop …
    I think your fun is about to end. I’m just hoping your Walrus drafts Colt McCoy because that’s when mine will really begin 😉

  40. Florio, please do us all a favor and refrain from using terms like “wake and bake”…PLEASE. You are the poster boy for square-ass cornballs. Just because you found out what that meant a week ago for the first time through a google search, doesn’t mean you can use it in a public forum. Stick to pocket protectors and how to improve that Fantastic Sam’s haircut you f’n dweeb lol.

  41. Wake and Bake? It’s good news that the charge against Holmes is refuted. However, his tweeter issues and his self-worth as a player are still something of note for Steelers management.
    I could see a trade with Denver between Marshall & Holmes. Perhaps a compensatory 5th round pick to sweeten the deal? Marshall is from Pittsburgh and plays like a Steeler. TOUGH!

  42. 100 BUCKS to your favorite charity if any of you scum bag liars farkwads can prove anyone was paid off in the case of Holmes or Ben. Screw ya you know it is not true.
    Florio you are classless

  43. Best day ever… next to the 6 Super Bowl Sundays the Steelers held up the Lombardi. Haters are eatin MAD CROW! HAHAHAAHAHHAAAA!!

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