Jeff Reed will be signing his franchise tender soon

2008745382.jpgWith the Pittsburgh Steelers apparently adopting a new approach to players who have found trouble, or vice versa, another guy with a history of off-field allegations will soon be taking steps to ensure that his payday for 2010 isn’t yanked out from under him.

Per a league source, kicker Jeff Reed will be signing his franchise tender in the near future.  Reed will receive a guaranteed salary of $2.814 million this year.

Reed has had a couple of incidents since last year’s Super Bowl win.  In February, he was cited for disorderly conduct after beating up a paper towel dispenser at a convenience store.  In October, Reed was cited for public intoxication.

The source says that Reed had planned to sign the tender notwithstanding the recent trade of receiver Santonio Holmes.  Still, to the extent that the Steelers are adopting a “new sheriff in town” approach, it may be wise for Reed to attack the paper on which his contract is printed with a pen.

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  1. Hey, it will probably turn into a race issue, but it shouldn’t! Jeff Reed doesn’t hit women, Jeff Reed doesn’t kill dogs, and Jeff Reed doesn’t rape women. Jeff Reed beats up and pees on inanimate objects. Cutting him would be discrimination against people with mental disabilities…

  2. reed gets smashed. as long as he doesnt drive, i really have no problems with him passing out in the gutte in a pool of his own urine and puke. actually makes a lot of bums feel happier about their life (community service).

  3. who is jemeele hill and why should anyone care. as long as rooney apologized to jesse jackson (12 illegitamate kids) and al sharpton its all good. everyone knows that those two guys represent all blacks 😦

  4. They probably could have gotten away with paying him a with a couple of six packs of Bud and a happy meal. Only in professional sports or the entertainment industry can an ass-clown like Reed make this much money.

  5. so the guy acts stupid when he gets drunk what’s the big deal?as long as he did not drive or beat his girfriend or shoot himself or somebody else let it go!what your going to start holding traffic tickets against them next? stop lumping everybody in the same catagory when they get in trouble. as far as the race issue what is the problem?he got traded not cut and has had multiple run ins with the law before that.if they don’t want players like that then more power to them.

  6. It’s good to see that getting drunk and white-trashing around in public is so acceptable nowadays. Can’t wait for all of you to reproduce.

  7. @AllThat …
    As long as he can kick in the funky winds at Heinz Field and doesn’t beat up anything that bleeds, he’s worth it.

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