Vince Young has an eye on the Hall of Fame

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young has started only 39 games in his four-year NFL career, and he still has thrown more interceptions (39) than touchdown passes (32). But Young thinks he’s on a path toward greatness.

“I always have to prove something, but I always look for that challenge,” Young told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I’ve said it before and I mean it — I want to be in the Hall of Fame one day and right now I am going to keep working. . . . I want to continue to use the things people say I can’t do to use as motivation to show the world Vince is still working and staying strong.”

That’s an awfully lofty goal for a player who started 2009 on the bench and spent almost all of 2008 there. But Young said he’s ready to build on what he accomplished after entering the starting lineup in October.

“A lot is expected of me, I know that. I embrace it,” he said. “I’ve faced some things in my four years that passed, and now I feel like I am more at home. I paid my dues and now I feel I can say a little bit more, do a little bit more. A lot of the faces are gone from before, veterans who I looked to. Now some guys have to step up, and I am willing to do my part, and whatever it takes.”

71 responses to “Vince Young has an eye on the Hall of Fame

  1. Wow, he’s drinking that tequila again, huh? Hey, I can relate. I’ve made bold statements after some Don Julio Anejo myself.

  2. Hey Vince, That and $20 for a ticket will get you in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame….

  3. It’s good to have lofty goals. Like when a handicapped child dreams of hitting a home run in the world series.

  4. Vince heard from someone that the HOF after-party includes a shirtless tequila-swilling bash.

  5. Uh….yeah. And Floria has his eye on Jennifer Aniston. Get real Vince. Your biggest day as a football player happened in Pasadena, CA. The sooner you deal with that the better off you’ll be.

  6. I gotta admit, I’m pulling for the kid. Making the HOF may not happen. But at least he’s striving to get better, unlike many players in the league, and you have to applaud his heart.

  7. Hope he does make it! Kid seems like he has heart! At least he has goals and isnt out at clubs or beating women.

  8. Here’s a list of 2009 starting QBs who are unquestionably better than Vince Young:
    Patriots – Tom Brady
    Colts – Peyton Manning
    Bengals – Carson Palmer
    Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger
    Eagles – Donovan McNabb
    Cowboys – Tony Romo
    Saints – Drew Brees
    Chargers – Phillip Rivers
    Giants – Eli Manning
    Texans – Matt Schaub
    Cardinals – Kurt Warner (still better)
    Vikings – Brett Favre
    Packers – Aaron Rodgers
    Chiefs – Matt Cassel
    Falcons – Matt Ryan
    Bears – Jay Cutler
    Ravens – Joe Flacco
    This list doesn’t even account for up-and-coming studs, like Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, and Sam Bradford.
    Now you may quibble with one or two of my picks, but perhaps Vince should crack the top 10 list amongst his own contemporaries before talking HOF nonsense.

  9. MDS, you put a grand total of THREE sentences of your own into this “post.” The rest was a simple copy & paste job. The Tennessean should sue for plagiarism.

  10. He has a lot more experience than Warner did at his age.
    Favre started out better but was still and interception machine early in his career.
    Steve Young rode the pine his first few seasons too.
    Don’t care for Vince, but he does have a chance, even if it is slim.

  11. vince you’ll have to buy a ticket like me! you have a better chance of being sarah paylin’s vice president than being in the hall of fame. sorry but the truth hurts. stop talking stupid and make a play!

  12. “Vince Young has an eye on the Hall of Fame”
    — is he parked in front of it eating another bag of stupid.

  13. Yeah…. cuz you know all of the great QB’s talk about going to the HOF instead of putting the team first. Very classy Vince. Peyton, Brady and Brees won’t shut up about it. Way to put your personal goals first. Try finishing an entire season before you crown yourself.

  14. At one point in his career, Terry Bradshaw couldn’t have made the HOF if you spotted him the H and the O so it’s NOT out of the realm of possibility. Bradshaw was benched even more than Vince at this point in his career and his numbers were far worse and he was 21-18 after his first 39 starts while Young is 26-13. Hell, Terry didn’t even get the job permanently until halfway through his 5th season.

  15. Hey who knows if he’ll make the HOF?? He’s still got plenty of time to make something of himself. Steve Young was a Hall of Famer and it took him some years to be a starter so you never know what Vince is capable of

  16. Try finishing an entire season before enshrining yourself. Way to put your personal goals before the teams. Cuz you know how Peyton, Brady and Brees keep talking about it as well. All the greats do.

  17. Apparently Vince Young has been partaking in more than one “wake and bake” with Santonio Holmes.

  18. Honestly, how are people acting like he said something wrong? Doesn’t every player (excluding the ones that just play for money) want to be in the Hall of Fame one day?

  19. Bart Starr was on the way to obscurity until Lombardi came along in his 4th season. Len Dawson and George Blanda were NOT on a track for the HOF until the AFL came along. How about Jurgensen, who was headed for obscurity until the Redskins rescued him from the Eagles?
    Drew Brees was so “impressive” after his first three seasons that the fans wanted ANYONE but Brees and the Chargers obliged them by drafting Philip Rivers.

  20. After reading the snarky comments here, including mine, I want to add this: I hope VY does end up with a Hall of Fame career, and I have no problem with him publicly stating it as a goal. It’s a long shot but, if he keeps working hard, you never know. It’s not out of the question.
    He’s an electrifying player, fun to watch with amazing athleticism. Going into that Rose Bowl game against USC, nobody gave him and Texas a chance against a team some were saying was among the greatest college teams ever. And he pulled it off. The guy has had some personal problems, but he’s not a criminal and has done nothing to make fans root against him. Why all the hate here?

  21. One minor difference between Vince and the other QB’s mentioned here, the others could actually sort of read a defense, Vince can’t read the menu at McDonalds.

  22. @Michael David Smith – who are you to be questioning Vince? He may have fewer TD’s than INT’s, but he also has led the team to twice as many wins as losses in his time. He also has more combined TD’s (rushing and passing) than INT’s.
    He also has completed 2 seasons with winning records that Kerry Collins started by losing every game (2006, 2009).
    He’s a hell-of-a-lot better at this point in his career than one of my favorite HOF qb’s was at a similar time – Terry Bradshaw. After parts of 4 seasons, Bradshaw was 27-23 as a starter, with 41 TD’s and 73 INT’s.
    He’s got a better winning regular season record at this point in his career than Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning, or Joe Montana had.
    So, who are you to tell VY that he cannot dream a little dream? The dude has a lot going for him, and bottom line is that he’s a winner. He’s clearly the qb of the future for Tennessee.

  23. I actually admire him for how he picked himself back up from his fall from grace a couple years ago.
    At the time I thought he was useless and a fragile (mentally) little girl.
    But he should shut up about the HOF.

  24. Vince and I have something in common…
    I have my eye on sleeping with 8 women tonight…
    Neither of us will reach our goal 🙁

  25. “Vince Young has an eye on the Hall of Fame”
    Like Sarah “Stupid Redefined” Palin, when she said “I can see Russia from my house!”

  26. To: Catamount
    Your comment was awesome. The GSP addition was pure greatness ! Love it.

  27. anyone that actually says out loud that they want to go to the hall of fame is a complete idiot. how about you say i want to become the best quaterback and teamate that i can be and let the rest take care of itself…jesus, what tool

  28. @Catamount …
    “With a GPS and the price of a ticket, he can achieve that dream.”
    LMAO…F’n classic!!!!!

  29. I think I still have a chance to F&CK Ashley Judd. Must be true if VY is going to the HOF?????

  30. The day Vince Young makes the Hall of Fame is the day I eat the shoes right off my feet. Unless he pulls off some major heroics the next 7-10 years, it ain’t happening.

  31. Can’t fault Vince Young for aiming high (even if he’s legaly retarded) atleast he’s not like Jamarcus Russel and aspiring to be inducted into the mcdonalds fat ass hall of shame.

  32. CJCrazyLegs28, the comment section on this site is mostly used for 13 year olds to lash out behind the safety of the computer. It usually doesnt really matter what the player/coach/source says….

  33. Dear Vince,
    For reference
    Open Daily – 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Closed Christmas Day)
    Extended Summer Hours – 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day)
    Click here to download the Museum floor plan (PDF).
    2010 Admission Rates:
    Adults – $20.00
    Children (14 and under) – $14.00
    Senior citizens over 62 – $16.00
    Children (5 and under) – FREE

  34. Young seems to have come a long way. He has a long way to go. It is good to set high goals for yourself. It is not so good to keep mentioning the HOF when your accomplishments are so few.
    Shhhhhh…Vinny, silence is golden. Let your play talk.

  35. Don’t know why all you turds are flipping out, every player should strive for the hall of fame…

  36. He pulled out victories in games and will do so again. What kills me is this dude gets ridiculed and Tim Tebow gets canonized – and theyre the same player.
    You go, Vince!

  37. from JoaquinFenix’s list
    here’s the Locks for HOF: Peyton, Brady, Favre, Warner
    Should End Up HOF Caliber: Eli, McNabb, Drew BREEEZ!
    how the hell did you forget Drew Brees?
    if Eli and Drew win a second SB, they’re sure fire HOF.
    Big Ben is disqualified due to his being a big dummy. If Pete Rose is DQ’d for gambling, Ben could be DQ’d for his problem.
    Palmer never lived up to his potential. He doesn’t strike fear in a defense.
    The rest of the guys listed are too young to say.
    Romo could enter the conversation with acouple good years.

  38. Abqpacker says: April 10, 2010 10:14 PM
    Give the guy a break! What’s wrong with having lofty goals?
    Everyone should have lofty goals, you won’t get anywhere in life without them.
    BUT, constantly telling the world how great you’re going to be is another thing all together.
    He should STFU and work on being what he wants to be.

  39. At that rate it should only take him about 40 years to close in on Favre’s TD record…assuming Favre quits soon.

  40. This should be an assumed thing. Nobody enters the NFL with hopes of mediocrity for themselves. Every player, even JaMarcus Russell, was probably picturing the Hall of Fame for themselves when they came into the league. I do agree that he’s probably not even in the better half amongst starting qbs right now though. Both Mannings, Brady, Roethlisberger, Rodgers, McNabb, Cutler, Ryan, Flacco, Rivers, Palmer, Cassel, and Romo are all better (and with Romo in there, that isn’t saying too much). I also think that we’ll see Stafford, Sanchez, Kolb, Bradford, and maybe even Clausen emerge as more effective quarterbacks within the next few years than Young. I thought Vince was brilliant in the college championship game, but he’s not an NFL style qb.

  41. Vince needs to shut his piehole about this…if the late Steve McNair can’t even get in, what makes him think he’s got a shot?

  42. The hall of fame would be much more enjoyable if it wasn’t full of a bunch of fat hicks from Pittsburgh yelling DID YINZ SEE THE CAFETERIA? THEY GOT PORK!

  43. riggo44 says:
    I bet he doesn’t even know what city the HOF is in???
    Considering that he played in the game last year, I think that he does. It amazes me how people can call the players ignorant and then say ignorant things themselves but actually think that they’ve said something smart.

  44. Who the hell knows what will happen with Vince Young
    He obviously can not handle any sort of adversity and he will go through much more if he stays a starting QB in the NFL
    His stats will never be great so unless he wins multiple SB’s….he won’t even sniff the HOF

  45. Look at his stats, compare them to other HOF QB’s in their first 4 or 5 seasons.
    You might not like the guy, but if you were to just look at the numbers, you cannot deny that if he continues to improve and mature, he has a future in the league.
    Remove the emotion from your argument and you might have a more clear presentable point.
    Aside from that VY dismantled USC and FOREVER will that b-hole Leinhart feel inadequate, and have to make up for it by filling his hot tub with under age co-eds (which isnt that bad of a consolation I suppose)

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