Sources: Santonio Holmes facing four-game suspension

Late Friday afternoon brought good news for the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the report from ESPN that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger won’t be charged with sexual assault in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Now for the bad news.

Multiple sources have advised us that receiver Santonio Holmes is facing a four-game suspension under the league’s substance-abuse policy.  It’s presently unknown whether Holmes tested positive for a prohibited substance or committed some other violation of the policy, such as missing a required test.  It’s our current understanding that the internal NFL appeals process has not been finalized.

Under the substance-abuse policy, a four-game suspension comes after multiple violations.  The fact that Holmes, the MVP of Super Bowl XLIII, is facing a four-game suspension means that Holmes previously has paid a fine in the amount of three seventeenths of his base salary (i.e., three game checks).

Though we’re not aware of the specific identity of the substance involved, Holmes has a history with marijuana.  In 2008, he was cited for marijuana possession, prompting the Steelers to suspend him for one game with pay.  Recently, he posted on Twitter a message indicating an intention to “wake n bake,” slang for smoking marijuana upon getting out of bed.

Holmes also has recently been accused of throwing a drink in the face of a woman at an Orlando nightclub.  The alleged victim has both sued Holmes and pursued criminal liability, after indicating on the scene that she did not want to press charges.  His lawyer has denied the accusations, recently claiming that a witness has signed a sworn statement taking responsibility for throwing the drink.  The suspension Holmes faces arose independently of this alleged incident.

77 responses to “Sources: Santonio Holmes facing four-game suspension

  1. Upon hearing this hopefully he jumps on twitter and tells more fans to kill themselves.

  2. Pittsburgh Steelers,,, the new NFL poster team for punks, criminals, drunks, douchebags, woman abusers, and dopeheads.
    Is this the “classy” organization that the media and Goodell keeps referring to?
    Yea, ok, this is a “classy” team………and the “Mean Machine” had a roster full of classy players too.

  3. I’m always amazed at how many chumps there are on this site that don’t know that Florio is a huge Steelers fan.

  4. If he isnt playing who else will look like an idiot by flexing his little weak arms after every play

  5. I dont know…with all the hard drinking scrip clubbing gambling gun toting pacmanmobile loaning & running back traffiking in the last decade or so…has Goodell & CO ever considered the NFL might have a small problem with cocaine use?
    wish somebody would ask him…

  6. Yes florio yeeeeessssss!!! Back on track to sully a steeler huh? Alot easier going without Holmes than Ben. I’ll take that. This article just doesn’t have the same zing to it does it florio?

  7. what a giant doucher. stealers are going to take the title from the bengals for most dysfunctional organization in the AFC North if they aren’t careful.

  8. Cue the bumpersticker-readers complaining that tossing a drink isn’t NEARLY as bad as rape…
    Ignoring that 1) the suspension is because evidently Santonio violated the substance abuse program, and 2) Big Ben was accused of sexual assault in Georgia, not rape, and the state isn’t prosecuting.
    But why let facts get in the way of crying wolf?

  9. Now the signing of A. Randel-El makes a heck of alot of sense; I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers go WR early in the draft and cut ties with Santonio they better hope that the aging Ward and the emerging Wallace step up.

  10. As a die-hard Steeler fan, it sucks to think we will miss him for 4 games. However, the rules are the rules. They don’t make special circumstances for other players, so Holmes should definitely sit down and pay the same price as anyone else in the same situation. And quit smoking pot. Mostly just quit smoking pot. Did I mention that he should quit smoking pot? (Whoever called him “Sandubio” made me laugh my goddamn ass off…nice one!)

  11. C’mon Tone..enough of the BS already!..Sweed needs to stop acting like a sissy and step up now!

  12. Now all they need to do is give Ben what he deserves. I have tremendous doubts about his character when the cameras are turned off. Although, he does seem to enjoy the camera since there are so many pictures of his drunk, clueless ass all over the Internet. Grow up, Ben. Your 28 now, and could just as easily be dead or in prison. If the NFL wants to have this “code of conduct” than it should apply to everybody, not just Pacman Jones or Michael Vick. 2 offseasons, 2 rape allegations. Time to grow up and show some better judgement to keep yourself out of these vulnerable situations. If he doesn’t learn anything after the second time, I look forward to calling him Rapistburger for the duration of his life (probably will call him that anyways.)

  13. Shit. Now I see another major reason why we resigned Randle El. The Steelers knew ‘Dubio would be suspended and needed insurance, in addition to El making a fantastic 4th WR/PR/KR type guy after Holmes comes back. In the meantime, Ward, Wallace, El and Miller will provide plenty of venom. No need to worry here. (Sober up, Dubio!)

  14. It’s ok once Santonio produces his Medicinal Marjiuana card this whole suspension thing will just go away . . .I mean hell if Snoop can get one why not Ton ?

  15. In short,
    Tossing drink in a womens face at a bar = punishment.
    Sexual assualt to a women in a bar =
    free and clear.
    Go get em Pittsburgh Stealhers!

  16. Santonio=Plaxico
    No second contract. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  17. The Steelers are becoming the Bengals??? Not even close. I believe the Bengals hold the record at 10 separate players being arrested in one season. And then there’s that fact that the Bengals haven’t won a playoff game in what…..10 years or more??
    Nope…not even close.

  18. Another Plaxico Burress all over again!! Wow The Giants Next Season and Prison after that!

  19. well its a good thing we brought randle el back and mike wallace proved to be a good WR cause i can see holmes going bye bye and thats fine we can get a WR in the draft but its sad my steelers have been this bad this off season it truly shows that we really dont have a higher standard in the NFL than other teams but oh well

  20. Its funny, Randel El was told he would be the #3 reciever, and at the time, I thought it was absurd because it was Ward/Holmes/Wallace….but maybe now, Randel El WILL be the #3.
    Good thing the Steelers stocked up on WRs in free agency.

  21. @Stevein Cinci:
    Huh? The Bengals had 5 Lombardi Trophies in the front office in 2007? When did you start playing video games?

  22. So the guy smokes a little grass. In this day and age, I can’t believe this is some kind of moral issue. The guy next to him on the line last night drank a whole bunch of booze, drove home and punched his wife.

  23. Man let the guy smoke his weed in peace!
    Gheez like he killed someone for JFC!
    The mental masturbation on this site never ceases to amaze me!

  24. It’s disappointing to see all that talent go to waste because of a plant (if marijuana is the drug that he is in violation of using) he was great with Ohio State and the Steelers, it’s a shame.

  25. Yep, I concur with some other posters here–Plaxico, part 2.
    But the Steelers need a corner and an o-lineman in the first 2 rounds.

  26. @Blitzburgh
    The Bengals last won a playoff game on January 6th, 1991. It was a 41-14 beating of the Houston Oilers. (Unless you count the Madden games SteveinCinci has been playing. He kicks Pittsburgh’s ass twice a year, 65-6 and 89-0.)

  27. Smoking medicinal marijuana = suspension
    Taking prescribed opiate pain killers, such as Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, Roxycontin = totally legal
    Both help relieve pain. Both are taken to improve the users frame of mind.
    One of them causes physical addiction, results in hundreds of thousands of overdose deaths per year, and reduces people to being complete junkies
    The other causes munchies, laziness, general apathy.

  28. I actually don’t even care about this.
    At first it seemed like the constant Steelers bashing was just a way for Florio to generate page hits from the idiot masses.
    Than it dawned on me.
    Let ’em have their little hissy-fits.
    It’s all they got.

  29. Could his “wake n bake” comment have counted as a violation of the policy if he was already in the program?

  30. Time to trade Holmes and see if the Steelers can get at least a second rounder for his pot smoking ass. Then Sign T.O. for a year and draft Dez Bryant or Rejus Benn. Steelers need to go after a big receiver like they were going to do last year so if they want they could draft Pat Simonds of Colgate. He’s the tallest WR in this years draft at 6’6″ and runs the 40rty in 4.6 which is a nice speed for a guy of his size.

  31. I think Art Rooney should suspend both Holmes, and Ben to be honest. I’m a Steelers fan through, and through. This constant crap coming from these 2 should lead to a suspension because it drags the whole franchise through the mud. Imagine building a highly respected Franchise, like the Rooneys did, and now you have 2 guys, who aren’t charged, yet they have allegations that tarnish the Franchises’ image… You have to reprimand them somehow. A 4 game suspension for both would be a statement by the team, that would say we don’t condone any conduct as has been alleged…

  32. OK Nfl scheduler, Holmes out first 4 games so Steelers can play home to Carolina, at Cleve, at Buffalo and home Oakland then a bye!

  33. The headline should have read Santonio Holmes has only 12 games left as a Steeler.

  34. Kordell Stewart could still play some WR. And he could step in as qb during Ben’s suspension also, and have some cool trick plays with Dennis Dixon, Hines and Randle El.
    I mean, if dog-killing Michael Vick can get a roster spot, Kordell, who has better career numbers in nearly every statistical category, including wins and playoff wins, should get to play a bit more. Vick spends two years rotting in prison and gets a deal on his first couple weeks out of the slammer. Kordell has only been gone from the game a couple years, and looked good on video last year in some workouts.

  35. Holmes raped his bag of reefer, while his two paid off-duty cop bodyguards blocked the bathroom door, then he bitch slapped it and threw a drink at it. Afterwards, he broke into the club, destroyed the videotape and paid off the local cops. Then he hired a shyster lawyer who bought off all the local politicians, and videotaped hand signals from the DA and sold those to the public defender, before driving DUI and running over Goodell’s dog after he accidentally shot himself in the dick with a stolen gun while high on crack.
    So what’s the big deal?
    Same thing happened to me last week.

  36. i dont give a shit if he smokes while hes in the offseason…………….millions of Americans do it everyday.. I wouldnt doubt most of those replying here do it if not worse.I dont do any drugs at all but its obvious Pot is as common as a cigarette these days.. prolly less harmful.Im surprised it hasnt been legalized yet,,especially the tax dollars the government could be making off of it. Pot is the least of the worries in todays drug rings…the only bad thing is someone can lace the pot with other crap.
    Anyway…GO STEELERS!!!!

  37. That’s it Santonio… take the heat for Ben!! Double standard with the Steelers – always has been.
    LOSERS. I loved the Steelers till now. Ravens and Bengals always have had criminals on the team. Now, the Steelers are no different. It’s amazing how a stellar reputation had hit the skids in the blink of an eye.

  38. Ah the haters are out. It’s sad that grown men need to spew hatred to make themsleves feel better. It’s sad but I guess some need to justify their life of surfing porn b/c the wife is too fat.
    It’s sad how many can’t do anything but hate.
    Ben is innocent folks. No charges. No crime. Innocnet. And Santonio smoking pot is no different than 95% of college students and 100% of those who didn’t go to college.

  39. Why aren’t all the pot enthusiasts up in arms now? Oh right, because Santonio has proven, at least for himself, that he can’t live without weed… meaning he’s addicted… or a dickhead… or both.

  40. @EdBurns666 …
    So you want Ben to be suspended because you want to send the message that the Steelers don’t condone any conduct as has been alleged?
    That is the most idiotic thing I’ve read yet.
    You do understand that an allegation is nothing more than an unsubstantiated accusation, right? To date, Ben Roethlisberger has never been arrested or charged with any crime. Despite Florio’s “Go Get Those Page Clicks” rhetoric, there is no evidence that he’s ever violated the NFL’s personal conduct policy. If, as reported, the DA announces Monday that he won’t indict, Ben has never done anything to warrant even a one-game suspension.
    Most people don’t have fans, but many are rude to their coworkers and the public at large. It doesn’t get them suspended from their jobs.
    I guarantee you that most NFL players, when they go back to their college towns for a visit, drink in their old college clubs. You never hear about it because nothing happens to put it on the news. It’s not a suspendable offense. We still don’t even know what this woman accused Ben of doing. All reports about head injuries, bodyguards blocking hallways, etc., are unsubstantiated rumors. I hope the DA on Monday will provide enough information to explain what happened and why no charges are being filed.
    While Ben shouldn’t have been riding a motorcycle with an expired learner’s permit, he was obeying the traffic laws. It is LEGAL to ride without a helmet in Pennsylvania and the Steelers did not contractually forbid him from doing so. The accident was the fault of the other driver.
    Although it may offend your moral sensibilities, there is nothing suspendable about a single man having sex with a single woman in a hotel. He could not possibly have known that a year later she would have financial problems and sue him for $3 million claiming rape. The EVIDENCE filed with the court in that case supports his innocence.
    So far there is no EVIDENCE the man has done anything other than embarrass some thin-skinned Steelers fans like you who still want their pound of flesh. The guy needs to grow up and exercise better judgment but he gets paid to play football not to be your hero. Get over it.

  41. # .RebaT says: April 10, 2010 4:17 PM
    “It’s amazing how a stellar reputation had hit the skids in the blink of an eye.”
    Good thing you don’t have to worry about such things.
    You’ve been a Grade-A asshole from day one.

  42. FlorioHairHat,
    Thanks! Better than a Grade C like you! LOL
    I get under your skin too. Click click click go the buttons.

  43. Deb says: April 10, 2010 5:54 PM
    Most people don’t have fans, but many are rude to their coworkers and the public at large. It doesn’t get them suspended from their jobs.
    If it came out that I was accused of sexual assault I would be fired. No matter if it was substantiated or not. St. Louis Childrens Hospital probably does not want a guy who is dumb enough to get himself in the position that Fat Tits was in.
    But keep defending the winner. I mean there are a bunch of pro athletes with 2 sexual assualt accusatiions in the last year. Like……… ummmmm and that guy……and the dude from LA right?
    Plus purchasing drinks for someone underage is against the law. Whether you know her age or not.
    Please put Pittsburgh away at NY. The Jets fans (Hate the team but like the fans) will freakin rip him a new ass.

  44. Why are you down on Tone? Man the dude is a total clutch receiver. Why? Because maybe the mary jane keeps the dude so calm in big games, who knows? When everyone else is hyperjacked, Tone is smooth, rises to the occasion. Maybe it is a good thing ya know. Just chillin’ then scorin’ winnin’ td to cop MVP. He missed an easier one the down before in the end zone for a sure TD, went right through his hands. Think Tone got worked up? Nooooooooooooooooo, he smoooooth and relaxed, like a nice breezy day on a Jamaican beach sippng a brain killer. Smoooooth Tone, smoooth.

  45. Nice try, the Real Shuxion, but you obviously didn’t read the post. I wasn’t talking about the assault allegation, but about the Pittsburgh fans who think he should be suspended because he’s been rude to them.
    If you were fired for a sexual assault allegation that turned out to be false, you could sue for wrongful termination.
    I could explain until I’m blue in the face and you’ll never get where I’m coming from. For me, this isn’t about Roethlisberger or about him being a winner. This is about a man being tried in the Court of Public Opinion. Right now there’s a woman in my community on trial for murder. She may have done it, I don’t know. But she cannot possibly get a fair trial with the media coverage her case has received here. It’s a travesty that turns my stomach.
    Ever hear of Richard Jewell. He was a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone made an accusation based on circumstantial evidence. People didn’t like his lifestyle. The rumor mill went crazy. And the Court of Public Opinion convicted him.
    I’ve been through every speck of material in the Nevada case. The evidence supports Roethlisberger. We don’t yet know what happened in Georgia or even what that woman is accusing him of doing. But people don’t like his lifestyle. The rumor mill has gone crazy and people have accepted as fact info that hasn’t come from any reliable authority. And the Court of Public Opinion has convicted him.
    As a rape survivor, I wouldn’t support him if I thought he was guilty of sex abuse no matter what team he played for. But spare me the holier-than-thou stuff. Your hatred is about him playing for the Steelers, not because you think there’s been a miscarriage of justice. If you were concerned about justice, you’d wait until Monday to hear what the charge was and what the investigators found.

  46. the state of denial that some stealers fans show is frankly disturbing.. with the paladin of steal-thinking: deb, the queen of hard core.. “a little 4 game suspension will not kill anybody (sigh of releaf)” “none of them has been proven guilty in a court of law..” “we are not as bad as the bengals..”
    you’r right, deb & co. maybe none of your bum players will go 2 jail.. still the leadership on your team is @ question.. it’ll be all right.. everybody will be back 4 the season.. i’m glad really cause u will lose on the field with that obsolete offense of yours, led by the great citizen ben r.
    one last thing, quit being so dismissive.. what entitlement you have to diss other people’s comments? the fact that you got raped, which i hated to hear, does not make give u any special rights.. all the “grandeur” u like 2 use on your posts does not make them any closer 2 right.. this is just public opinion.. not stealer bashing.. now, get that thru ur thick skin..
    i got a t-shirt 4 you, i’ll be glad 2 send u.. “does not play well with others”

  47. @Deb
    I understand what you’re saying, but playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. The Steelers have one of the most respected Organizations in Football. The Rooneys expect their players to conduct themselves properly at all times. Also kids look up to these guys. I also understand the FACTS haven’t been released by the Police, or the D.A. yet. What I’m saying is the Team Management should do something, not the League. A suspension by the team might get the message across to both players, if done by the team. I’ve never said Ben’s guilty here either. If you also read my post in the “Roethlisberger Won’t Face Charges” post, you’ll see I said nothing that of the sort that Ben’s guilty of anything, that it was more speculative reporting, as has this whole case has been.

  48. @the 9th plague …
    Not trying to be grand. Part of my work involves editing, so it’s easier for me to use correct English than not. I could say the same about you. When you don’t bother to capitalize, punctuate, or spell out words, are you trying to dismiss the rest of us by demonstrating that you’re just above it all, too cool to take the time?
    The reason I get so pissed about all this doesn’t have anything to do with Ben or the Steelers. I wouldn’t take up as much time with it if it didn’t involve the Steelers, but I did argue a lot of the same points about Tom Cable. People are judging Ben based on not liking the Steelers and Internet gossip, not the facts of the case. Our justice system requires EVIDENCE. You can’t damn somebody just because he’s rude to fans.
    All we know in Georgia is that this woman accused him of something–we don’t even know what. That’s it. Everything else is rumor. People think he’s a jerk and they assume he’s guilty. I’ve been over all the material in Nevada, and the evidence shows she made it up for the money. That would upset someone in my shoes.
    I only brought up my own rape experience because, when this first started, some people really ripped me for defending “a rapist.” I never expected to mention my experience, but wound up blurting it out to get them to back off. Now I feel like I have to keep saying it to explain that I’d never defend a sex abuser. It’s not about him. It’s about believing people are innocent until proved guilty and letting the law run its course.
    I don’t mind the Steeler-bashing when people are honest about it. Trickbunny, Vox, and some of the others are just getting in good-natured digs. I know that, and if I post anything to them, it’s in fun. I respect people like Ravenmaniac who genuinely disagree with me. My problem is with people who pretend they’re holier than thou when they haven’t bothered to check the facts. Baby, you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think they’re using rape as a weapon to Steeler-bash. And I’m just bashing back.
    I play as well with others as they play with me. If they’re sweet, I’m sweet. If not, I know how to kick and scratch 😉

  49. Well, I guess we can’t trade Santonio after all? I was hoping for a Brandon Marshall deal but what team wants a player that’s going to be suspended?

  50. Its funny that he’s the only one reporting this which most of the stories he post that no other site talks about is BS so till I hear from a real site I’ll take it as a joke

  51. deb,
    u still missing the point about holding the leader of your team 2 a high standard.. if u don’t think that is just fair.. then we really r in dischord.. i know he has not been found guilty.. still there is a responsibility that comes with his position as the leader of your steelers.. defined with character, work ethic.. community work, etc. that’s what i want from my qb.. few clutch plays ain’t enough..
    finally, short-cut writing is ok.. this is a forum.. the closest thing to a casual conversation @ the bar.. we ain’t writing a thesis here.. none of this crap will be published.. just people talking their minds & hearts.. sure there r a few hateful ones here & there.. i like ur passion though.. shows conviction.. (does the little smily/winky face means that we friends..?)

  52. @the 9th plague …
    I don’t mind your shortcut writing if you quit telling me I’m writing with grandeur. It’s easier for me to write this way than with shortcuts. I write for a living. This just pours out naturally, and I’d have to stop and think about the shortcuts. If I’m putting in smiles and winky faces, we’re okay 😉
    I agree on the leadership issue, just not on suspension. They can read him him the riot act without suspending him. Suspension sends a message that he did something criminal or violated the personal conduct code. And unless something unexpected comes out of the press conference tomorrow, he hasn’t done that. Behaving like a jerk isn’t against the rules.
    I’d like to see the Rooneys convince him to hire a PR consultant to revamp his brand. I know that sounds pretty businesslike, but football is a business, and his agent has done a piss-poor job of managing that $102 million brand so far. I have heard some positive stories about Ben, but not enough to offset the negative. It wouldn’t be that hard to change his image if they get the right consultant and he’s willing to do what’s required. But he’ll have to be committed to changing his attitude and his lifestyle. He’s been in constant daily contact with Tomlin through this whole thing. I imagine it’s really terrified him. I expect he’s ready to do whatever it takes.

  53. @EdBurns666 …
    I read that post … and it confused me because it did seem to contradict your call for suspension. As I just said to the 9th plague, I’m not whitewashing Ben’s poor behavior. But suspensions are reserved for violations of the NFL’s personal conduct policy or for criminal behavior. A suspension, by the league or the team, of a player who’s been wrongly accused–if that turns out to be the case–sends the wrong message.
    However, I think the Rooneys should have a serious discussion with Ben. Tomlin says Ben called him in the early morning hours after the police contacted him, and they’ve talked daily since. I’m sure there has been a lot of discussion about the negative press in Pittsburgh and the stories of rudeness to fans. Ben knows he’s used up his goodwill with the team and the fanbase.
    Even if he’s completely innocent of the assault charges, his indiscriminate lifestyle has contributed to these situations, and it’s imperative that he make changes. As I’ve said, he needs to hire a top-notch PR image consultant. He must focus on getting into optimal physical shape, maintaining a low profile in his social life–perhaps moving his father and stepmother into his home. He needs to devote a lot of his free time to community and charity work. He should do an interview with 20/20 or 60 Minutes where he can spend time with the interviewer and talk about the impact these accusations have had on his life and where he can apologize to the Rooneys and the fans for taking his NFL privilege for granted.
    He has been a good leader on the field. Now it’s time for him to grow up and demonstrate those qualities universally.

  54. Come on people. Do you seriously think he had to rape somebody? I’m a huge steelers fan. I’m not sticking up for him for that reason though. I’m a girl, I don’t think he’s a good looking guy, but there are a lot of women lining up to throw themselves at famous people. It’s sad but true. Look at Kobe Bryant, did u see his wife? Do you really think he needed to rape somebody. I don’t doubt big ben is putting himself in stupid situations for a rape charge to even be questionable, but I’m sure he doesn’t have to go around raping girls. It’s called free money, that’s all there is too it. They’re trying to sell their story and make some cash.

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