Leiweke says he's not leaving the Seahawks

Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke recently presided over a shakeup that saw G.M. Tim Ruskell and coach Jim Mora leave, and coach Pete Carroll and G.M. John Schneider arrive.  Leiweke now says he won’t be joining Ruskell and Mora as former employees of the team.

Damian Cristodero of the St. Petersburg Times reports that Leiweke is not a candidate to become CEO of the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning.

“I know a little bit about what they’re doing, and something good is
going to emerge there,” Leiweke told Cristodero.  “It’s a fantastic opportunity for
the right person.”

Leiweke said he’s fully aware of the details of the search, which is being coordinated by Jac Sperling, one of Leiweke’s friends.

“I’m happy doing what I’m doing,” Leiweke said.

And Mora would say that what Leiweke has been doing includes cramming a knife deep into the former coach’s back.  And Mora probably would not be wrong about that.

9 responses to “Leiweke says he's not leaving the Seahawks

  1. The same Mora that said he’d quit his job as the Falcons coach to go to UW? The same Mora that was lucky to be hired again?
    I thought so. You sure do have a short memory, Florio.

  2. Florio, you’re such a clown. Really? Leiweke stabbed Mora in the back?!?!? Gee, I seem to recall Mora throwing a certain kicker under the bus for missing two field goals, um, anything Mora got, he had coming. Ever hear of karma? Evidently you didn’t see much of the 2009 NFL season. . .the Seahawks sucked and it starts with the coach. The team gave up on him along time ago so maybe it was the team that rammed that knife in Mora’s back.

  3. Florio is totally right. Leiweke’s screw job made Vince McMahon jealous.
    One ‘d’ Tod’s comments are good news for Lightning fans and bad news for Hawks fans.

  4. Interesting that you would characterize it as back-stabbing. Mora was a terrible coach and most fans were not sad to see him let go, despite the fact he is a local boy. I suppose if Leiweke had retained him you’d have said he was guilty of favoritism.

  5. That’s too bad. If he wasn’t Paul Allen’s right hand man he would have been gone with Ruskell and Mora.

  6. Jim Moron (Mora) needs to just shut the f**k up!! He will never again be a head coach in the NFL, or EVER get the UW job. Maybe he will join Tim Ruskell in Chicago as one of the water boys that’s about it!!
    As for Leiweke, He has done nothing but great things for pro sports here in Seattle with the Seahawks, and Sounders. He is going nowhwere!! Plus Todd Leiweke is one of Paul Allen’s right hand men!!

  7. The Lightning are better off without Leiweke. He’s the definition of toolbag.

  8. Tod Leiweke isn’t leaving the Seahawks; he wouldn’t have Paul Allen and Bert Kolde to hide behind anymore.

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