Glazer: Jason Campbell will sign RFA tender today

Eight days after trading for the one remaining year on Donovan McNabb’s contract, the Redskins have acquired the rights to another quarterback for one year.

This time, it’s Jason Campbell, incumbent starter and restricted free agent.  Per Jay Glazer of FOX, Campbell will sign his one-year, $3.1 million tender offer.  Campbell was offered an amount that would have secured the Redskins a right to match any offer, and a first-round pick as compensation if they opted not to do so.  No team expressed any interest in signing him to an offer sheet.  (Curiously, they could have tendered him at nearly the same price with compensation in the form of a first-round pick and a third-round pick.)

Now that he’s under contract, he can be traded without delay.  It’s our understanding that this is the primary motivation for signing the tender.

For most restricted free agents, signing the tender offer guarantees nothing.  Franchise players (like Steelers kicker Jeff Reed) see their base salary become fully guaranteed upon signing the offer.

The exception this year is Chargers running back Darren Sproles, who was a franchise player in 2009.  The CBA suggests that all terms from last year’s contract — including the guaranteed payout — applies to the RFA tender.

22 responses to “Glazer: Jason Campbell will sign RFA tender today

  1. Good riddance Jason! You never really had the O-Line to make you into the QB the Skins expected when drafting you.
    Hope you find success elsewhere, but in the meantime, we have a real QB to focus on now!

  2. Good. He can over thorw receivers in Oakland, get sacked in Carolina 3+ times a game, have 0 4th qtr comebacks in Buffalo, and get benched at halftime in Jacksonville.
    Peace out JC17. You never lead us to anything except dissapointment.
    And for all of you that say “But he gave it his all and tried his best behind that line”. Two words: Aaron Rodgers.
    JC just wasn’t what we thought he was going to be.

  3. talk about taking it up the rear….this org really stuck it this poor guy. mass chaos during JC’s tenure and a horrible line/owner.
    i still predict last 4-12 and plast place in the nfc east we all know who will win the NFC East…LMAO!!!!

  4. Hey JC, no hard feelings and best of luck in Denver. I’m just waitin’ to hear when Brandon Marshal arrives in DC. I know we’re not passin on him after them Jets stole holmes. Coach, Mr. Allen keep’em comin’ !

  5. ☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc says:
    April 12, 2010 2:50 PM , partner you are being way to hard on JC. Our o-line has been in shambles for years. No offensive line = mediocre qb, do not care who it is.

  6. Hey boy troll it’s fun to see how upset you get because your team can’t get any love on this site. — No really, I’m laughing my ass off—–

  7. “Lumas101 says:
    April 12, 2010 2:42 PM
    Come to Buffalo”
    No, stay far, far away from Buffalo.

  8. Mr.lurch’s nyquil ,
    I see your point about the O-line but we had to high of an expectation for JC17. Every year we thought at a minimum 2nd round of the playoffs. every year he came up short.

  9. Redskin Steve—
    What real QB we got to focus on now????
    I’ll believe it when I see it, and I been watching McNabb for years, and you know what? Bruce Smith Deion Sanders Adam Archuleta that’s what!!!!!!!

  10. Jason Campbell really needs a hug. We treated him so poorly and I hate the McNabb trade. Why get older and move on to an injury-prone QB that gets tired in big games?

  11. I find it rediculous that all of these so called Redskins fans are bashing JC on the way out the door. For those of you who don’t know, JC has gone through numerous Offensive Coordinators in both college and the NFL. He has had crap for an offensive line and a supporting cast. When your best receiver is a TE and your head coach won’t give your star running back the ball to prove a point (and when he is not hurt), then that is a lot to ask for any QB. Jason would actually do very well to pick up with a team with a strong Coordinator to help him. And for you guys that feel you have your “Savior” now… remember he struggles to win the big games. And now to do so with that OLine? haha good luck!

  12. skinsfan#############..nice sn name buddy. I guess you like being a cellar dwellar…LMAO.
    The only reason your team gets love on this site is because no other team has the amount of holes your sorry a org has so we dont need to make any moves to compete for the SB.
    Your team is probably in worse shape than last yr currently….LMFAO!!!!!! SUCKA!!!!

  13. ytrain…big games, has jason campbell played in a big game? When you get to a big game its really anyone’s chance to win it. I really loved and respected Jason. It is time to move on and QB is the only position where you get better with age. (John Elway, Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, just to name a few) Jason will have minor success elsewhere no where near the potential we have now with Donovan. And whoever brought up the B Marshall subject that would be amazing. Just domination like McNabb and T.O. had against the whole league.

  14. I don’t know what all the animosity is for. JC has had to deal with multiple OC’s. Different HC’s. No O-line. What do you expect? Not to mention the fans treated him like crap. And the organization kept his name in trade rumors. And you know what? Through all that he never complained. He handled it with maturity and restraint.
    I wish the guy the best of luck.
    @GreeneBlitz……..He’s better than ANY QB on the Bills roster. By a long shot. But he doesn’t need to be punished by being sentenced to a tenure with the Bills.

  15. i’m a bitter eagles fan…
    i’d love to see him do well somewhere else. Just to spite Washington.
    this would be amplified if Dmac goes to Washington and just reamians the same type of QB. I think Dmac was exposed a few times last year & believe it will carry over into this season. Everyone thinks the trade gave the Skins the edge over Philly but what if that is exactly what our FO wanted. You know his tendencies and weeknesses. (sorry off track)
    As for Campbell. He’s got a cannon arm and decent field sense. If he could get a decent program, he could be successful. All the places that he could obvioulsly start at ie. Buffalo, Oakland, ect are still crappy teams that would just lead to more mediocrity for Jason. If he could get in to a place to back up that would benefit his career way more. would have liked to see campbell come along with that D mac trade but a forth next year is somewhat more than what the skins will get for this guy anyway

  16. hey, boy troll – I live where my team plays. I bet you’re one of those losers that live elsewhere and try to pick a fan favorite because you can’t honor where you live. — LOSER!! – REALLY LAUGHING MY ASS OFF —-AT YOU !!

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