Lions bringing back Jared DeVries

Jared_DeVries.jpgApparently, defensive end Jared DeVries is a glutton for punishment.  The unrestricted free agent has spent his entire career with the Lions, joining the team as a third-round pick in the 1999 draft. 

He has remained with the team throughout one of the darkest periods in franchise history, which began when running back Barry Sanders abruptly retired not long before the launch of DeVries’ first training camp.  In the past eleven years, he has experienced the latter stages of the Bobby Ross regime, the Gary Moeller cup of coffee, the Marty Mornhinweg mistake, the Steve Mariucci years, the Dick Jauron stop-gap, and the Rod Marinelli misery.

Last year, DeVries popped an Achilles’ tendon in August and missed the entire year.

Per John Niyo of the Detroit News, DeVries will re-sign with the team on Monday.  He’ll reportedly get a one-year, $1.7 million deal.  Niyo says that the money is roughly the same as what DeVries would have earned under the contract that the Lions terminated in February.

Through 2005, DeVries had only three career starts.  He then started nine games in 2006, 10 in 2007, and 10 in 2008.

13 responses to “Lions bringing back Jared DeVries

  1. I might be the only Lions fan that is happy to see him back! Jared was the only bright side on defense the last couple of years!

  2. Lots of info… quick question: who the heck is Jared DeVries and what position does he play?

  3. That’s good news for the lions before he was a starter and now he’s the third string defensive end on one side at best Mayhew is doing things right in Detroit he’s building a team

  4. Pay might be the same, but wasn’t there a roster bonus due and the reason behind the release?

  5. The good news for him is that by playing in detroit, the $1.7 million he’s getting paid is more like $17 million since they are begging to sell houses/cars in that hellhole of a city.

  6. jared was helpful, it sux he missed last year before it even began, i thin with the new additions he wont have to do as much and will look even better(hopefully)

  7. “He’ll reportedly get a one-year, $1.7 million deal.”
    11 years on that team, just WOW!
    They should give this man The Distinguished Service Medal.

  8. This erases the one move Mayhew has made this offseason I didn’t like. DeVries is a great team guy, works hard, and hasn’t minded being a backup most of his career. Plus, he WANTS to play for the Lions. The Lions are getting a good team player back who can play both DE spots. Ideally he’s a backup player on a good team, but he’s good enough that he held his own starting on a bad team. This is way better than any rookie we may get with one of our few Day3 picks in the upcoming draft.

  9. @ nyj-gate D:
    How many championships has your hellhole of city won and when was the last time?

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