Decision coming Monday on Kroenke's 40 percent of Rams

We still don’t know if Shahid Khan will be the next owner of the St. Louis Rams. But we could find out Monday if Khan’s bid will be for 60 percent or 100 percent of the franchise.

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that there’s still no word on what Stan Kroenke plans to do with his 40 percent of the Rams, but that Kroenke must declare by Monday. Kroenke’s options are to keep his 40 percent or sell it to Khan, in a sale that would have to be approved by the league owners.

Miklasz cites sources close to current Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom, who has agreed to sell his family’s 60 percent share of the Rams to Khan, as believing that Kroenke will remain a 40 percent owner. That’s reportedly what Khan would like, although Khan says he has the money to buy 100 percent of the team if he has to.

Of course, this could all be moot if the rest of the NFL ownership nixes Khan’s purchase of the Rams. There have been concerns about the financing mechanisms contained in Khan’s proposal, and some league observers are predicting that he ultimately won’t be the Rams’ next owner.