A great twist on the mock draft approach

Our pal Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times has put together a new mock draft, with an intriguing twist.

Farmer let a writer who regularly covers each team make each pick.

First pick?  Sam Bradford. 

On the outside looking in?  Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, and Taylor Mays.

For the other 31 picks, check out Farmer’s full list.

43 responses to “A great twist on the mock draft approach

  1. Thats actually a pretty cool way to Mock….accurate? NO
    Every city has an opinion spinner and half the time what they want for the team isn’t what the team really wants…..

  2. I’d be more shocked if the Dolphins took Dez Bryant than if Elvis and 2pac were both found ALIVE.

  3. I just don’t see Parcells wanting Dez Bryant, he would probably rather take Pierre-Paul or Dan Williams. I like Charles Brown to the Cowboys though, maybe a safety in round 2.

  4. we’ve been doing this type thing on NFL forums for years. Plus, half those writers are complete morons and dont even know their own teams

  5. these writers are morons, they should just poll the fans and they would get better answers. Pouncey at 11 to the Broncos? Denver coluld trade down to the bottom of round 1, add picks and still get Pouncey. The Packers take Patrick freakin Robinson over both Kyle Wilson and Devin McCourty? WOW……
    I really hope the Giants take Pierre-Paul over Derrick Morgan and Brandon Graham as a Eagles fan. Pierre is a J-O-K-E. Dan Williams WILL NOT be there at 26, and there is no way Brandon Graham falls that far.
    Also, if it fell this way the Niners would be in great shape, and pull further away in that division. If Haden falls due to his combine 40 time I will lose faith in alot of NFL scouting. Haden is the top CB by far, and the best and most complete corner to come out in over 5 years. He is a top 10 guy without a doubt. I also have Anthony Davis as the 3rd best OT, and with Joe Staley at LT Davis could play RT his rookie year where he will be a perfect fit and maul people in the run game

  6. I look at the mock, I love Ralph V from NYdailynews but I wil throw up in my mouth is the Giants take Jason Pierre Paul, we have a huge need at MLB and DT, Jason Pierre Paul is a luxury pick that we cant afford at number 15….I know we have a philosphy that states ” you can never have enough pass rusher” but not at 15, we took Kiwanuka 32nd overall! he probably best player available at that point.Do you really think the Giants are taking Jason Pierre before DERRICK MORGAN! WOW! be serious
    In the case of this mock draft the Giants would be nuts to not take Dan Williams, hes 327 and he plays very fast, he comes from a 4-3 and people think he can play 3-4 NT so thats perfect for us we need a fat boy in the middle, for so long everyone was saying take Brian Price and in this draft we can take DAN WILLIAMS and we dont??? Go Giants I love Ralph but that was a very very very bad pick!

  7. “20. Texans: S Earl Thomas”
    No way Earl Thomas falls that far. If he get past 15-17, the Eagles will trade up for him.

  8. Sorry, but Mary Kay Cabot is mistaken if she thinks the Browns will pick Clausen. I can’t even believe she made that pick! She should lose her press pass!

  9. blogging networks have been doing this “twist” for years. Nothing new here

  10. You know, there might be an opportunity here, Florio. Have you considered maybe trying for a fan draft where PFT fans who both have a favorite team and a good amount of knowledge come up with a mock of their own? A PFT fan draft? Could offer good will, fun, and a nice distraction going into the draft…
    I’d be happy to pick for the Broncos at ll… we’d just need reps of the other first round teams…

  11. Putting lipstick on a pig is an interesting twist to date night in Minnesota, it still doesn’t change anything though.
    Mock drafts or mock dates are not the real thing.

  12. Are you kidding Bay?
    Robinson?? There’s no way… there are at least a dozen+ picks that TT would consider with that board and Patrick Robinson is not one of them.
    Dude couldn’t even handle the Senior Bowl.

  13. 11. Broncos: C Maurkice Pouncey, Florida. (Lindsay Jones, Denver Post) “This is a bit high for a center, but the Broncos don’t have one. If they were to line up today, they’d have nobody to snap the ball.”
    exciting times…….trade the 14th pick for a DB in the second round last year & a second round pick (?) for a blocking TE at #64 as well as pay big $$$ for a long snapper & end up in a talent rich draft needing someone to snap the ball…

  14. The NFL Network is already doing this on their path to the draft shows. Not sure how long they’ve been doing this though.
    @Forevercorr – I’ll pick for the Viqueens at 30! Love mocking.

  15. Holy Crap! The Broncos draft a CENTER at pick freaking 11 because the “have no one to snap the ball.” There’s definitely no way a CENTER could be had in the later rounds, or that one of the current OLs could move over. They’ll just have to forfeit all their games if they don’t draft a CENTER in the first round. Has a CENTER ever even been drafted that high? What a joke.

  16. LOL none of these guys has a clue. I listened to the Sirius Pro Football guys do their mock this afternoon while lifting. When they decided Dallas would take Tim Tebow with the 27th pick I almost dropped my weights.

  17. Am I the only one who thinks Bradford is overrated? Personally, I think Suh is the best player in the draft. However, that is a lot of money for a DT….but better than paying an injured QB.

  18. I love how so many commenters bash the writers as “morons” and say they “know nothing”. Yeah. Because your average PFT commenter has a fine grasp of written English, superb analytical skills and a relatively unbiased point of view.

  19. The only thing worse about having to watch a shitty football team(Browns) year in year out is having to read shitty articles written by shitty wanna-be beat writers about said shitty football team. And Mary Kay Cabot & Tony Grossi, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, are two of best at being real shitty.

  20. Mocks moscks mocks…
    Does anyone ever get a majority of the picks correct? Every Mock I ever spend time to look at has players going in the first round who dont get picked until the 90th or so overall.
    Then people get so worked up about it.
    No one knows who is going to pick who until the draft happens. (OK you can guess on the first three)
    Then no one knows until 2 or 3 years down the road who should have been taken where.
    So why get all worked up about it?
    Morons here, morons there.
    BTW what is the record for most players taken in the top 6 from one college? I’d guess Miami holds it. And have we ever seen a scholl have three players in the top 6 and their in state rival have 2 taken in the top 12?

  21. This approach is not new. It was done on sports radio years ago.
    Unfortunately many of these guys still focus on the needs of the team they cover, and not the draft board.

  22. Nothing screams knowledgeable & authoritative like pencilnecked writers & bloggers… almost as bad as cement headed posters.
    Stay in your basements.

  23. everyone one is expecting the Raiders on picking a lineman, so its obvious we gonna draft LB McClain, heard it here first

  24. mission – didn’t say it was the right pick or that I agree with it. Merely pointing out that most years McGinn is close if not right on with his guess on who the Pack will take. So if they don’t trade down, or even if they do, his sources must be telling him that GB is looking at cb as an early pick.

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