Schwartz invokes "Planet Theory"

Longtime Giants executive George Young had a famous “Planet Theory” to drafting that Jim Schwartz invoked recently.

“Big, giant men that run fast?  That are strong enough to play the run and athletic enough to play the
pass?” Schwartz told the Detroit Free Press.  “There’s not many people like that walking the planet.”

While the theory is tongue-in-cheek, there’s plenty of truth to it.

The athleticism Ndamakong Suh displays is special.  (To a lesser degree, the same can be said about Gerald McCoy.)  There are no offensive tackles in this class that stand out as elite.

We’ve never bought that the Lions were seriously considering an offensive tackle at No. 2 if only because it defies logic.  [Editor’s note:  Speak for yourself, Rosenthal.  It’s hard to get the most out of last year’s first overall pick if he’s constantly running for his young life.]  Jim Schwartz has made his name on defensive linemen.  Detroit’s new identity should be there. To pass up a chance to work with Suh or McCoy makes no sense.

At least that’s what the “Planet Theory” says.

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  1. Ah, I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.
    Mel Brooks is the man.
    Yeah I know it is not the same thing….play on words.

  2. Does Planet Theory address the effects of a QB getting planted into the turf game after game?

  3. Now we know why ESPN is in such a hurry to get Roethliberger off on this charge. Ndamakong Suh broke their crash test dummy and they need a replacement.

  4. In college Suh was a man amongst boys! It will be nice to see him play people to his level! SUH SMASH

  5. This story is like 2 months old … geez do you guys do anything original anymore??????????????????????????????????????

  6. This is why the draft is so cool. Everybody has to gamble. Suh could be a disruptive force inside, or he could be Glen Dorsey.

  7. Glen Dorsey is playing in a 3-4 which is counter-productive with his football skills. The lions play a 4-3 which Suh is used to.
    He will dominate period.

  8. I just hope we draft Suh!
    Our defense is a sieve, and we keep hovering around THE WORST DEFENSE IN NFL HISTORY!
    We are a LONG way, even with Suh, from being competitive.

  9. Same thing was said about Joe Thomas. That was wrong too, as you are here Rosenthal.
    If Detroit doesn’t pick a tackle, the front office will prove once again, they have no idea what they are doing.

  10. “We’ve never bought that the Lions were seriously considering an offensive tackle at No. 2 if only because it defies logic.”
    I think that’s wrong. Coaches tend to use high picks on the opposite of their specialty. If you’re a defensive guy that’s a head coach, you’re going to spend your high picks on offensive players and use your mid to late picks on defense. It’s an ego thing. They feel they can coach up lesser ranked players to be productive.
    Obviously there are exceptions and if there’s a need that makes sense for your team, you take it. They NEED to protect Matt Stafford and Jeff Backus isn’t going to cut it. They won’t progress if they can’t keep Stafford on his feet. Getting Russell Okung creates a domino effect that makes the offensive line even better. Backus can move to guard or the other tackle position. Either way, it would mean Stafford has a chance to end the season much healthier than he did last year.
    Even if Suh fits into that “Planet Theory,” in no way will he make the impact that a quality left tackle will.

  11. So now this goofy dork Rosenthal is in the business of telling NFL teams what they should do.
    wow, what a great site this is.

  12. Well we knew St. Louis was going to draft Bradford come Hell or high water, looks like the Lions are going for Suh come H or HW.
    What George Young said is correct. There really aren’t a lot of big guys who can play the run and the pass. The reason a lot of DT’s bust is because the really aren’t those guys to begin with.
    Don’t panic too much Lions fans. You can still grab an OT in the later rounds.

  13. I think the Lions are on the up and up. They might be *gasp* a contender in 2 or 3 years. I know, laugh it up but the New Orleans Saints just won the Super Bowl. It can happen.

  14. “There’s not many people like that walking on the planet”.
    Not upright, anyway.

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