Team needs: AFC East

[Editor’s note: The following is our first in a series of NFL Draft team needs by division.]


1. OT:  Bills fans don’t want to hear it, but Dick Jauron overachieved considering this roster. There are gaping holes everywhere but the secondary and running back. Fixing the tackle spot is a nice place to start.

2. QB: I’m one of the few people left that believes Trent Edwards could be capable with the right group around him, but no one in Buffalo seems to share that optimism. Including Chan Gailey.

3. DL: There is some talent here with Kyle Williams and Dwan Edwards, but Marcus Stroud was a bust in ’09 and only Williams is a true fit for Buffalo’s new 3-4 defense.

4. WR: James Hardy, ostensibly the team’s second receiver, has ten career catches and wasn’t impressive as a rookie before ACL surgery. Roscoe Parrish, the team’s third receiver, is always on the trade block.  Steve Johnson, he of 12 career catches, might pass them both. That’s not good.

4.(tie) LB: The defense needs to make a fast transition from light, quick, and injured to stout, versatile and healthy.  Paul Posluszy and Aaron Maybin are the only two current linebackers that should be on the team in ’12. 


1. OLB: It will be tough for Bill Parcells to find his next DeMarcus Ware, but he knows there isn’t anyone close on his roster. The Dolphins need more than Charlie Anderson and Cameron Wake, whether Jason Taylor returns or not.

2. S: A rookie free safety may not be much better than Gibril Wilson was last year, but he should be a lot cheaper.

3. WR: This group is better than you think, but it has too many Indians without a true Chief.  Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo, and Brian Hartline can make tough catches, but don’t have speed.  Ted Ginn can blaze, but can’t make tough catches. (Or easy catches.)  Dez Bryant makes a lot of sense. 

4. DT: Miami’s defensive line may be the most underrated in the league, but they still need a long-term replacement for Jason Ferguson.  Paul Soliai is better as a part-time player.

New England

1. OLB: This is supposed to be a defense defined by its linebackers.  But that last decent outside pass rusher Bill Belichick drafted was Tully Banta-Cain.  The last one before that was in Cleveland.

2. TE: Alge Crumpler may be the size of two men, but he only takes up one spot on the depth chart.  It wouldn’t surprise us to see New England go Jermaine Gresham or Rob Gronkowski in round one.

3. DE: When in doubt, Belichick usually takes a space-clogging defensive end.  There is an opportunity to play right away with Mike Wright currently occupying a starting job.

4. WR: Brandon Tate and Julian Edelman are building blocks for the future, but the Patriots must continue to plan for life after Randy Moss.

New York Jets

1. DE: The Jets are thin up front, and have to be worried about Kris Jenkins’ durability issues.  Mike Devito was a great story at defensive end last year, but the team needs depth.

2. OLB: It’s weird to think the Jets have more pressing needs on defense than offense, but Rex Ryan ultimately needs turn this roster over with guys he drafted. 

3. WR: Mark Sanchez needs more toys.  And the Jets need an option when they get tired of Braylon Edwards.

4. G/T: Alan Faneca is one of the most overrated players in football, and the Jets could use a long-term option to eventually replace RT Damien Woody.

8 responses to “Team needs: AFC East

  1. I do enjoy reading all of the tidbits you have here, but there are also a lot of comments you make that have no basis in fact. Case in point, your comment on Chan Gailey and Trent Edwards, stating basically that Gailey doesn’t believe in Edwards. What do you base that on?
    As a die-hard Bills fan, I probably read as much about them on a daily basis as you do. Gailey and the rest of the Bills braintrust has let very little slip regarding who their QB might be next season, and Gailey has said no more negative things about Edwards than the other two. Your statement is pure conjecture.
    Just the facts please… just the facts.

  2. I hope BB switches to a 4/3 and takes the emphasis off the LBs to get pressure and puts it on the DLine.

  3. Dick Jauron overachieved, are you freaking kidding me? the guy played a HUGE part in building the roster that still has a ton of holes, no winning seasons as head coach of the Bills and couldnt compete against teams with winning records
    not to mention in his 9 years as an NFL head coach he has one winning season, ONE
    but yeah he overachieved alright….Jauron is one of the worst head coaches in the history of the NFL

  4. I don’t think Kyle Williams is an ideal fit in the 3-4 at all. I do think the Bills are set at DE, though.

  5. Only williams is a true fit? did the ravens not run 3-4 packages? Stroud was a bust? blaming the whole run d on him? Steve Johnson should’ve started last year but Dick begged for Owens to try and save his job. Johnson is a big play receiver don’t just look at the fact that he was a seventh round pick. And I do believe in Trent, just not in buffalo. You say OT? If we were willing to give a tackle 40mil Jason Peters would still be in the red white and blue.

  6. RB is a bigger need for the Pats than WR, and possibly TE. Kevin Faulk is probably in his last year (if they don’t replace him in the draft and cut him/force him to retire). Every RB not named Maroney is over 30, and all have had trouble staying healthy in recent years. Combine that with inconsistant performance and fumble problems and look for them to draft Jahvid Best as Faulks replacement. He’s never even fumbled the ball in college, fast as hell, and has the moves and hands to bring the Pats screen game that was so key in their Superbowl runs back to a strength instead of a weakness.

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