Chip Rosenbloom acknowledges Kroenke's intent to buy Rams

Rams minority owner Stan Kroenke invoked on Monday his right to match the offer of Shahid Khan to buy the 60-percent stake in the franchise currently owned by Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez, the heirs of Georgia Frontiere.

Rosenbloom acknowledged the development in a statement issued Monday night.

“Today we received notice that Stan Kroenke has exercised his right of first refusal under the St. Louis Rams Partnership Agreement to purchase the Rosenbloom family’s controlling interest in the team,” Rosenbloom said.  “We and our advisors will work with the National Football League as we move forward with the objective of completing a transaction for the sale of our interest in the Rams.”

As pointed out in a prior post, the biggest question is whether Kroenke will be required to sell the NHL’s Colorado Avalance and the NBA’s Denver Nuggets.

8 responses to “Chip Rosenbloom acknowledges Kroenke's intent to buy Rams

  1. Rosenbloom can’t be happy about this. He wants to keep the team in StL per his mother’s wishes and he reportedly took less money from Khan compared to other bidders in an effort to keep the team in StL. Kroenke (smartly) allowed Rosenbloom to accept a below market offer for the team and Kroenke will turn around and extract the actual value for the franchise by moving to another market or strong arming StL into a new, more revenue favorable stadium. Smart business by Kroenke, sucks for us Rams fans that were hopeful that the Khan deal meant long term stability for the Rams in StL.

  2. Kroenke is worth $2b, his wife is worth $2.5b, why doesn’t he just sell the Nuggets and Avalanche to her.

  3. It’s Colorado AVALANCHE (you also misspelled it in your previous post, so it’s not a typo). You also misspelled Kroenke (“Kronke”) in the previous post, but that was just a typo.
    Do yourself a favor and hire an editor. I know you want to be considered as a legit media outlet, not just a blog, because you pat yourself on the back every time you get cited by ESPN, CNN/SI, etc. I would hope that NBC would agree that you need to be a bit more professional, and I’m not referring to your content.

  4. This is good news for the Rams fans in St. Louis. Kroenke was instrumental in getting a team to STL in the first place. He was even involved with efforts to get an expansion team in STL before the Rams deal. Khan would have been more likely to move the Rams to LA.

  5. So this man might own a NFL, NBA, NHL, and Premier League team? Wow and I agree that he can give the NBA and NHL teams to his wife and that should be legal.

  6. Told you. No way were the old white men going to allow a guy named Khan into their club without paying a premium first. I’m sure more than one owner called Kroenke to encourage this move.

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