Bills showing interest in Clausen

The Buffalo Bills may be looking at Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen with the ninth pick in the draft.

The Buffalo News reports that Clausen visited the Bills on Saturday. That came a day after Bills General Manager Buddy Nix attended Notre Dame’s Pro Day on Friday to watch Clausen. And Clausen also met with the Bills at the combine in February.

In addition to noting the interest the Bills are paying to Clausen, the paper also notes that Bills coach Chan Gailey has said he’s open to adding a fourth quarterback to the open competition among Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm.

“I’m loyal to the players, but not loyal to the point where if I think something is better for the organization, we’re going to go that direction,” Gailey said.

We’ll find out in 10 days if Clausen is the direction the Bills want to go in.

24 responses to “Bills showing interest in Clausen

  1. Edwards, Brohm should be cut off the Bills roster before training camp, Edwards because as the former Bills starter he would be a distraction for a new young franchise QB and because he belongs nowhere near a field as a starting QB. Brohm because he’s a waste of time, given 2 chances by 2 different teams and failed to be anything but terrible.

  2. If they really want this guy they will need to swap picks with either the skins or chiefs. Hawks, Browns and Raiders all need a qb.

  3. “I’m loyal to the players, but not loyal to the point where if I think something is better for the organization, we’re going to go that direction,” Gailey said.
    I think he is saying the exact opposite of what he means to say.

  4. i wouldnt mind seeing the bills going with tebow later in the draft and take cj spiller or a LT in the 1st round

  5. Please trade up with Cleveland to get him at #7. All it would take is a 3rd, maybe a 4th and 5th.

  6. i think clausen would be a good pick at 9 however, with needs at lt, nt, and lb, ahhh crap, if hes there, taking him would be ok. they need 2 or 3 years to fully stock the cupboard anyways

  7. i think they should be. Okung, Williams, Bulaga are the top tackles and all 3 should be gone by pick 9 and i think Bruce Campbell goes to Oakland, so they will miss him, which means Davis, who i haven’t been big on. I think Clausen is a top 10 talent while Davis is in my 15-20 top players. I think Buffalo should take Clausen, trade a 2nd round pick for Gaither.

  8. and i am not really sure this is newsworthy either…. a team in need of a qb, bringing in and looking at a top qb prospect? shocking

  9. For a team with a problem at OT (one having unexpectedly retired at age 26), you would think the Bills are looking in that direction. Clausen may be nothing more than a “gotcha” smokescreen in the hope that they can secure a replacement at LT.

  10. i figure it would be a good start to the organization but honestly they have more pressing needs than QB, but we see this so many time new coach, new sytem, new QB.

  11. I for one like the Clausen pick if the Bills pick him at 9… We’ve needed a quarterback for years. Have to get it right some time right? Right?

  12. Y take Clausen when the price is too high for him? He’s another ND QB and history has shown recent ones are not that good. Use the first round to get a flash player (defense), and then use the later rounds to get significant talent cheap. Get the kid from Cincy (Polk?) in the third round and get him some protection. Big thing to find is kids with heart, if you do that you’ll find real talent at every round. Don’t waste your money on the big names, they don’t pan out from places like ND.

  13. what if, but they might, now these guys are looking, now those guys are looking, what if this happens, what if that happens.
    Your jobs must suck
    Can’t wait till the draft is over so we can get back to reading articles that might actually be worth something. You guys should sell your site (hey you can make more money!) to some true fans so that we can stop reading these sell-out NBC imposed quota articles.

  14. Nobody puts down 1st round QB money on a guy just to throw him into a pot with 3 other young QBs.

  15. You don’t get a shot of getting a QB the could be a franchise player every year. Cleveland and Buffalo would be fools to pass up on this guy

  16. Why not trade this years 1st and 3rd rounder and next years 1st rounder to the Rams to move up to 1 overall and take Bradford. Heck give them Donte Whitner also. Then trade Lynch off for a 3rd rounder.

  17. NO NO NO NO N NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Buffalo i cant stand it anymore! we learn world history in highschool and college, these guys(coaching staff and ownership) need to go to classes for freaking football history!!!!!!!! 5 cases since 2005 out of 11 where a QB has been taken in the first ound and has NOT developed! why? They get pummeled in practice, preseason and throught the year NO LINE PLAY! Lets look at the ones who succeeded. Most recent: Mark Sanchez 4 probowlers on O-line enough said.(oh yea also those 4…taken in the 1st round)2008: Flacco and Ryan: falcons picked up sam baker late with gandy at LT decent combo, Flacco, Hall of famer LT(ogden) and also having a top ranked D doesnt hurt either. I wont even get into 2007… except for the case with the LT taken in 2007 Joe Thomas to the browns- Pro Bowl, 10-6 Derek A. Probowler still top flight tackel! 2008-Jake Long to the dolphins- Largest turnaround in Franchise history-10-6 Chad pennington wins comeback player of the year and the wildcat becomes the new hot commdity! ok enough about the past. Mr.Nix Mr. Gailey Mr. Wilson take a tackle please? i mean you should all shudder when i say… JP Losman. If you take clausen i hope your toilet backs up from all the money you flush!

  18. Man, I hope the Bills draft this guy. My brother is a Bills fan and three years of ” Jimmy doesn’t like pressure.” and “Jimmy doesn’t like cold weather.” jokes will be so much fun. I mean, come on, they’ll write themselves.

  19. MAAAAAAAAN…….. the BILLS just have needs all over the place!! lol they should pick up jason campbell from the skins’ then trade away trent edwards because he sucks big time, and then focus on O-line in the draft, then try and pick up some decent receivers in free agency

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