Holmes trade isn't good news for Braylon Edwards

For the Jets, the acquisition of Santonio Holmes was a low-risk, high-reward move.

For Braylon Edwards, the move could be costly.

Edwards, like Holmes, is heading into a contract year.  Adding Holmes will further divide up a relatively limited passing game pie, no matter how much Mark Sanchez improves. 

More damning for Edwards is that Holmes is a similar player, but better.  Sure, Edwards is more physical.  But ultimately they are both vertical threats fighting for similar passes.  Holmes has better hands and makes more plays after the catch.

Throw in Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller to catch passes over the middle, and it’s hard to see Edwards breaking 1,000 yards in 2010 for the second time in his career.  800 might be lucky.

There is also the matter of a possible long-term extension.  The Jets can likely only afford to keep Holmes or Edwards.  We think Holmes is the superior player, and now the Jets could play the two against each other for leverage.

Add it all up, and the chances of Edwards’ modeling opportunities in NYC lasting past 2010 decreased last night.

45 responses to “Holmes trade isn't good news for Braylon Edwards

  1. Atleast Braylon can still do his 5 Hour Energy commercials…..or did he get cut from them, for dropping their product too often…??

  2. I agree that this was a crafty move for the Jets. Edwards knows that the Jets will not tolerate his sloppy route running and dropped passes – he will just end up being a decoy in his contract year. Edwards has a couple of months to dedicate himself to football – or he is a lame duck.

  3. edwards may be the least dependable wr in the league. somehow he and DAnderson are still milking that 2007? season for nice cash. like florio is still milking his 1 good post (i think he had one) with a website and nbc deal.

  4. Edwards needs to step up and make the most of his opportunities when he is thrown the ball; particuarly during the first 4 games when Holmes will be out.

  5. Plaxico catches game winning touchdown in Super Bowl 42- Shoots himself in leg and now in jail.
    Santonio catches game winning touchdown in Super Bowl 43- Get in some junk, and is quickly kicked off the team.
    Note to self, do not catch game winning touchdown pass in super bowl.

  6. Yea, the JETS have gone trade crazy and it will likely catch up to them. But they’ve excited the fanbase and tickets will sell for that new stadium so A+ is the grade I give them for this offseason.

  7. Woody Johnson has more money then Rush Limbaugh what makes u think he won’t be able to pay them both top dollar
    in a unacpped year, anything is possible

  8. I wouldn’t be shocked if you see the Jets move one of these 2 big guns. I’d like to see the move one of the 2 plus a 2nd to Dallas for Miles Austin to be honest.
    However, more likely trade bait would be an outside rusher or a superior safety to what they have now.

  9. Having another receiver who can take attention away down the field is going to do wonders for Braylon Edwards.

  10. I think the first 4 weeks will be make or break for Edwards. With Holmes on the sideline Edwards can make a statement and prove he deserves to stay.

  11. I very much disagree that they are similar receivers. They are both deep threats, but come on, “Edwards is more physical” ????
    Edwards, if he can get his head on straight and return to form, is so much bigger and stronger and faster. This takes a little pressure off him to be the #1 all the time.
    Guy has the physical attributes to be like Randy Moss…just doesn’t have “the head.” Less pressure now. This is a great thing for him.

  12. It’s a shame that a good guy like Jerricho Cotchery has to have his name mentioned with the likes of Edwards and Holmes. Everyone in the blogosphere rants on and on about the “Wideout Diva” cliche, yet it doesn’t pay to shut up and do your job. Just ask: Andre Johnson, Jerricho Cotchery, Gregg Jennings, Reggie Wayne, and Marques Colston. Those guys will never have the marketing profile of the Ocho Cincos of the league.

  13. This is a brilliant move for the Jets. They’ll have two talented yet troubled receivers essentially auditioning for contract extensions, and the one who screws up on or off the field will have to take their chances elsewhere.
    Actually, I hope they take yet another receiver with either their first or second round pick; that or a pass-catching running back.

  14. Braylon can still throw his teammates under the bus better than Holmes though. Scoreboard!
    Just another manifestation of OSU reigning triumphant over UM. Get used to it.

  15. # WarrenMoonGOAT says: April 12, 2010 10:58 AM
    Woody Johnson has more money then Rush Limbaugh what makes u think he won’t be able to pay them both top dollar
    in a unacpped year, anything is possible
    HAHAHAHAHA, 2010 will be an uncapped year, so you got one part of it right. The rest of it is so stupid, it probably doesnt even need to be mentioned. But, lets dig right in. 2010 salaries are not important in the argument of can Woody afford them both. 2011 salaries are hat will be important to whether or not they can afford both. Since there will be a salary cap in 2011, the “no salary cap” argument is pointless….

  16. I’ve never understood why guys with bad hands don’t spend every waking hour catching the ball, trying to improve that aspect of their game. Do some guys just LIKE to suck as long as they’re getting paid?

  17. These two players couldn’t be more different. Edwards beats DBs on his size and athletic ability while Holmes uses pure speed. Though it is true that Holmes likely has better hands than Edwards, the fact is that he is one screw-up away from a year long suspension and Edwards is not. That information has to be taken into consideration when talking about an extension.

  18. Edwards better hope someone on the Jets gets swollen nuts like Kellen Winslow had……………………………………………………………………..cause those were the only balls he couldnt drop.

  19. I couldn’t be more pleased for Braylon Edwards. He is a “loser’s loser” and is the most overated receiver in the NFL. When Holmes gets more balls thrown to him than Edwards next season, Braylon will say that the Jets are prejudice against Michigan and they favor Ohio State players.

  20. In a funny twist of fate, Braylon’s former QB with the Browns may end up throwing passes that will actually be caught by Braylon’s former teammate with the Wolverines, Steve Breaston, and even if he doesn’t play, will probably be on a better team than Braylon’s Jets. Other former Wolverines that Braylon played with who will be on better teams: Jason Avant, Chad Henne, Mike Hart. The guy who replaced him at Michigan, Mario Manningham, will put up better numbers than Edwards in the same stadium. Maybe Braylon should be on suicide watch…

  21. Its a shame…all this talk about the Jets that is.
    Too bad they have no QB to go along with the WR’s. This ship will crash and burn.

  22. I am no NFL scout but I disagree that these are similar players. Edwards is a bigger receiver who makes most of his catches in the redzone and downfield. Holmes does his best work after the catch taking slants and turning them into big plays. Edwards is notorious for making fantastic catches on deep balls in traffic and dropping the easy balls. Also, while you are right that they are splitting up the catches so to speak, it will be tough to shade coverage to Braylon with Holmes on the other side. This team though is set up for failure with all these big name additions. They are the new Redskins. Offseason champs for 2011. For Rex’s sake, I hope they win next year.

  23. “Woody Johnson has more money then Rush Limbaugh what makes u think he won’t be able to pay them both top dollar
    in a unacpped year, anything is possible”
    Because the cap is probably coming back. And they have to extend Revis, Mangold, D’Brick, Harris, Cromartie within the next year or 2.

  24. of course Edwards is in trouble, Holmes can actually catch the damn ball!
    Edwards is one tnagible away from being a great wide receiver, and that is catching the ball consistently!
    He is like the Reggie Jackson of the wide receiver position, either he strikes out or hits a homerun?

  25. The Jets like what Braylon brings to the running game. If he out prices himself, then so be it…but every team needs 3 wrs. This may be more likely to cost David Harris at MLB—a great player at a replaceable position

  26. LaughingClown says:
    April 12, 2010 10:53 AM
    Ben says “Wake and Rape”
    Best comment in this thread so far…

  27. Why is it that it’s not ok for the Steelers to a “turd” like Santonio, but it’s a great thing now that the Jets have him?

  28. Braylon “hands of stone” Edwards will do fine. Some team, ignorant of his typical play, will fall for the ‘highlight’ reel. The fact that his hands are no better than those on the statue of Moses Cleveland won’t deter them. (Probably Oakland!)

    Best point on this stupid blog.
    The haters are blind. I remember Jeff Reed’s incident with the hand dryer in the washroom and you would have thought that he killed a family of six on here.
    Too funny.

  30. This might be worse for Cotchery. Edwards has the star power to stay in New York. But Jericho can finally go to a team where he will be appreciated. He is a hard working guy and he’s better than Braylon, but he’s not exactly a household name.

  31. i think its hilarious all the arrogant fools out there who already count Sanchez out and say the jets have “NO QB”. pathetic.

  32. Huh? Exactly the opposite
    Edwards is not a team leader who can handle double teams nor is he consistent
    He now has a top WR that takes pressure off him.
    And motivates him….

  33. Man theres alot of players people are saying should end up in Oakland…. Jason campbell, Braylon Edwards, T.O., Darren Sharper, Westbrook ….. Oakland fans should be trying to reach out to AL Davis and the franchise

  34. “i think its hilarious all the arrogant fools out there who already count Sanchez out and say the jets have “NO QB”. pathetic.”
    63.0 QB Rating, 12TD, 20 INT, 10 fumbles (3 lost)
    He’s not a QB, his job is to not screw it up for the defense/run game

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