Jason Taylor situation gets confusing

Free-agent defensive end/linebacker Jason Taylor reportedly remains close to doing a deal with the Jets.

A report on whether he’ll be meeting with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has been undermined, but not openly doubted.

Taylor’s agent wants him to sign with the Jets.

That’s the short version of the latest update from Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  For the full version, we’ll defer to Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

23 responses to “Jason Taylor situation gets confusing

  1. Didn’t yu say the same freaking thing in your last Jason Taylor post??
    What the he’ll kind of reporting is this?

  2. can spmeone answer me i thought the jets were limited to free agent signigs cromartie pool folk another pk holmes taylor tomlinson
    jets stink like the cowgirls eagirls

  3. It actually does help that his agent wants him to come to New York. I want him on the Jets’ team next year. I think this guy could potentially get himself into the double digits with sacks next year, the way the Jets blitz. I feel like if you blitz any elite pass rusher enough you’re going to get the numbers. Switch up where he’s coming from, where hes rushing… If you’ve got Kris Jenkins taking double teams from the center and left guard, the left tackle on the defensive end, a running back blocking either Bart Scott or Jason Taylor, one of them is getting after the QB (and with Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie on the coverage, they’ll have the time to get there too). You can put David Harris in Scott’s role too. Harris is emerging as a beast. Not to mention, the other OLB, Pace, led the Jets in sacks last season. If Jason Taylor joins the team, its going to be fun to watch next season. The Jets defense from last year will look like the practice run.

  4. Jason Taylor is DDDOOONNNEEEE!!!!! Don’t understand the fans wanting him on their teams. Good luck with that!!!

  5. JT loves Sparano as most players do. He’ll play good cop to the Tuna and Ireland’s bad cop. At the end of the JT and his family want to stay here and if Sparano’s opinion as coach weighs anything on Ireland and Parcells he will.

  6. What the heck happened to Vernon Gholston? Total bust at this point, if the team is considering Taylor. Jets are getting scary though…still a bit short of the Colts, but over the Pats, Ravens, and Chargers.

  7. Translation: Jason Taylor wants to go to the Dolphins, the Dolphins were not willing to pay him what he feels he is worth. His agent tells him to drive his asking price up he needs more suitors. He visits the Jets with no intention on joining the team. The Jets then make him a Very Lucrative offer. Taylor’s agent tells him to make the deal, after all he is paid on commission. Jason wants to wait for the Dolphin’s to counter offer. Dolphins are not counter offering…. Does that about sum it up?

  8. Doesn’t even want to go up and meet with Sparano? Sounds like another 2008 season for him; if I was Sparano I’d withdraw the offer.

  9. Massappeal,
    I’ll mark that down alongside all the other stupid shit you’ve posted on here as well.

  10. I just dont get why you guys are on Jason Taylors nuts? Let him go be on another reality show Hard Knocks. I dont get the love for this guy. Dolphins are the only team he should play for as he will not play as good or hard for any other team.

  11. >>>Translation: Jason Taylor wants to go to the Dolphins, the Dolphins were not willing to pay him what he feels he is worth.

  12. As a Fins fan, I am SO over this Diva. Please, just sign with the Jets so we can run right at you.

  13. Bad move Jets, Taylor wants to sign but not attend OTA’S , that would be opening a can of worms, whats to say Bart or Revis said they don’t want to come either. This guy is already acting like a diva B4 he even signs. Football is a team sport meaning show up and play Farve junior… Go to the Pats, we’ll take Adal Thomas when he’s released.

  14. I really don’t want Taylor wearing the green and white. Dude is flat out soft, teal blue fish food. Same way when J. Damon became a Yankee it just doesn’t fit.
    Rick, Jets are going UP and Pats are going down with your soft QB. Pats were the Jets BITCH in Week #2 last year, oh wait you remember right? Can’t wait for the Jets to smack the Pats around this year at our new stadium AND begin the streak of AFC East dominance with the dirty Sanchez.

  15. “GtuddaC says:
    April 13, 2010 9:33 AM
    @overkil2…be carfeful what you wish for….

    Maybe…. maybe not. I’d take that chance.

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