Greg Olsen says he wants to stay in Chicago

nfl_olsen_250.jpgWhen Mike Martz became the last-ditch candidate to take over the offense in Chicago, speculation immediately centered on tight end Greg Olsen being on the way out.  The talk came from the reality that the Martz system doesn’t devote many passes to the tight end position; thus, a guy with Olsen’s pass-catching talents would be wasted.

The possibility of Olsen leaving seemed to assume legitimacy when the Bears overpaid blocking tight end Brandon Manumaleuna, who caught five passes in 2009, on the first day of free agency.

For his part, Olsen wants to stay put.  He said so recently on his Twitter page.  “So far I have a
great feeling about my role this year,” Olsen said.  “I have no desire to play anywhere
but in Chicago
.  That was purely media speculation.”
  (Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune spotted this one on Friday.)

Olsen also said he would put his blocking up against any other pass-catching tight end.  The fact that he’d raise this point suggests that he knows he’ll be doing plenty of blocking under Martz, and not as much pass-catching as the 2007 first-rounder would like.

And that’s the key here.  It’s not whether Olsen can block.  It’s whether it makes sense to pay a pass-catching tight end to not catch passes — and whether a pass-catching tight end will be happy with less passes coming his way.

In 2009, Olsen caught a career-high 60 passes.  Vernon Davis of the 49ers caught 78.  The prior year, when Martz was running the San Fran offense, Davis had only 30 receptions.

22 responses to “Greg Olsen says he wants to stay in Chicago

  1. Olsen knows Lovie, Martz, Angelo and their cronies will be gone in 2011 and he can go back to what he does best.

  2. I would want to keep him if I was the Bears… Solid receiving TE they got with him. I don’t get where all these trade rumors starting swirling with him.

  3. Martz was their last choice? Did not know that.
    “When Mike Martz became the last-ditch candidate to take over the offense in Chicago.”

  4. if he is traded it will happen in just in time for the draft, so we will know very soon.

  5. The Bears will keep weenie body (Olsen) because as BigBear123 so aptly points out the three stooges will be gone after next year when the Bears go 7-9.
    Tho I wish weenie body would work on gaining more lower body strength so the wouldn’t fall down every time some tiny defensive back hits him after a catch.

  6. He doesn’t have to be the blocking TE. My God, how many REAL receivers does Martz think that they have.

  7. Patriots give on of their three 2nd round picks in return for Olsen and the Bears 4th round pick…on draft day.

  8. It’s not Olsen’s fault for the Bears hiring the Lions castoffs such as: Martz and Marinelli!

  9. Vernon Davis is a very good blocker so why is it really that bad for him to stay in and block. It’s one thing to ask for Vernon to block, completely another asking Olsen to block. Olsen will either be asked to go catch passes, or sit on the side line until he learns to learn to power through his blocks and learn some toughness.

  10. why are pass catching te’s like gates and gonzales celebrated but olsen is ridiculed for wanting to catch the ball?now I am sure they block to but you can’t tell me that is their main focus or else they would not have catches they do. it is not olsen’s fault he had to work under the worst o.c. ever in turner or his numbers would be better. how many times did they throw to him back to back in games?none that I remember no matter how many yards he got,other teams go to the same guy until you stop them but not turner and lovie.if they are stupid enough to get rid of him they will regret it.

  11. are another media tailgater along for disinformation joy ride- I didn’t know you were part of the Bears front office, knowing details of their first and last ditch efforts-
    More likely, Olsen has now had a chance to go over the system w/ Martz and he now knows that the passing game will be vastly improved- …..Leave the Bears talk to Biggs-

  12. Olsen hasn’t bothered to put any muscle on since playing at the U – thus he gets manhandled.
    Further, he doesn’t have particularly soft hands, doesn’t fight very hard for the ball and doesn’t get any yards after the catch.
    Both are reasons why nobody would trade for him after Martz arrived.

  13. Older TE’s don’t mind blocking
    Pass-Catching young guns like Olsen want to catch
    Trouble is he doesn’t make the big catches in traffic…never has!

  14. You could also add the point where Olsen says, “think he’s a great addition to a good room. Look what gates and him were able to do in SD” in reference to Brandon M (I am not looking it up) becoming the new TE.
    Perhaps suggesting that Olsen may block, like Gates does, but he will still catch a whole mess of balls, like Gates did. And then you have Brandon to come in and help block as an H back. I think it is ridiculous to think Olsen won’t still have a major part of the Bears offense. I wouldn’t be suprised if Jay Cutler demands Gregory Olsen to be a major part. If he truly is a whiner, he’s already talked about it when he watched ESPN to hear about himself.

  15. Anyone questioning Olsen’s toughness look no further than his two drops all season with over 100 targets. Great hands, great in the receiving in every aspect. He was doubled all year long, can’t really blame him for that.
    Martz wasn’t the Bears “last-ditched” effort for an OC. You couldn’t be more wrong. He wasn’t in high demand, so they did their due-diligence and didn’t have to worry about another team offering him a job. Get a clue before dissing the Bears as usual.

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